The Wicked Easy Template For Writing Your Website Copy

If writing your own website copy has been frustrating you as much as sitting in Cape traffic on Labor Day Weekend, this wicked easy website copy template was made for you.


If only there were a website copywriting option that didn't break the bank...

As a website copywriter, I'm *obviously* biased, but I genuinely believe that investing in done-for-you website copy is one of the smartest things you can do for your business, especially if writing isn't your strong suit. The ROI is exceptional. 

...but I'd be lying if I said I thought done-for-you website copywriting services were the ONLY way to go for business owners who want a new professional website.

When you're first starting out, there are tons of tools and resources you need to get your business up and running, and figuring out which investments should happen when is, well, frankly quite exhausting.

So, I'll be the one to tell you the truth: working with an experienced website copywriter is probably an investment best saved for when your biz is a little less brand-new.

If you're spending thousands of dollars to work 1:1 with someone to help you tell your brand's story, you'll want to be certain you know your mission, your target audience, your core offerings, and your business goals like the back of your hand. 

And that's why I created this meet-you-in-the-middle template solution; so you can still have great website copy from the get-go, without spending all your cash on copy that you may want to completely change next month or next year. 

A website copy template


for people who

want to save time & money.

Because not everyone wants to—or can—wait several months to spend thousands of dollars working one-on-one with a copywriter to draft their website copy. (And because website copy templates wildly simplify your whole ass life. You're welcome.)

what's included WITH YOUR TEMPLATE:

  • Helpful Website Copy Resources Master List
  • Target Audience Development Workbook
  • Website Copy Checklist (complete with a step-by-step guide of what to put on every single page of your website, including Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact, Single Product Page, Resources, Portfolio, and 404 Error, as well as a list of SEO best practices for each page)
  • Easy-To-Edit, Fill-In-The-Blank Website Copy Template 
  • The Ultimate How-To Overview, explaining how to write every section of every page, organized in the exact template that you'll use to draft your copy
  • [70+ minutes of training] Page-Specific Website Walkthrough Videos (to show you how to put all of the tips in action!)

$348 | BUY NOW

*Or 2 payments of $180.
Select your preference at checkout.


Everything you get with this template that'll make writing your web copy wicked easy:

A curated collection of copy resources to support your website copywriting process, so you don't have to spend hours searching.


Master List of Web Copy Resources

The exact questions and prompts I use to develop my clients' target audience and ideal client avatar, made into a simple workbook.


Target Audience Development 

A page-by-page, section-by-section list of every single thing you need to write on your website (and SEO best practices to match).


Website Copy Checklist

An easy-to-edit website copy drafting template, complete with actionable tips for how to write every single section (plus a blank version for you to write your own copy!)


Website Copy Template x2

2+ hours of training videos showing you exactly how to implement all of the guide's tips into your own copy, using a past BTL client website project as an example. 


Website Copy Walkthrough Videos

Here's why this website copy template is 100% worth the investment.

You get the same formulas I teach inside of my 4-figure website copywriting course for a very tiny fraction of the price.

You don't have to wait several months to work with me (or any other website copywriter!) to draft really great website copy.

You can take the money you're saving on not needing a copywriter and spend it on other things, like a fancy vacation or a website template.

You can stop agonizing over what to write on your site, because this guide tells you *exactly* what to say, how to say it, and where to put it.

You can get your website up and running quicker, start working with new clients sooner, and make money faster. 

You won't need to learn how to use any new platforms, because these resources are all neatly organized in good-ole-Google Drive.

Hi, I'm Sara—the website copywriter that you won't need anymore, thanks to this all-encompassing template.

(Are you wondering why the hell I'm doing this?)

Okay, confession: I thought long and hard about whether I really wanted to offer this website copy guide or not. You're a business owner, too, so you get it—I was nervous about what would happen.

I was nervous to give away too much of my expertise, nervous that no one would sign up for my website copywriting and digital marketing course, nervous that no one would hire me anymore... 

But, at the end of the day, I'm just one person, and as much as I would love to, I can't work with everyone—so, I made a resource that would serve as a more wallet-friendly alternative to my 1:1 services and my extensive website copywriting course, in hopes that it would help a fellow passionate freelancer get their business off the ground. 

If your web copy has been holding you back from getting the dream clients and customers you deserve, this is for you.


"This template has been such a tremendous help to my clients who don't have the budget to hire a website copywriter."



"When Sara rolled this guide out, it was the quickest thing I purchased. It's the PERFECT guide for clients that want to write their copy themselves but have no clue where to begin.

My clients absolutely love this guide and have told me that they've learned so much about their own biz because of the target audience workbook and the easy to fill in templates. Do yourself a favor and grab this website copywriting template ASAP!"


Valid question—but nope! There are still plenty of people who prefer a done-for-you option, and even though website copy is my specialty, I do offer other copywriting services (like sales pages and email marketing), so, Dad, don't worry, I won't be going out of business. 

Site Series® is a self-paced website copywriting and digital marketing course that teaches you how to write your own website copy AND how to get the right people *to* your site using SEO, blogging, and email marketing. Students also have access to monthly live Q&A calls with me to further their education, ask for feedback, and chat about all things marketing.

This resource is just a collection of tips and templates, delivered to you via Google Drive. 

When you purchase this resource, you don't get any 1:1 support from me, and you don't learn any of the additional course lessons on things the SEO & content marketing side. 

This resource is perfect for you if you just wanna get your website done right freaking now, and Site Series® is perfect for you if want a comprehensive education about website copy (complete with 8 in-depth, page-specific web copy tutorials) and SEO, blogging, and email marketing. 

Nope, not unless you purchase the commercial license for it. If you purchase the regular template ($348), you are only permitted to use it for PERSONAL use. If you purchase the commercial license, you may use it for clients.

Yes! You can either purchase the guide for one payment of $348, or two payments of $180.
You're able to select your payment preference at checkout.

Because you get more than just a template when you purchase it! You'll also get a master list of website copy resources, my Target Audience Development Workbook, an extensive, page-by-page website copy and SEO checklist, and TWO website copy templates—one with tips for how to write every single section of every single page, and one blank one to fill in with your own copy.

Don't keep your dream clients waiting any longer. Get your website copy done TODAY.



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