Want to attract the right people with words that *actually* inspire action?

Imagine if every inquiry you received was from a dream client...

All you need to do is wow them with the words on your site, & sit back and relax as you watch your readers effortlessly transform into buyers.

But before you roll your eyes at me and give me the 'writing-my-own-copy-is-impossible' speech, I already know what you're thinking: "easier said than done, Sara." 

This has been your reality lately, right?

Spending months typing and backspacing, coming up with nothing, unsure of what to say to actually drive conversions & get results. 

Constantly confused about how to stand out from everyone else in your industry, wondering what will help you set yourself apart.

Feeling embarrassed about sending people to your website, because it doesn't accurately represent your brand, or your readers' needs.

Getting the ick every time you sit down to write about yourself, because it feels like "bragging" and that makes you cringe.

Nodding your head like "yuuuup, that's me" right now?
Keep reading—I have the perfect solution for you.


A comprehensive, self-paced website copywriting and content marketing course for business owners who want to learn how to use website copy, SEO, blogging, and email marketing to attract the right audience and get real results.


"I've never taken a
course as valuable
as this one."

"Other courses have left me disappointed,
feeling like I could have learned it on my
own. Site Series® blows all of them out of
the water. The teaching style, quantity, and
quality of content is absolutely insane."

— saraH | pinterest manager

"If you're someone who
has a website, this course
is worth every penny.

"You totally feel like you're being taught by a
friend which makes the course feel way more
approachable and digestible. The plethora of
examples is SO helpful and something that
other courses don't do in the same way.

 And, I love how it's not just on one subject
(website copy), it's about all the little pieces
that support the bigger goal of having a
website that actually helps you make money. "


"I was able to immediately
put what I learned about
web copy into action."

"And the process took about 3 months less
than the last time I tried to draft my website
copy on my own. Having a clear roadmap
for what needs to be where is super helpful,
and Site Series® did not disappoint."


Your website has a job to do. Is yours pulling its weight?

When a new lead or potential customer lands on your website, it's your copy's job to make sure they stick around, instead of fleeing to the 'back' button within a matter of seconds, like most people do when a website doesn't immediately catch their attention. 

The best copy makes readers feel understood, and 100% certain that your services or products are the best possible fit for them—and that kind of copy is exactly what I'm teaching you how to write inside this course.

Here's the deal...

So, what's in it for you?


Chapter one

Copywriting Basics

Start with a powerful foundation by learning the basics of copywriting, uncovering what your target audience really wants, and understand how to easily communicate the value you're providing them. 

You'll also learn all about keyword research from Guest Experts Abbey and Courtney of marketing agency Duo Collective!


Site Series® Introduction
Course Module Walkthrough
Cardinal Rules of Copywriting
The Importance of Tone
Understanding Your Target Audience


+ Getting Comfortable with Keywords with Duo Collective
+ Copywriting Glossary
+ Target Audience Development Workbook


Chapter two

Website Copywriting


Site Series Introduction
Course Module Walkthrough
Cardinal Rules of Copywriting
The Importance of Tone
Understanding Your Target Audience


+ Getting Comfortable with Keywords with Duo Collective
+ Copywriting Glossary
+ Target Audience Development Workbook


Learn how to write copy for the 4 core pages (Home, About, Services, Contact) and the 4 flex pages (Blog, Portfolio, Resources, 404 Error) of your website—for a total of 8 web copy pages.

Each page has its own dedicated 'how-to' lesson, where we'll cover what to say and how to say it to maximize conversion.

Each page's lesson also includes a 'how-it's-done' video tutorial, where I show you examples of websites that use the strategies I'm teaching and how you can implement them for your own site!

Chapter three

Search Engine Optimization

Master the fundamentals of how to optimize your site for SEO so you can outrank your competition on Google, show up in search results, and get more eyes on your website. 

This module has everything you need to know about SEO and nothing that you don't. 


