It's time to stop relying on the tiny squares and ten-second videos.


If you have as much interest in dancing in front of your iPhone front camera as you do in getting a paper cut in between your toes, I've got great news: you don't have to count solely on social media as your primary form of marketing anymore.

Even though it's been a trusty resource since the AOL days, email marketing often gets overlooked — despite it being the absolute best way to build the most meaningful connections with hot leads. (You know, the ones who are actually likely to buy from you.)

The most intimate relationships are formed in the inbox.

Well, actually, I don't know if they say that. But if they don't, they should, because it's true. Your most loyal, ready-to-buy customers are on the other side of your "send" button — and ALL you have to do to encourage them to take your desired action is consistently show up in their inbox.

In The Email Marketing Chapter, you'll learn how to grow your email list with a lead magnet and opt-in copy, keep subscribers engaged with a bomb welcome sequence, and consistently email your list with a regular newsletter to build better relationships with your community.

You know what they say...

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There are 5 elements needed to grow an email list.


Using a strategic, irresistible lead magnet is the best way to encourage your readers to sign up for your email list. Think of it like a trade: "I'll give you this valuable thing in exchange for your email."

convincing opt-in copy

No one can join your email list without filling out an opt-in form — and no one's going to WANT to join your email list if the copy on that opt-in form isn't convincing enough to intrigue them.

a tailored welcome sequence

Getting subscribers on your email list is one thing, but KEEPING them there? That's a whole other ballgame, and your welcome sequence is the star player. It's the first step in subscriber retention. 

solid newsletter strategy

A consistent newsletter is the single most effective way to market to your email list, but launching one without a strategy is a waste of your time — which is why I'm teaching you exactly how to create one.

kickass newsletter copywriting

Newsletter copywriting could be an entire course in and of itself, but I'm simplifying the art of storytelling over email for you in just a matter of hours, so connecting with your readers can feel EASY.

And, if you've got $197 and a few hours of free time, I'll teach you how to absolutely slay all 5. 

If you're able to create a relevant, value-packed lead magnet, write a few sentences of convincing opt-in copy, build a welcome sequence that keeps readers engaged, and write a weekly newsletter that consistently piques the interest of your subscribers, you're practically an email marketing genius.

All you need is someone to first show you the ropes — teach you how exactly to attract the right people, build a conversion-friendly content strategy, and write emails that make people want to keep reading — so you can go off on your own and cultivate a list of loyal readers who love everything you write and sell.



"This course is 100% worth it! It's jam-packed with information that you can ACTUALLY implement."


"I've already seen serious list growth, and I finally feel like I'm equipped to serve my subscribers well with my emails!"


"You'll finish the course feeling confident in your ability be successful at email marketing for your business — and you will NOT be disappointed."


Emailing your ideal clients and customers is the elite form of content marketing.

The opportunity for growth is insane — my list grew by thousands (!!!) of subscribers in a matter of months when I started emailing consistently, using the exact methods I'm teaching you inside this course.

Experts say the number of email users is going to reach 4.3 BILLION in 2023. (Need I say more? The people are in the inbox, kk? Literal billions of them, ready as hell to read & connect with your emails.)

Email allows for targeted, personalized communication with your ideal audience — unlike social media, where you can't guage how many of your followers are ACTUALLY loyal & willing to buy.

Analytics are wicked easy to track, making it wicked easy for you to gauge the real level of engagement of your audience (and specific users in your audience!).

Your list of subscribers is made up of people who WANT to receive consistent communication for you. They have given you permission to market to them, because they're EXCITED about your offers.

(I'd say "trust me" — but you don't have to, I've got facts to back the claim up.)


This isn't my only email marketing resource.

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