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If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you’ve likely heard a million times how important email marketing is. (At least 4 of those million times was probably from me, and I’m not sorry.)

However, we’re so focused on growing our own email list, that we don’t pay enough attention to what actually hits our inbox.

While it’s no secret that email marketing is used to butter you up for an eventual sale down the line, newsletters usually aren’t spammy or salesy at all — they’re actually extremely helpful and entertaining.

I find lots of valuable information from the newsletters that I’m subscribed to, and in today’s post, I’m giving you the inside scoop to these marketing newsletters that are actually worth reading.

Marketing Examples

Number one on my list for a reason. Harry of Marketing Examples is one of the most helpful marketing resources on the Internet. He has successfully grown his email list to almost 60,000 subscribers (and by the time this post is published, probably much more), and he’s an incredibly talented marketer. He knows exactly what his audience wants, and he knows all the secrets to creating bomb content. I learn from him on the daily.

If you don’t subscribe to his newsletter, I’m going to assume that you hate expert advice, and have no interest in becoming a better marketer. Take my word for it: you want this guy in your inbox. I’m a Marketing Examples stan, and I hope I’ve done a good job of influencing you to become one, too.

Read the BTL Expert Interview with Harry here!

Total Annarchy

Consider this recommendation one number-one-A. I couldn’t possibly place Bestie Ann at number two. Ann Handley is a best-selling author, a managing partner at MarketingProfs, and a content marketing Goddess. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, she’s also kind, supportive, and funny. And she wears leopard print suits, so that alone feels like enough of a reason to subscribe to her newsletter. Total Annarchy is a fortnightly newsletter about content marketing sent out every other Sunday morning that you definitely don’t want to miss.

HubSpot Marketing

I’m usually against newsletters from bigger companies like this, because they often don’t feel human enough for me, but I make an exception for HubSpot Marketing, because I can’t deny the helpfulness of this platform. Any company willing to offer free resources that are actually valuable earns a spot in my inbox. Click here to subscribe, and click here for one of my favorite HubSpot tools (hint: if you’re a blogger, you need this).

Marketing Brew

A spin-off of Morning Brew, this newsletter is packed with industry info. Their introductions are always clever, and they share tons of things I literally would never know about the marketing industry if I didn’t take a few minutes out of my day to review their newsletter. They send their emails 3x a week, which is a liiittle much for me, but when I said they were *packed* with info I wasn’t kidding. There’s something for every marketer, and you can always count on them including a news story that’s actually interesting. Sign up here.

Please Advise

Every week day, Please Advise graces your inbox with their “single-scroll” marketing email. Their whole gag is sending an easy-to-implement marketing tip, without any extra stuff—so all you have to do is scroll once to get to the end.

I love the short-and-sweet vibe, but the tips often have a link to read more if you want to. I usually wait until their Friday email, when they send a recap of everything they’ve advised you on throughout the week, and decide what (if anything) I want to read more about and click on those links then.

Tips and Sips

I may be biased because I named and developed the format for this newsletter, but my client-friends over at Duo Collective have one of the best marketing newsletters in the game. This Duo is made up of former agency marketing queens Abbey Oslin and Courtney Petersen, both extremely talented businesswomen with a collective 20+ years of experience in organic marketing.

They give away an insane amount of value (and fun!) in their weekly newsletter, and for anyone who wants to learn about SEO, branding, or digital marketing, subscribing should be a non-negotiable.

The Friday Five

Whenever I open my inbox to The SM Collective‘s newsletter, I immediately think to myself: “oh, yay, it’s Friday!”

Stepfanie’s newsletter is a simple yet value-packed quick review of five of her favorite resources she’s saved throughout the week on topics ranging from website design, to organic marketing, to SEO, to freelance business operations. She gives a mini update about what she’s working on at the beginning, then dives right into the resources. It’s short-and-sweet and the perfect pick-me-up for the that final weekday morning motivation.

Cool Copy Newsletter

Fellow copywriter Terry Schilling sends one of my favorite newsletters. It’s a no-frills, story-based weekly newsletter for copywriters, and he doesn’t skimp on the helpful hints. I always learn something valuable when I read Terry’s emails. Click here to subscribe.

Weekend Wine & Words

Kaitlyn Parker of Copy Uncorked is one of the most talented writers I know, so of course this list wouldn’t be complete without her newsletter, Weekend Wine & Words. She is the queen of concept brands and copywriting, and I learn from her on a regular basis (she’s the best to collaborate with). I love her mix of marketing-related content and lifestyle recommendations; it’s the perfect combination of professional and casual. Click here to join CU’s Copy Cru!

Tonic Site Shop

While Tonic’s email is a little lengthier than some others on this list, the stories are worth it. I’d describe this newsletter as helpful comedy—I always find myself chuckling at something. And, of course, who doesn’t want a cocktail recipe delivered straight to their inbox from time to time? You can subscribe here. (Side note: if you’re in the market for a Showit website, please purchase a Tonic Site Shop template so my Squarespace ass can live vicariously through you.)

The Skimm

I’ve been subscribed to the Skimm for YEARS. No joke. I’ve been reading it every morning since college. While this daily newsletter has little to do with marketing, keeping up with current events and staying informed about the world’s latest happenings is extremely important. Not only will the Skimm help you maintain your status as a functioning human in society, but you’ll likely find a lot of inspiration buried in this all-encompassing email.

We should all take a lesson from the Skimm’s book on email marketing, because they’re a perfect example of a company who is doing it RIGHT. The content is relatable and easily digestible (duh, ‘skim’ is literally in their name), and there’s something for everyone. Not only do I get a lot of my news and inspo from their daily newsletter, but I also often find other people to connect with through their small showcases at the end. (When you subscribe, you’ll see what I mean, and you can thank me later.)

The Skimm also has several sister newsletters about things like money, book recommendations, and more. Click here to subscribe—it’s an emergency.

Tuesday Table of Contents

If you only subscribe to one newsletter on this list, make it the TOC.

And, yes, I am only saying that because it’s mine. But I’m not too humble to refrain from tooting my own here: if you like my blog posts, you’ll love my newsletters.

Every Tuesday morning, I send a digital marketing tip, three of my “fave saves” (favorite posts from other creators I’ve found helpful during the week), and a book recommendation (because, duh). These emails are a short-and-sweet escape from your day, with an opportunity to learn new things and be introduced to other creators in the digital space. Click here to subscribe!

Shannon Quinn Copywriting

If you like the TOC, you’ll like my mentee Shannon’s regular newsletter. (I knew it was worthy of including in this post when I read it this morning and realized she’s the type of writer that can seamlessly integrate references to both Marty McFly, Peloton, and ‘the olden days’ in one email.)

TIP: if your inbox is already crowded enough, make a separate email for newsletters and lead magnets! This was so helpful to me when I was first starting out — I used to download freebies on freebies on freebies, and I didn’t want my inbox inundated with welcome sequences, so I used a separate email. 10/10 recommend.

If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to save it on Pinterest or forward it to a friend! And, of course, subscribe to be notified about more posts like this.

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