What Is SEO And Why Should I Care?
Keyword and Optimization Review
How To Write Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
The Best Way To Grow Through Backlinks
How To Make Google Happy (SEO Fundamentals)


+ All Things Google Tools with Duo Collective
+ SEO Glossary
+ UberSuggest Walkthrough


Chapter four

Content Writing

Learn how to harness the true power of content marketing by publishing strategic blog posts, and get excited about how many views your website gets once you start blogging.

This chapter also includes a lesson on how to promote your blogs on Pinterest from Guest Expert Sarah Burk!


Why Blogging Is Vital For More Website Views
The Perfect Blog Post Formula 
What Makes A Click-Worthy Blog Title
How To Optimize Your Blogs For SEO
The Easy 4-Step Blogging Strategy


+ How To Market Blogs on Pinterest
+ 52 Blog Post Ideas Master List
+ Blog Post Pre-Publish Checklist


Chapter five

Email Marketing

Gain the knowledge you need to start utilizing the best tool for growing your community, nurturing leads, building authority, and connecting with your potential clients: email marketing. 

Your subscribers are the most ready-to-buy audience you have access to, and this chapter covers everything you need to know about how to get—and keep!—people on your email list.


Why Email Marketing Is Important For Growth
How To Grow Your Email List
Creating An Irresistible Lead Magnet
Keeping Subscribers Engaged with a Newsletter
Writing Your Email Welcome Sequence
How To Get People To Subscribe with Opt-In Copy


+ Email Copywriting and Optimization Tips (Master List of resources including how to write subject lines, optimize for mobile, & more!)


Chapter six

Launch Advice


What To Do Before Publishing Your Site
Maximizing Your Launch Traffic
Life After Site Series® - What's Next


+ Making Your Site Legally Legit with Chandler J. Esq.
+ Designing A Site You Love with WildHive Studio
+ Kleist Creative website template discount


No need to worry about your finished website copy draft chilling in Google Docs for eternity while you figure out how to make the most of your launch—this chapter covers all of that for you. 

We're ending off this course by talking about how to make sure your site is optimized, legally legit, and designed beautifully.

(Oh, and of course, how to maximize the web traffic from your launch!)


Wanna see what it all looks like?

Watch this video walkthrough to see inside the course!

Want to see *every single thing* you'll get when you enroll in this course, so you can decide if it's a good fit for your needs right now?

Watch this quick video for an in-depth walkthrough of what the course platform looks like, what you'll learn, and what's inside the Site Series® Student Resource Google Drive folder. 

Here's what a really great website can provide for you:


Thanks to clear, specific website copy that effortlessly speaks your target audience's language, you'll get significantly less—if any!—inquiries that don't align with your idea of "ideal."


Selling to potential clients on discovery calls is easy when your website copy does the hard work for you. Your leads will already know everything about you, your business, and the solutions you provide.


With copy that addresses your readers' objections, questions, and concerns before they even have to ask them, you'll save yourself all of the annoying back-and-forth of fielding FAQs.


There's no better feeling than being able to proudly show off your website, certain it portrays you and your brand in the best light, communicates your value, and makes your readers feel seen.


Namely, more cash from projects that you are actually pumped about, rather than projects you felt like you had to say 'yes' to in order to pay the bills, because no other inquiries were coming in.

(But none of that can happen if no one ever makes it to your website in the first place.)

While learning how to write the best, most relatable website copy is absolutely essential in order for your site to convert into sales... it’s not the only piece of the "earn all the success you deserve" puzzle.

Your website copy could be the most revolutionary marketing masterpiece to ever grace the Internet—but that doesn’t matter if no one even makes it to your site in the first place. 

...which is why Site Series® covers more than *just* how to write the words on your website. It also teaches you how to increase your traffic, your engagement, and your sales, using organic content marketing strategies.


Make your brand more visible with:


Get on Google's good side by optimizing your website for SEO, so you can show up in search results & outrank the competition.


Get more eyes on your website by posting fresh content strategically written to provide value to your viewers and improve your SEO.

email marketing

Get more people on your email list using my surefire lead magnet, newsletter, and welcome sequence creation strategies. 

