7 Ways To Learn From Me In 2024

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Hi, I’m Sara — Website Copywriter and Marketing Mentor, and Founder of Between The Lines Copywriting.

& today, we’re talking about the “…and Marketing Mentor” side of BTL.

There are 7 big ways you can learn from me this year, ranging from $0 to $3,000+.

First things first, though: SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER.

That is the #1 way to learn from me (for free) AND the #1 way for you to stay updated on when new resources (both free and paid) drop — and subscribers always get first dibs (specifically on the discounts).

#1 — Free resources up the ass.

Keep your eye on this page, bestie — I’m adding lots of new freebies this year, and updating a lot of current ones (like my cold pitching guide and my blogging resource master list). 

#2 — My website copy and content marketing course, which will be available for purchase this year for one week in May and one week in September. 

There will be no Black Friday sale on Site Series this year (because I have even bigger plans for that one, if you can believe it đź‘€)

#3 — Lots of little baby masterclasses, like this one.

I’m still obsessed with long-form education, but I love the idea of you getting to learn a whole freaking lot about one thing, without having to commit to a long-term course / big ass education moment / tons of modules.

More about this in my 2024 Prologue! Scroll down to the “BTL education calendar” section for the tea.

#4 — My (wicked fun!) LIVE email marketing course.

I teach this every January, and I LOVE IT. It’s 6 weeks of 90-minute weekly classes, where I outline EXACTLY how to grow your email list from scratch and set up a sustainable email marketing strategy.

This course is starting on January 9th, but if you’re not down to come live, you could always catch the recorded version, which will be sold in March. 

#5 — The Wicked Easy Website Copy Guide

I recently had someone tell me that I “shouldn’t call this a guide anymore” because it “has way too much value to not be called a course” and, honestly, she’s right.

This guide is essentially a website copy template on steroids, accompanied by tons of helpful resources, as well as a target audience development workbook AND 70+ minutes of video, teaching you the basics of website copywriting. 

(Side note: if you’re a DESIGNER and you want your clients to use a website copy template, I sell this with a commercial license OR an affiliate partnership — email me at sara@betweenthelinescopy.com to learn more about how you can give this to your clients!)

#6 — Mentorship services for both copywriters AND all other online service providers!

I typically only talk about mentorship for copywriters — they’re who my VIP weeks and 1:1 intensive programs are for — but anyone can benefit from a 90-minute strategy call.

A lot of people use these calls on a quarterly basis to plan content together, work through their email strategy, and get my feedback on their newsletters.

However, plenty of other people use it to ask for my help about all things marketing, copywriting, business, planning, and sometimes even calendar management. 

#7 — The BTL blog.

I have hundredssss of blog posts for you to read all about everything from websites to copy skills to marketing to business to ADHD to SEO to email marketing to business ownership to productivity to….. you get the picture.

I always joke that you could build a whole ass business from my blog alone, except it’s actually not a joke at all and you really definitely 200% could. 

Happy learning, bestie!



P.S. Want to skip the learning and have me just do everything for you instead? That’s an option.

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Hi, I'm Sara—Website Copywriter & Marketing Mentor.

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, or course creator with big dreams of success and growth—and a big, scary blank document standing in your way every time you sit down to write your own copy—nice to meet you, I'm your new solution. 

Through what I like to call sales-focused storytelling, I'll help you find your brand's voice, perfectly position your offerings, develop your target market, and write copy that resonates with your ideal audience. And I'll do it all while keeping your personality at the forefront of every draft, to ensure that each word aligns with your true self. 

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