Creative Copywriting For Main Characters 

Whether your story is an autobiography or the tale of your ideal client's most sought-after solutions, we'll work together to create a plot that captivates the reader and has them anxiously awaiting the sequel.

tell my story

A copywriter is the supporting role you can’t tell your story without.

Through consistent, conversational “omg, that’s SO me!” copy, intentional brand messaging, and thoughtful, strategy-backed word choice, we’ll work together to write a page-turner that your ideal clients won’t be able to put down.

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Every good story begins with a hero, who meets a guide. Can you guess which one I am?

hint: you're the hero.

Every hero encounters a roadblock: something standing in the way of their success. In your case, that something is words. More specifically, finding the right words. 

You know, the convincing ones that make your readers click ‘contact now’ or ‘add to cart,’ and the conversational ones that make them nod their heads in solidarity and chuckle quietly to themselves.

At this point in your story, you’ve either determined that writing just isn’t your thing, or you’ve given it a shot and your words simply aren’t working. 

Now, you've realized it's time to start seeking a trusty guide: someone who knows what they’re doing, who can help you achieve your goals. And that’s where I come in as your go-to copywriter for website content or your next launch—if you’ll have me, of course—to solve your problems, write your words, and send you confidently in the direction of your imminent success.

From website copy and sales pages to emails and blog posts, I've never met a draft I didn't like (or rather, a draft I couldn't transform into something I liked).

So, whether you're a brand new business owner need of your first website or a seasoned educator in need of a sales page for your 5th course launch, I'll be in your corner, ready to support you however I can while writing the narrative you want to create.

Why Storytelling?

Using my sales-focused storytelling method, I approach all of my copywriting projects as if they're new stories being told to a first-time reader. I consider all the components of your brand like an actual story—the setting, the plot, the characters involved, the climax, the conclusion—and translate those things into a compelling narrative that your ideal clients and customers will easily understand and relate to. 



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BTL Services

Click on any of the below services for details and pricing. All packages can be completely customized to meet your individual needs.

Your website is your business's virtual home, and your clients and customers are your house guests. It's time to make them feel comfortable when they come to visit. 

Allow your viewers scroll through meaningful, meticulously crafted, conversion- and SEO- focused website copy that lets your website be the last stop in their journey through Google. 


• Up to 8 pages of SEO-optimized website copy
• Initial 60-minute kickoff & strategy call
• Custom persona questionnaire + market research
• Wireframe and/or communication with your graphic designer
• Up to 5 past customer interviews 
• Live copy review session on Zoom & 2 rounds of edits

Website Copywriting


• Complete brand messaging + positioning strategy guide 
• Email copywriting and/or email marketing strategy
• Long-form, SEO-optimized blog posts 

starting at $6,000

website copywriting

Your launch copy is at the top of the Most Important list when it comes to putting your project out into the world. So, naturally, finding a sales page copywriter you can trust is a necessity. Ensuring your launch is effective and successful is easy with my help — I’ll make sure your message is clear, consistent, and (duh!) actually gets you more sales.

Oh, and we’ll accomplish all of that without making any ridiculous claims or forcing your sale on anyone. We want your sale to sound appealing, not annoying. I'm on it. 


• Initial 60-minute strategy session / project kickoff
• Custom brand persona questionnaire and market research
• Long-form, conversion-friendly sales page
• Promotional email sequence (up to 15 emails)
• 2 rounds of complimentary edits and 1 live review session
• Wireframing and communication with your web designer

Launch Copywriting


• Launch strategy consulting 
• Supplemental course bonuses or digital PDFs
• Lead magnet and/or social + ad copy
• Additional emails added to the existing sequence

starting at $6,000

launch copywriting

Your entire email marketing operation is completed, in just four days flat. 

Here's what's included:
+ Email marketing strategy and outline
+ Lead magnet strategy and outline
+ Newsletter strategy and template
+ 6 months of weekly newsletter content planned 
+ All of your opt-in copy, up to 9 forms
+ Complete email welcome sequence, up to 7 emails

Prior to start of week: you fill out a questionnaire about your brand, your target audience, your offerings, and your goals 
Monday: kickoff call in the morning, to review questionnaire & talk about the details of your wildest email marketing dreams, then I get to work!
Tuesday: I continue to work on your project all day, creating all the things 
Wednesday: I send the deliverables to you for your review 
Thursday: we have our review call in the morning, and I make any necessary edits and send off the final product(s) to you! 
& that's it! In less than one week, you have everything you need to grow your email list, and, in turn, grow your engaged community. 

