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Inside My Consulting Process as a Mentor for Freelance Copywriters

Business, Copywriting

Want to know EXACTLY what I do as a 1:1 mentor for freelance copywriters? My entire process is outlined in detail in this post!

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The Best Investments I Made In 2021 For My Freelance Copywriting Business

Not sure what’s worth investing in for your freelance business? I made a list of my 2021 business expenses and rated them, so you can decide what to spend your money on!

Advice, Business

Why Websites Need Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions

Learn why your website needs a privacy policy and terms and conditions, and what those legal documents can do for you.

Advice, Business

Showit vs Squarespace: Which Should You Choose?

Curious whether you should choose Showit or Squarespace? Read this post for an in-depth explanation of which platform is better and why.


Starting A Freelance Business? Read This First!

Starting your own business comes with a LOT to learn. Read this post for the 10 things I wish someone had told me before I started mine.

Business, How-To, Marketing

How To Create A Content Strategy For Social Media, Email, and Blog

Creating a content strategy simply can’t be done without clarity about your ideal client, your core offerings, or your goals. Read this post for the 20 questions to ask yourself before creating a social media strategy!

Business, Copywriting

10 Reasons Why People Aren’t Reading Your Website Copy

Learn the 10 common website mistakes to avoid to keep your readers happy (and so they don’t immediately “X” out.)


Why You Should Include Pricing On Your Website

The age-old debate… should you display your pricing on your website, or not?! Read this post to find out why you absolutely SHOULD & the best ways to do it.

Business, How-To

4 Ways To Improve Your Discovery Calls

Curious about the best ways to prepare for a chat with a potential new client? Read this post for my go-to tips & all the ways I prep for discovery calls! Oh, and I may or may not have included the #1 thing NOT to do…


The Pros + Cons of Freelancers’ “Favorite” Business Tools

Ever wondered if a certain business tool was really worth the hype?! In this post, I’m telling you the honest truth about every freelancer’s “favorite” business tools (and whether or not they’re worth the investment).


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