"Not to brag, but I genuinely feel like people are crawling


out of the woodwork to inquire with me now."

Just read what student Fran had to say about her business's transformation! →

before site series®

after site series®

"Before taking Site Series®, I didn't feel confident about my website / content marketing and I felt like I was constantly falling into the trap of writing what I wanted to say and not what my audience needed to hear.

I knew that, although I enjoyed writing, copywriting was not my strongest skill, and I wanted to feel like my website copy  content marketing was intentional and strategic, which it wasn't at the time. I honestly was embarrassed to send people to my website because I knew it wasn't doing a good job of conveying the value of my services."

"I feel SO much more confident in my website and its ability to help users get to know me, see the value in my work, and actually convert into clients.

I saw a 58% increase on inquiries in the 3 weeks following my website launch compared to the average of my past 3 months.

I had my highest income month in the history of my business.

I hired 2 new team members.

I've had dream clients who have been interacting with me on Instagram for 10+ months who inquired with me this month after my website launch and I don't think it's a coincidence!"

Just read what student Fran had to say about her business's transformation! ↓

select the plan that works best for you

Payment Plan

Six jam-packed Course Modules


11+ Extra Bonuses & Resources

MONTHLY Live Q&A Group Coaching CallS

Pay in Full

Six jam-packed Course Modules


11+ Extra Bonuses & Resources

MONTHLY Live Q&A Group Coaching CallS


join the waitlist

Pluuuus, you get                                              to a Drive folder full of helpful bonus resources to kickstart your success.

✓ FULL seo glossary
✓ target audience WORKBOOK
✓ web copy editing checklist

immediate lifetime access

No, you don't have to be a "great writer" to write great web copy

and, hey—before you ask...

...because the copywriting strategies and formulas you'll learn inside of this course are *that* easy to implement.

See what past students are sayin':

don't take my word for it...

Being able to start the course as soon as you purchase it, because the entire thing is immediately available inside the course platform, now & forever. 

Getting access to the exact methods I've used
to write website copy for countless happy clients, for a price that's 75% less than what they paid.  

Finishing the course with all the knowledge you need to write, launch, and successfully market your shiny new website.

All of the course bonuses neatly organized for you inside of the Site Series® Student Resource Google Drive folder, so you'll never lose track of 'em. 

Not only will you be able to use your new copywriting skills on your website, but in every other element of your marketing, too!



"The hardest thing about online courses is not seeing any real-life examples, and just hoping you're doing it right."

"A formula can only get you so far when you don't even know what it looks like in action," past Site Series® student, Christiana, said to me. "But this course goes so in-depth with the examples across all sorts of different industries. It is extremely helpful." 


As a fellow must-see-examples-or-else learner, it was vital to me to include not only the specific steps and strategies for writing every single element of your website, but also what those steps and strategies actually look like in practice.

"For me, the issue is always the implementation; getting myself to actually sit down and do it!"

Past student, Amber, was initially concerned about being able to put all of the lessons from the course in practice, but as soon as she finished she told me this:


"I have already seen a huge improvement with the clarity of my Services page, as well as my email writing—and this course is what got me into my newsletter (which has 50-60% open rates)! It made implementation so much easier, and felt very well organized!"

Making this course easy to understand AND easy to implement was a huge priority for me, especially as a business owner with ADHD. I know how easy it is to get side-tracked, or straight-up forget about a course entirely, so I made sure to structure Site Series® in a way that felt engaging + exciting. 

"I had huge impostor syndrome about writing. I felt like I should just stay in my lane instead."

"Because I am a designer, I felt like I couldn't or shouldn't do both," past student Kate told me. "Writing copy was something that I felt like I *could do* but became so time consuming and I was constantly second guessing myself."


"I've fallen for the 'I can make your life/business better with this 3-step process bullshit' courses before, but I've put being a ninny behind me and now I really try to invest in courses that ACTUALLY result in a skill, not just a method or a concept. This course did not disappoint."

