The Autobiography

As a website copywriter, I often preach that your 'About' page isn't actually about you at all; it's about your ideal client. And more specifically, helping that ideal client get to like, know, and trust you. 

So, while you'll have to make your own opinions about whether or not you like me, I can definitely take care of the know, and I think I can handle the trust.

Hi, I'm Sara Noel!

Get to know me

And because I'd never draft an 'About' page for a client that begins with professional credentials—that's like sitting down at the bar and reading off your resumé on a first date—we're gonna start off with some personal stuff. Let's begin with a few of my most important titles, shall we?

In that order. I'm also a toddler mom, a Massachusetts native with a Cape Cod obsession, and the friend that texts 12 times in a row without waiting for a reply. 

My journal pages are full of gratitude practices, my Notes app is full of discarded grocery lists and IG caption ideas, my purse is full of protein bar wrappers and toy trucks, and my head is perpetually full of the freaking Blue's Clues theme song because, like I said, toddler mom. 

I'm never one to say no to anything recommended by Reese Witherspoon, I try to pretend like I'm not a perfectionist, and I'm the type of person that approaches strangers struggling to get the perfect selfie to offer to take the picture for them. 

Does that feel like enough personal information for now? Perf—let's move on.


a linkedin-esque moment

I'm qualified, I swear.

I graduated with a degree in basically everything but Marketing—scroll to "U" in the Glossary for details—and somehow have managed to work in more industries than most, with experience in the legal field, retail, banking, secondary education, wedding planning, and hospitality. The one thing all of my roles have had in common was (you guessed it!) copy and content writing.

My writing experience dates back to basically forever ago, with my first piece being an exceptional literary creation: the tragic story of how a toaster and a landline phone fell in love, but were destined to a life apart due to the permanence of their places in the kitchen.  (Don't worry - it had a happy ending: an earthquake caused the phone to fall off the wall and romantically skid across the floor over to the toaster.) 

If you don't consider the Great Kitchen Appliance Romance to be a testament to my vast writing talents, well... I guess I don't blame you. But my mom thought it was a good story, and that's all I need. Now, allow me to give you a bit more supporting information.

The Copywriter Life Chose Me

the profesh stuff

...kinda. I'll explain. A few years ago, life (and family) temporarily led me from Massachusetts to Quebec, so I packed my bags, my life in the U.S., my 2-year-old's impressive toy collection, and headed up to the North Pole. 

(Okay, not quite the North Pole. But it felt like that to me.)

A few weeks before the big move, I got to searching for a remote job. Annddd found absolutely nothing. Like, quite literally nothing at all. So, I figured that meant I had two choices: don't work at all, or do my own thing.

I had always low-key wanted to own my own business, but grew up thinking
that the only 'stable' careers came with 50+ hour work weeks in an office and 401k plans, so I'd never seriously considered it as an option.

Until, of course, I embarked on an international move to a place where everyone speaks a different language than me. 

If I can do that,
I thought, I can definitely do this.


The Backstory of Between The Lines


Naming your business has to be one of the most nerve-wracking, overwhelming, I-really-can't-F-this-up decisions ever. That choice becomes everything to you: from your site's URL
to your brand's complete identity. 

So, naturally, I did what I always do—made a split-second decision, in the middle of a casual conversation, and ran with it. My best decisions always happen like this. (Others include: the decision to get married, to get all of my tattoos, to become a copywriter in general... you get the point.)

turn the page

A few summers ago, I was sitting on Cold Storage Beach (horrible name, great place) with my two best friends, chatting about what all nostalgic millennials chat about: the good ole college days.

The specific topic of the convo was college majors, and how many I had (3.5), and how none of them are relevant to my decision to become a freelance marketer. 

setting the scene


"I know," I laughed, shifting in my practically-falling-apart beach chair. "I literally spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to read between the lines," I said, referencing my formal education in Philosophy.  

Then it hit me.

Between The Lines. That's good. 

the plot thickens


turn the page

"Hold up," I continued. "That's a good business name." Hannah and Jayme nodded in agreement, giving me all the validation I needed, and I bought the domain right there in the sand with the last 10% of my phone battery. The rest is history. 

the resolution


read it again

the origin story


I couldn't love my role as a copywriter more. 

Working as a website copywriter slash launch strategist is the perfect marriage of all of my passions: storytelling, researching, problem solving, and last but (obviously) not least, creative and persuasive writing.

I mean it when I say that there's nothing better than being able to spend my days collaborating with all sorts of creative entrepreneurs, from digital service providers, to course creators, to e-comm store owners.

And, if I do say so myself, I’m pretty good at it.


