Mentorship And Consulting For Freelance Copywriters And Online Business Owners

who want to learn how to efficiently run and sustain a successful freelance business with the support of an experienced, dedicated guide-slash-bestie 

You shouldn't have to rely on Google and guesswork.

Google can't validate your feelings, or reassure you that you’re on the right track, or analyze specific situations in your life and help you confidently handle them with grace.

Scouring the Internet for free resources won't help you by reading your copy and offering you helpful, productive feedback on your work.

You shouldn't have to trial-and-error your way through figuring out which business investments are worth it, based on the services you offer and the clients you serve.

Being a freelancer is incredibly rewarding, but it can be so isolating to have to work and figure things out completely on your own.

"Your advice has been so freaking helpful in streamlining my process—having everything mapped out for me from the get-go has been a godsend."


Here's how I can help you reach the next chapter in your success story.

Mentorship Services For Freelance Copywriters & Online Service Providers

Have questions you need answered by an actual human, who can look over your copy, listen to your nuanced situations, and understand your business on a personal level? I'm your girl. 

Using a custom curriculum developed specifically for you, based on your specific situation and story, I'll guide you on your journey to living out your unique definition of success as a freelance copywriter by happily providing you with the necessary resources, information, skills, answers, and — most importantly — unwavering support and encouragement. 

(And it is my absolute favorite service I offer, because I nearly always gain a new best friend in the process.)



Hi! I'm Sara—and I'm addicted to helping creative business owners realize (and act on) their potential.

If I had to describe my mentorship style, it would land somewhere between teach-by-example and best-interest-bullying, like a copywriter version of Ms. Norbury from Mean Girls.

There's not a single off-limits topic when you're my mentee—I'm a complete open book, ready to share every how-to and industry tip. Every single person who has ever worked with me in this capacity would happily tell you that the amount I'm willing to share is... ridiculous. They've even dubbed me the "queen of over-delivering."

(Feel free to ask them yourself, by the way. I will literally give you their email address. They told me I could.)

I'm completely dedicated to helping you live out your definition of success, giving you the tools you need to get there, and cheering you on along the way. 

Kickass Client Case Study

When I work with a mentorship client one-on-one, I always send a survey halfway through our time together to ask their honest opinions about their experience, so I can learn more about how to better serve them.

Alethea Tyler, a new (and, in my opinion, absolutely thriving!) copywriter, has graciously allowed me to share a few of her responses with you — check them out for an inside look at what it's like having me as your mentor!

alethea tyler | copy with spice

How do you feel about the curriculum and education you're receiving?

"It's SO helpful. I feel SO much more confident about what I'm doing, which has absolutely impacted the way I show up with my copywriting clients.

It has been the ultimate comfort to be able to text you and be like: "how the hell do I navigate this/write this/do this?"

I also feel like I've learned to be firmer in what I'm interested in doing and not just desperately appealing to everyone or believing I have to offer services I'm not interested in."

current client case study
alethea tyler | copy with spice

Do you feel like you've accomplished any of the goals we set in the beginning?

"Honestly, so beyond what I was imagining we could accomplish in this just a couple months.

I've gotten way more clear on what I'm doing and what my business is and I feel about a bajillion times more certain that I can actually be successful and make a living doing it."

current client case study
alethea tyler | copy with spice

Why did you opt to work with a mentor, and has this experience lived up to your expectations so far?

"I wanted to work with a mentor cuz I wanted to know HOW to better my business by learning from someone who's doing exactly what I want to do; someone who could show me the ropes and be there for me to guide me.

And YES 1000% this experience has exceeded expectations—you've answered questions I didn't even know I had (like, you KNOW you don't know something...but you don't know WHAT you don't know until someone tells you)!"

current client case study
alethea tyler | copy with spice

What's the most valuable thing you've learned about during our time together?

"Definitely how to set up a client experience; I went from knowing absolutely nothing to being fully prepared.

When you're brand new, you're looking at other copywriters' websites, and you're seeing what they offer, wondering what in the world that looks like and how exactly to grasp what's standard for your industry.

You definitely helped me figure all of that out and more—I don't feel in the dark about how to be successful anymore."

current client case study
alethea tyler | copy with spice

"I feel totally validated from working with you and getting your support, making me feel like my full-time freelance career can and DOES work for me, thanks to you—and I can tell I already feel so much more confident, too!


Whether you're in need of a kick in the ass or a pat on the back, I'm your girl. 


If you've ever found yourself wishing there were someone out there that actually understood you, who could simply guide you through all of the marketing, launch, and freelance business decisions so you wouldn't have to take so many damn shots in the dark about all the hard stuff... hi.

 You deserve an experienced, dedicated mentor who genuinely cares about ensuring you exceed your goals, and provides you with personalized 1:1 support to help you make it happen.

Let's make your success story

If you're ready to feel completely confident in your business, I'm ready to help you make it happen, whether it's on one call together, or over the course of a 3-month 1:1 mentorship.

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