& let me tell you, if Kate was feeling like an impostor before, she sure as hell shouldn't be now. Using what she learned in this course, Kate was able to write what I'd classify as a perfect, A+ website—see for yourself right here!

You're only six modules away from a world where you have...

Dream client inquiries filling up your inbox because they resonate with your copy so much.

The skills and tools needed to write 8 pages of conversion-friendly website copy.

A comprehensive understanding of what makes up the perfect
SEO-optimized website.

Zero stress about relying on social media to get clients... because your blog's got your back!

An email marketing strategy that consistently gets you more ready-to-buy people on your list

Stop wasting all of your creative energy.... 

→ Nervous that you won't get enough inquiries that feel aligned, leaving you stuck with taking not-so-ideal projects to pay the bills 

→ Embarrassed when you send your leads to your website, because you know it doesn't show off just how great you are at what you do

→ Confused by how many people "X" out of your site without buying your products, inquiring about working together, or signing up for your list 

→ Stressed about writing your website copy because even though you know what you want to say, you have no idea how to say it or where to get started

"Site Series® has been the single best investment I have made thus far in my business"


"Sara takes the vagueness and complexity out of copywriting and gives you a great understanding of the steps you need to take to write copy that not only connects, but converts. She shows you real-life examples of every single element of your website, so you know exactly how to do it for your own business."

Hi! I'm Sara—Website Copywriter, Marketing Mentor, and Educator.

And because I spend hours upon hours every single week writing website copy for my clients, I know better than anyone how much work goes into launching a website built for conversion. 

Writing your website copy on your own isn't easy—it's actually really freaking hard. Especially when you don't know where to start, or what to write, or how to skrrt past the dreaded salesy copy and land on juuust the right thing to say to make your readers take action. 

But when you have a clear outline of exactly what to do—complete with real-life examples and in-depth tutorials—suddenly it's not so hard anymore, and before you know it, your inbox is overflowing with "new lead!" and "new sale!" and "new student!" notifications, thanks to the expert strategies you were able to learn and implement with ease.


You deserve to be picky about the projects you take on and the people you work with.

When your website does the heavy lifting of attracting the clientele that makes you squeal with excitement, you can finally stop ignoring red flags for a paycheck, entertaining leads who question your prices, and spending too much time trying to convince people you're a professional who deserves to be respected.

All it takes is some personality-packed, conversational-yet-convincing, audience-focused, SEO-optimized copy, and a killer organic content marketing strategy. And this course gives you run-down of how to accomplish both.





Site Series® is made for you if you're a... 

Budget-friendly business owner wanting a pro copy strategy without the pro price tag

Freelancer with a DIY spirit and a desire to write and market your site on your own

Personal brand with no clue how to make your copy personal

New copywriter looking to improve your skills to impress your clients 

Biz owner dying to know how to effortlessly integrate SEO best practices into your copy 

Person who likes to have an easy and clear set of directions that make getting results feel easy

Fan of courses that include lots of examples so you can get a complete education

"The teaching style, quantity, and quality of content is insane."

After the last launch of Site Series®, I sent out a survey asking students their honest opinions about their experience, so I could learn more about how to better serve them.

Sarah Burk, an expert Pinterest manager (and expert content creator, in my opinion) has graciously allowed me to share a few of her responses with you.

Check them out for an unfiltered, inside look at what her experience with the course was like!

sarah burk | pinterest manager

Sarah burk  |  Pinterest manager

Q: What were your thoughts/feelings on writing website copy before taking Site Series®?

A: Despite feeling like a good writer, writing my website copy seemed incredibly daunting. I could stare at a blank Google doc for hours and never feel like it was good enough or the right things to say.

I'm not someone who makes big investments in my business. I wasn't sure I needed the course (because, like I said, I thought writing was something I could just do on my own), and I wasn't sure if it was the right time to invest in web copy.

Sarah burk  |  Pinterest manager

Q: What would you tell someone who's on the fence about purchasing Site Series®?