Email Marketing VIP Week



For creative entrepreneurs who want to consult a marketing expert, experienced business owners who need a sounding board to chat about their next move, or aspiring freelancers who want advice on where to start. 

Strategy calls are 60-minute sessions devoted to helping you however I can.  After each call, you will receive access to the recording, an outline of what we discussed (and the solutions we came to!), as well as an action plan—aka homework, sorry not sorry—to help you kickstart your progress.


Strategy Call 




INQUIRE FOR A personalized QUOTE

If you've ever found yourself wishing there were someone out there who could simply guide you through all of the marketing, launch, and freelance business decisions so you wouldn't have to take so many damn shots in the dark about this stuff... hi.

Whether you're about to embark on your first course launch journey and know you can't afford a flop, or you're brand-new to the freelance world hoping for some help in navigating it, or a solopreneur sick of making decisions on your own, I can help.

Send me a message to inquire about 1-on-1 consulting and/or mentorship.

"Sara helped me hone in on exactly what I wanted to communicate, and then turned it into copy that totally reflected my vision! 

It was a giant relief to not only be able to focus my energy on other aspects of my launch, but to know that every piece of my messaging was consistent and perfectly phrased to attract my ideal student.

Sara's copy grew my email list by thousands of subscribers, which was not only huge for my first course launch, but for the success of my business in general.

If you're worried about the cost, the quality, giving up control... there's no need! Sara is brilliant and will treat your project as her own — she doesn't cut corners or do the 'minimum' work required. She goes above and beyond to make sure that your copy will actually connect and convert, and feel like you.

launch copywriting


"Hold onto your horses! You're in for a wild ride with Sara. She's fast, she's quick, she's witty, and she's your ultimate hype woman. 

Sara is a woman with a million brilliant ideas spiraling around her head as to how she can help you. Her services are greatest investment you could ever give yourself if you want to elevate your business/brand.

Don't hesitate: do yourself a favor, and get yourself a Sara.

Stop agonizing over what you should write and stop wasting your time. Even if you enjoy writing, she will elevate what you have to say and you can take a relaxing deep breath to go do the things you are passionate about. Listen to your gut, it was HELL YES for me and Sara was one of the best things I could have done for my business."


corey lynn tucker

“Sara was my secret weapon for infusing personality into my course launch!

From my sales page, to my course worksheets, to my to email funnel, her strategic yet charming copy took everything to the next level.

I would provide direction and ideas, and she would elevate, refine, and package them up so I could focus on actually creating the course. She's quick, efficient, and well worth the investment. Don't think twice about hiring her!"

course launch sales page & email COPYWRITING


"Because of her advice, my business is making more money than I've ever made from any other endeavor in my entire life.

She's one-part business bestie + one-part aggressive cheerleader (the good kind, of course) that truly wants to see you succeed. Sara's consulting is game-changing.

I am so, so eternally thankful that our paths crossed on the internet! RUN to whatever sign-up form you need to fill out so that you can experience this yourself!"

mENTORSHIP + consulting


"Working with Sara has been a game-changer for us.

We worked on a brand messaging project and I loved the result so much that I took her up on a Day Pass to help me put it all into action, from email campaigns to social media strategies and even website copy.

She is SO professional and—most importantly—she just gets it. I was extremely impressed by how well she heard what I wanted to convey (and achieve!), and how she was able to translate that in a way that truly brought my brand to life. I will definitely be working with Sara again and you should, too!"

brand messaging, email copywriting, and btl library card

ronda fraley

"She was truly able to capture the vision I have for my business and transform it into beautifully-written copy."

Sara was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was extremely professional and fun, and her attention to detail and care for my project was outstanding. Everything she wrote was well thought-out and impactful.

She really took the time to get to know me, my brand, and my goals, and translated those things into copy that seamlessly reflected my objectives. The experience from start to finish was excellent!"

BRAND MESSAGING AND website copywriting

Annalie chernin

Envisioning your story with a different plot line?

If you imagine your story beginning with something other than website or launch copywriting—like, say, email sequences, or copy editing, or a sales page—send me a message & we’ll chat about the best way to draft it.

Like one of those choose-your-own adventure books from your elementary school days, but make it Marketing.