10 Reasons To Work With BTL


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"There isn't anyone we would trust with our copy other than Sara.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner looking for a copywriter, this lady is your gal! We've worked together on everything from email copy to course sales pages to marketing strategy and even our full website copy.

Not only is she witty and smart, she is knowledgable about SEO and understands how to write copy that will rank online, which is music to our ears.

We could say a million more things about how amazing Sara is, but before long we will be writing a novel. So in short, if you need a copywriter, look no further than Between The Lines Copywriting!


Searching for something more?

Scroll through the glossary below to find more facts about me!

a - e

f - j

k - o

p - t

u - z

a - e


Audio messages. My preferred method of communication. They’re usually as long as a podcast episode, because I somehow always have a lot to say. See “L” for details.


Bean water. Some people may refer to this beverage as “coffee.” Either way, I don’t drink it. Vanilla iced chai with extra cinnamon dolce syrup for me, please. (There’s no such thing as too sweet. I am aware that you may think this information makes me an odd person.)


Colleen Hoover. My second-favorite author. My actual favorite is Liane Moriarty, but Colleen's books make me sob a little bit more, so I felt she deserved some recognition here.


Don't tempt me with a good time. What I say when I come home to visit and my mom asks me if I want to go to Target and Trader Joe's with her.


Errmm... too many. The number of tattoos I plan to have. (The current count is 9, to my dad's complete and utter dismay.)

f - j


Five in the morning. The time my alarm clock rings, because I'm both a morning person and a person who desperately needs alone time to be able to function, and finding that alone time as a toddler mom is rare.


High school. The stage of life where I began to dream about being an important person with a home office who spent hours on hours typing at their glamorous desktop computer. (It's slightly less glamorous than I imagined, but a whole lot cooler.)


Iguanodon. My favorite dinosaur, in case you also have a 2-year-old who is obsessed with the scientific names of dinosaurs, who may be curious about my choice. (And if they ask, my second favorite is the Brachiosaurus.)


Just one more minute. The lie I tell myself while scrolling on TikTok as I click 'ignore time limit' for probably the third time in a row. 


Go away, Scrooge. My response to "you can't listen to Christmas music yet, it's November 1."



Kick in the ass. That thing I need in order to get my butt back on my Peloton after choosing the couch instead too days times in a row.


My pleasure. What I say when someone asks me to turn on my pop punk playlist.


No way. What I say when someone asks me to turn off my pop punk playlist.


Over three hundred thousand dollars. The amount of revenue my clients' sales pages have brought in the last 6 months. 


Long-winded. Some people are “long story short” people, some people are “long story long” people. I know you already know which one I am. (Don’t worry, though—when it comes to copywriting, I specialize in the direct and the succinct. Professional Me is great at that. Personal Me? Yeah…both her mom and her friends secretly will her to shut up and get to the point whenever she tells a story.)

p - t


Personality tests. I try to be into them, but often forget they exist until someone asks me my results. So, if you’re the type of person who asks personality test results: I’m an Enneagram 3w2, and an ENTJ-T on the Myers Briggs.


Questions. What I love when people ask, because I believe that if you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no.’ I’m a very shoot-your-shot type of person. That’s how I ended up here, writing for you. (BTL started with a couple successful cold emails, because #extrovert.)


Rats’ nest. What my hair looks like most of the time. Especially when I talk on my Instagram stories. (Several people have told me that they literally hired me because of my bad hair days. Something about authenticity I suppose. Honestly, not mad about it.)


Star signs. That thing I wish I knew more about. However, what I do know is that both my sun and moon are in Capricorn, which I feel is... quite telling. 


Twenty-four. The number of characters in my computer password, because I'm dramatic. 

u - z


University of Hartford. Where I graduated magna cum laude with 3 Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science, Sociology, and Criminal Justice and 2 minors in Philosophy and Paralegal Studies—officially making me the biggest nerd ever. 


Venti cup of sugar. My go-to Starbucks order that is, without a doubt, something every other person on Earth would describe as "way too sugar-y."


Woo. The nickname of my two-year-old, who often makes appearances on my social media, because I’m not above using my baby for cuteness-related engagement. 


X out. What people will do when your website sucks. Luckily for you, I specialize in websites that don’t. (Click here to inquire about collaborating on your next copy project!)


Your inbox. The place we can (virtually) hang out every Tuesday, if you subscribe to my weekly newsletter. If you like marketing tips and book recs, you'll love the Tuesday TOC. 


Zero. The amount of times I regretted putting this much personal information on the Internet.

So, what do you say—is it time to turn the page?

If you're ready to feel confident in the words that work for your business, I'm ready to collaborate with you on a new copywriting project. And I can't wait.