A: DO IT. If you're like me and like to give DIY-ing things a shot before you outsource, Site Series is the best option. It's truly one of the most valuable courses I've ever seen. It's no fluff, all value, plus it teaches you transferrable skills to keep improving your copy and messaging.

In other words, it's not just a fill-in-the-blank template. You know why it works and put in the work to figure it out. And the bonuses are just the heaping pile of cherries on top.

Sarah burk  |  Pinterest manager

Q: Why did you decide I was the right person to teach you this subject?

A: As an avid fan-girl of the Tuesday Table of Contents newsletter, I knew the way you taught made sense to me. I particularly love how many examples you incorporate into your education. That's what takes the course from 'theoretical' info to tangible, actionable knowledge.

Sarah burk  |  Pinterest manager

Q: Do you feel the course was worth the investment?

A: 100%. I have no regrets about the investment.

In fact, it's a steal.

turn the page

select the plan that works best for you

Payment Plan

Six jam-packed Course Modules


11+ Extra Bonuses & Resources

MONTHLY Live Q&A Group Coaching CallS

Pay in Full

Six jam-packed Course Modules


11+ Extra Bonuses & Resources

MONTHLY Live Q&A Group Coaching CallS


join the waitlist


Monthly Live Q&A Calls AND Slack Group Access

In addition to monthly group coaching calls (where I often invite a guest expert to join me and teach you even MORE about digital marketing best practices!) you'll ALSO join our course Slack group where you have access to me (and your fellow students!) for feedback on your website, blogs, and emails, as well as networking opportunities, answers to your FAQs, and additional supplemental resources. 

This course is not the best fit for you if you...

Prefer courses that are taught solely on calls with the educator, as opposed to a mix of calls & self-paced, pre-recorded content

Don't like to learn online at your own pace, or take online courses that you can complete at any time

Would rather hire a copywriter to write your website copy for you than learn how to write it yourself

This course is def the right fit for you if you...

Are ready to DIY your website copy and content marketing with a proven, easy-to-implement strategy

Have been feeling "eh" about your copy for way too long, and are committed to putting in the effort to change that

Want to stop worrying about whether or not your copy converts, and start feeling more confident

"Bad copywriting could be the death of your business."

— jessica

 "If you want to sell products or services and successfully scale your business to a sustainable income, don't skimp out on copy and take Sara's course. You honestly can't afford to risk another day of driving prospects away because your current website is either confusing your audience or it's not compelling enough to resonate with them."

By the end of this course, you could...

Publish a conversion-friendly website in days, not months.

Finally stop relying on Instagram for dream client inquiries.

Confidently book new projects you're super excited about.

Have all of your copy & SEO q's answered, for good.

enroll now!





Answering Your Questions 

Website copy is the main purpose of this course, and it makes up about 70% of the lessons! The secondary chapters—SEO, blog, and email—are all there to help supplement what you’ve learned about writing website copy.

I chose to offer these secondary lessons in addition to providing a comprehensive website copywriting course so you’d leave with more than just a plain web copy draft. Website copy only works if people actually visit your site, and SEO, blogging, & email marketing help you get more web traffic and page views. 

All students get access to a Slack channel, where I share additional resources, provide website, blog, and email feedback, and answer questions directly! So, while there's no one-on-one calls with me, you've got direct DM access to me via Slack!

I also host monthly live group coaching calls where you can ask me—and the guest experts I invite to join me—your questions! 

Nope! While I do teach an entire lesson on how to write your Services page, you can still benefit from every other Site Series® lesson. Please note, though, that I will not be teaching a lesson on how to write your Shop page or product descriptions. 

Shop pages and individual product pages are something I'm planning to add to the course in the near future, though, and all existing students will get access to the new versions of the course / any updates made, so while those lessons aren't available right now, they will be in the future.

