Are Tonic Site Shop’s Showit Website Templates Really Worth It In 2024?

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If you’ve heard of Showit, you’ve heard of TONIC.

There’s no question about that.

It’s no secret that this web design powerhouse absolutely dominates the Showit website template market, and rightfully so.

With beautiful, easy-to-use Showit website templates, irresistible marketing, and flexible payment plans, TONIC Site Shop has taken the Internet—or, at the very least, Showit users—by storm.

Everyone knows TONIC. Everyone loves TONIC. Everyone wants TONIC.

And everyone who hasn’t yet purchased a TONIC template is wondering the same thing:

Are TONIC Site Shop’s Showit website templates really worth the price tag?

Because I’m both queen of buying things for the sake of the business expense AND professional hater of wasting money, I’m taking it upon myself to provide you an unofficial review of whether or not TONIC‘s templates are worth $1,000+.

Let’s do it.

Once upon a time, back in the freaking DAY, I was searching for my first-ever website template, as well as a hosting platform for my first-ever site to live on.

I was a baby copywriter back then, not even sure which services I was going to offer. All I knew was that I needed a website to look legit.

Naturally, when I began my search, TONIC was #1, both literally and figuratively.

But, dang, the PRICE.

I sourced opinions from some people in my corner—best friend, other best friend, mom, dad, newborn baby (he didn’t care much)—and pretty much everyone gave me some version of “do what you want, Sara!”

Context: doing what I want is my toxic trait. I always do what I want. To a fault.

[Prime example = me writing this blog post right now at 10:32pm instead of packing for the trip I’m taking in… a matter of hours. Whatever.]

This time, though, I was nervous to take my usual path of impulse-buying-and-dealing-with-later. I had barely made any money from freelancing yet — I’d only just decided I wanted to be a copywriter, like, a week prior — and I was trying to be smart.

Turns out, I was stupid.

By some cursed turn of events, I chose GoDaddy over (the clearly superior) Showit. And never bought a template; TONIC or otherwise.

Less than a month later, I realized my grave mistake, and still didn’t buy a template. Instead, I turned to Squarespace, determined to bootstrap BTL for as little cash as humanly possible.

I’ll fast-forward the rest and save you the life story, and summarize my blast-from-the-past with this: I would’ve saved so much time and money if I’d chosen the TONIC template.

(And, honestly, I bet I would’ve made more money in the beginning, too, because I would’ve looked so professional that my inquiries would’ve been rollin’ in. But I digress.)

Now, don’t get me wrong—there are few things I love more, and not a single business investment I’m happier with, than my custom-designed website. But a fully custom whole-shebang deal isn’t in the cards for everyone, which is why I’m here, giving you the tea on TONIC.

>> There are 5 reasons why TONIC Site Shop website templates are worth the money.

#1 – If your website is your livelihood, it needs to look its best.

There are some things you can afford to skimp on when it comes to your business—but your website isn’t one of them.

If you rely on your website to bring you sales, and clients, and interest, and traffic, you need to put your best foot forward.

Am I telling you that a TONIC Site Shop template is the only way to do that? No, I’m not.

What I *am* telling you is that when you consider investing in website design or a website template, you need to think about what you want for the future of your business, and who you want to attract.

If you choose a low-budget template now, you may find yourself wanting to graduate to something more robust later on, especially if you only chose that template because of the price, and not because you truly love it.

& even though Tonic may be (rightfully) on the more expensive end of the website template market, purchasing a template from them is still only an eighth of the price of hiring a custom designer to create you a site with the same wow-factor.

And to save even MORE, you can use code “BTLCOPY” for 15% off of ANY TONIC Site Shop design!

#2 – Beautiful, professional websites attract high-paying clients and dream projects.

It’s simple, really.

Beautiful, high-end website = eager, high-paying client.

Website design is the easiest way to elevate your reader’s experience. And TONIC’s designs were strategically created so you could do exactly that.

#3 – The level of support you receive with your purchase is unmatched.

