Why People Didn’t Buy My Website Copywriting Course

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It’s hard to be a digital marketing course creator at a time where everyone seems to want to be a digital marketing course creator.

…because we all want you to buy OUR thing, since OUR thing is the BEST thing for you, and the ONLY thing that you need, and the EASIEST path to success, and the RIGHT choice for your hard-earned dollars.

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick my course! It’s the shit!


You know what we’re all doing.

Now, to be clear, my course *is* the shit.

(And it IS the best, most comprehensive website copywriting course on the Internet, and it WILL be the only website copy and content marketing education you need, and it’s DEFINITELY an easy pass to success.)

(I’ve got endless student testimonials backing up those claims, too. I’m not just bragging. Don’t confuse me with the #girlbosses pls I swear I’m quoting my students.)

…but isn’t everyone telling you that about their offer, too?

You’ve seen the sales emails.

You’ve watched the Instagram stories.

You’ve been to the free webinars with the sales sequence at the end.

You’ve read about how we’re sweetening the deals, for this super exclusive right-now-only sale or else. 


& yes — I am one hundred percent, whole heartedly, unwaveringly (is that a word?) standing behind every single salesy thing I’ve ever said about Site Series®, because my course WORKS. 

For real. It really, really works.

The results my students have been getting — 3x the amount of inquiries than before, doubled income from last year to this year, whole ass businesses being built from scratch, finally feeling confident in their copy, booking a dream client within 24 hours of their launch — are fucking BANANAS and I feel really cool that lil ole me made a resource that has helped people literally change their lives 

But… are you a bit sick of (and overwhelmed by) reading that stuff lately? 

I could share Site Series® success stories with you til I’m blue in the face — which, in my experience, is usually the most convincing thing (at least, that’s what makes ME wanna buy something) … ORRRR … 

I could do something out of pocket, like the so-bad-I’m-low-key-good marketer I am.

And, instead, tell you all the reasons why the OTHER people chose NOT to sign up for my website copywriting course.

Yeah. Let’s do that.

Why non-buyers said they chose not to sign up for my website copywriting course

Every time I launch Site Series® — or any other educational resource — I always send a non-buyer survey, asking the people who didn’t sign up why they chose not to join.

& last time around, they really came for my neck.

(Just kidding. They were normal responses. I’m just ~sensi~.)


❌ “Seems like every course online is the exact same price, which is a red flag for me now. It’s hard to see which ones are legitimate. I would have signed up if the price was different.”

Oh… okay. 🙃

No, ya know what, honestly, that’s fair. 

Why DO we all charge $997 for our courses? I guess I should’ve made Part One cost $1000. That’s my bad. I was just tryna save you $3.

>> Click here to enroll for the same price as every other course!

❌ “It’s too expensive for me at the moment. Hard to justify when there are free resources.”

I’ve been wondering when being the Queen of Over Delivering would bite me in the ass. I guess my time is now.

It’s true, though — I have so much free content on the Internet that you could build an entire marketing strategy from it without spending a single dollar.

But, unfortunately, my blogs and freebies and newsletters don’t include video tutorials, hundreds of in-depth examples, unlimited one-on-one access to me on Slack, easy-to-use templates, an entire folder of helpful bonus resources, monthly group coaching calls, or feedback on your copy.

>> Click here for 1:1 support you’d never get with free content

❌ “I stared at the sales page forever and almost invested! What stopped me was the looming Part Two, feeling like Part One may not have been *everything* and then I’d need to invest again for Part Two.”

Good thing this isn’t a problem anymore, now that the Site Series® Bundle is live! You can get both Part One and Part Two so you don’t *have* to worry about “investing again.”

However, I do want to say – valid point. Part One definitely doesn’t have everything.

…because it wasn’t supposed to.

I split the course into two parts so that if you wanted to ONLY learn about website copy, the foundational basics of copywriting, and how to create and launch the website you wrote, you could do just that. 

And if you only wanted to learn about how to get more dream clients and customers to your website using SEO, blogging, Pinterest marketing, and email marketing, you could do just that.

>> Click here to choose between Part One, Part Two, or both!

❌ “I didn’t understand HOW it makes DIY website copy easy.”