It’s divided into six modules, all with slide decks and voiceover. I’m a very learn-by-example type of person, so I made sure to include lots of examples. In fact, in the website copywriting chapter, each page has its own dedicated video where I walk through real-life websites and show you why they work so well (and how to replicate the strategies they used). 

That’s up to you! There’s about 8ish hours of content, so you can binge it, or you can take it one step at a time. The shortest lesson is a few minutes long, and the longest lessons are 60+ minutes long. (Those long ones are the website page walkthroughs). 

It would be helpful for you to know who you are, what you do, and who you help. Clarity about your business and your target audience is essential to write great copy, but if you’re still working through those things, don’t worry—we will be going over it in Chapter One: Copywriting Basics.

One of the course bonuses, the Target Audience Development Workbook, is also available should you need more extensive assistance with figuring out who you’re marketing to. 

Due to the digital nature of this course, all purchases are nonrefundable and returns are not permitted. However, I’m a human, not a robot—so you’re welcome to email me to discuss your situation in the event of an issue. 

This course will not be opening again for a while. To be completely honest, I don't know when I'll be bringing it back. 

If you’re on the fence about signing up because you still have questions about the course, send me a DM! I’m happy to chat with you about whether or not it’s the right fit—and I promise I’ll be completely honest with you if it’s not, because I’m not in the business of wasting anyone’s time. 

"I love that this course feels like you're just chatting to a friend."


"I've taken a lot of online course and I don't think I had ever heard someone be so conversational. I loved it! If you plan to do any kind of copywriting in the future, I think this course is necessary.  I also love the Google Drive folder we got, I think it is a great tool to look back on when you need help with something."


Dream Client Magnet

"This course has basically been the foundation for everything I know about website copy when helping my clients. I feel way more confident in what the hell I'm doing, and I refer back to the course often—not only when writing website copy, but as I'm drafting other things like blog posts and email sequences." 


before site series®

after site series® (& launching soon!)

I used to be really 
skeptical of courses,
not convinced that they actually worked.

In fact, at the beginning of my copywriting journey, an extra-scammy sales page turned me off to online courses for years, because I was so repulsed by the slimy sales tactics the creator used.  

It took me longer than I'd like to admit to come around and finally realize how much I could get out of learning from—and trusting!—the experts who had been around the block to teach me what I'd been spending so much time researching, guessing at, and testing on my own.

But, here's the truth: swearing off online courses only caused me to waste my own time and delay my success. 

If I'd chosen to fast-track my success with online courses in the beginning of my freelance career, maybe it wouldn't have taken me so long to grow. 

Once I *finally* found courses and mentors worth investing in, it was like a whole new world opened up to me—I loved my experience with them, and would have never learned all sorts of helpful things without them.

I'd survived on free education for so long, and been so jaded about my first interaction with that scammy sales page, that I didn't even realize how beneficial online courses could be. 

Knowing what I know now, though, I wish I'd taken those courses when I was first starting out—who knows where I'd be now if I had?

Can I level with you?

"The sincerity and value packed into each chapter is unmatched in comparison to all the other courses
I have taken in the past. 


Ready to transform your website into a complete scroll-stopper?

Specifically, I'm ready to teach you everything I know about how to write (and market!) a conversion-friendly website, using the same copywriting methods that I use for my own clients.

And, of course, I made sure it'd be ridiculously easy for you to swipe my formulas and make them your own, so you can show off your pro-copywriter-level website copy (without dishing out the $6,000 to hire me to write it for you).



"Get down from there, you’re not a cat!"

still on the fence?

That's literally what one of my past students, Maren, wrote in her feedback survey, in response to the question "what would you say to someone on the fence about investing in this course?" — and, honestly, I couldn't have said it better myself.

(Other students' answered included: "don't be a baby back bitch and buy it already" and "there's a payment plan, just bootstrap it like I did" and "every single question I had was answered" and "there's ZERO reason to be on the fence.")

If you're still debating whether or not this course is a good fit for you, please do not hesitate to send me a message & ask! I'm more than happy to chat with you about the specifics of your situation and goals and help you determine if it's right for you.