They genuinely care about their customers, even after the add-to-cart moment.

When you purchase a Tonic template, you’re not left to figure it all out on your own. It’s actually mind-blowing to me that all of their support, and trainings, and guides, and help you have access to when you purchase is all free.

(I experienced their care and attention to detail firsthand when I purchased the Clover Club Sales Page – I was so pleasantly surprised with the funnel of support after the fact!)

#4 – Even though everyone has TONIC templates, none of them look the same.

If you’re on the fence about Tonic because you ~don’t want to be like everyone else~ because you’re cool and different and totally original, I get that.

But, seriously, they’re so easy to make your own. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

The TONIC showcase is full of examples of how their sites can be customized to fit any need, no matter who you are or what you do.

#5 – They’re *actually* easy to implement.

As TONIC famously says, “no code, no tears” – and that simplifies it perfectly.

There’s no code involved—which, in my opinion, is the main attraction to Showit as a website platform in general—and you can actually feel empowered to update them whenever you have a new idea, new offering, or new development in your business.

Having agency over your website design is so empowering. It may sound silly, but not being able to update your own website can feel so frustrating – you don’t want to have to call up your designer or developer every time you want to make a little change!

Having a Showit template offers you the freedom you need to truly make your website whatever you want, and why not have the BEST Showit templates in the game, created by a team of people who actually care about your success?

When you purchase a TONIC template, you’ll get what feels like infinite support from the TONIC team, from resources about how to input your copy / branding / photos & how to adjust your templates, to membership in a free Facebook group for questions, to access to their support team.

So, are TONIC Site Shop templates worth it?

Yes, they’re 100% worth the price. If you’re looking for the best Showit website templates for your business, it simply doesn’t get better than TONIC.

& here concludes this love letter to TONIC Site Shop.

These templates are gonna set you back 4 figures, but so is any custom design (and these templates are so gorgeous that they actually rival custom design).

TONIC‘s are not the only beautiful templates out there, but they ARE one of the only two Showit website template shops that I recommend to my website copywriting clients.

…and anyone else who will listen to me preach about the importance of having gorgeous, SEO-friendly, scroll-stopping website design.

(The other Showit template shop is run by my friend and designer Sarah Kleist.)

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions about TONIC, reach out to their team – they’re eager to chat + extremely resourceful.

And, while you’re at it, you should subscribe to their newsletter; there’s a reason why it landed a spot on my definitive list of newsletters for marketers to subscribe to.

What are the pros of using Showit website templates?

Short answer? They make your life easier.

Long answer? Here’s my list:

You’re able to launch your website faster, because all you have to do is add your fonts, colors, branding, photos, and copy, then you’re done.

(Or, if you want to launch even faster, you can keep all of the aesthetics the same and just add the words + pics to make it your own. If we’re talking TONIC, they’re all ready-to-publish anyway.)

You don’t have to worry about finding a custom designer within your budget.

The design is already optimized for mobile.

They make it easy to stay consistent throughout your site.

& what about the cons of using a template?

The way I see it, there aren’t many — especially because you CAN customize them. You don’t *have* to keep them the exact same; that’s the main “con” I often see people sharing.

“But I don’t want to look like everyone else!” or “but anyone can have the same website template as me” or “isn’t it kind of generic?”

…sure, I get that.

But you’ll be able to set yourself apart with your branding, your copy, your photos, and — most importantly — your personality.

Shopping time! What should you get from TONIC Site Shop?

Aside from their website templates (duh), my top 3 TONIC favorites are:

& the best part? Now, their additional templates MATCH their website templates. So sick. 🤯

Now, before you go… does this post about website design have you fired up + ready to get started on a brand new website?!

Because, if so, you’re gonna need some website copy to go with it… 😉

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(If you’re thinking about a TONIC template, I’m already positive you’re my ideal client.)

Thanks for reading, bestie. Hope you have a lovely day!

And, hey, by the way, if we haven’t had the chance to *virtually* meet yet… HI!

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