I’m overwhelmed with the process of redoing my web copy and understanding how to make it stronger. I probably would have invested if I had a clearer understanding of the amount of time it’d take me, how my not-so-strong copy would transform, and what makes my current copy weak.”

Now THIS is a good objection. 

(I know that because it made me spiral for a full five minutes, realizing I wasn’t clear enough about HOW the how-to works. That’s my bad.)

My response to this one honestly deserves its own email —or, at the very least, its own moment on the course sales page, which I will absolutely be adding next time around — but, for now, here’s the short version:

Every single lesson in the website copywriting chapter comes with several “how to” videos, breaking down each specific section of a given page, and “how it’s done” videos, showing you 4-10 examples per web page. 

I teach specific, easy-to-follow strategies and formulas, give checklists, share templates, and explain — in great detail — WHY those sections belong on those pages.

I also explain what NOT to do, and why not to do it, so you aren’t just blindly following my advice to “add this here!” or “put this section on this page!” – and you actually have REAL knowledge + skills to write your own copy with unwavering confidence. 

& of course, you have 1:1 access to me on Slack if you ever have a question, need support / clarification / another example, or want my feedback.

>> Click here for the HOW TO of website copy + content marketing!

❌ “I’ve tried other copy courses to help with my website and they haven’t filled my needs. I’m nervous about getting burned again.”

“I need straightforward, simple ‘here’s what you need to say’ in each area of my website. And I need an About page formula. I find no one has mastered that yet in their copy courses for entrepreneurs.”


(That’s what I wanted to scream at my computer screen when I read this, full of passion and fury.)

*regains composure* I absolutely have mastered the About page formula, if my students’ website copy (and words of praise!) are any indication. 🫡 

Not to be a pick-me — who am I kidding, isn’t every sales email coming with a side of pick-me energy? — but several people have explicitly told me that they’ve tried other copy courses, and Site Series® was the only one that actually WORKED for them, because of the About page lessons. 

Here’s the breakdown of what I teach in the About page module:

  • Goals & outline of your About page (this is the formula!)
  • How to write your About page, section by section, in excruciating detail (multiple videos, broken down by section)
  • How it’s done: writing your About page to make yourself stand out from your competition, even if their ideal client is the same as you
  • How it’s done: About pages for service-based business owners
  • How it’s done: About pages for product-based business owners
  • How it’s done: About pages for people who don’t want to focus on themselves or share any personal details at all
  • About page copy audit (going over real-life About pages and explaining why they’re great, good, bad, etc)

And if you aren’t able to write a kickass About page for your website after all of that, I will gladly personally answer to your wrath.

>> Click here and try me.

❌ “You say your course is the most comprehensive, but everyone says that about their course. How would you know if you haven’t taken everyone else’s courses?”

Fighting words!!!!! But fair. Great question.

I haven’t taken anyone else’s website copy course. And I have no plans to.

But you go find me another resources that teaches… 

  • A full ass course on copywriting (enough to literally turn anyone into a copywriter)
  • Another full ass course MORE THAN TWENTY DIFFERENT PAGES of website copy (all in-depth, with how-to and how-it’s-done lessons, and real-life audits)
  • Another full ass course about creating and launching that website (including info about website builders, design, domains, back-end tasks, and launch marketing)
  • Another full ass course on search engine optimization (from how to do keyword research — using my exact process that I do for my clients, literally showing you a video of me doing it with you — to how to optimize your site to how to write SEO copy without sounding like a robot)
  • Another full ass course all about blogging + content writing (including ideation, brainstorming, research, drafting, optimizing, publishing, and repurposing)
  • Another full ass course on how to pop off on Pinterest (in collaboration with the expert Pinterest manager Sarah Burk)
  • Another full ass course on email marketing (teaching you everything you need to know about growing your list, writing a welcome sequence, building up your fan base, sending weekly newsletters, writing engaging copy, and turning stories into content)

…and then we can talk. 🙂

>> Click here for the most comprehensive website copywriting + content marketing course on the Internet!

& now you know the truth about why some people chose not to buy the course — all of them with completely valid, thoughtful comments that I was very thankful to read!

I so appreciate all of the responses and the perspective, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to keep improving both the course and my marketing around it.

But now that THAAAAT’S all addressed…

Wanna join Site Series®? 🥰

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