Marketing Examples Tells All: The Man Behind The Marketing Memes

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If you’re a marketer, you’ve definitely heard of Marketing Examples.

Or, at the very least, you’ve seen the iconic copy comparisons. Here, I’ll show you one:

Look familiar? Thought so

Marketing Examples is the Internet’s best resource hub for all things marketing and copywriting, created by who I have deemed The Internet’s Favorite Marketer, Harry Dry.

I was especially excited about this BTL Expert Interview because, after he helped me write my own opt-in copy for my newsletter back in 2021 (which, by the way, has allowed me to grow my email list by thousands since), I knew you’d love learning from him, too.

Normally, I’d be inclined to write a lengthy introduction, telling you all about how awesome and smart and qualified he is — I’m the definition of long-story-long — but Mr. Marketing Examples is much more succinct in nature, so in an effort to channel my inner Harry… let’s get right into the interview.

Give me your 2-sentence-or-less elevator pitch: who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. 

Hey. My name is Harry Dry. I live in London. I run a website called Marketing Examples. Possibly best known for it’s newsletter (which I send every now and then to 130,000+ people).

Where did the idea for Marketing Examples come from? Give me the backstory! What made you so interested in the subject of marketing?

I was 23 years young. Working as a web designer. This meant I’d do very little work and binge “design inspiration” sites all day every day. Scrolling through hundreds of beautiful landing pages.

I thought… wouldn’t it be cool if someone did something like this for marketing.

So I was in Paris for the weekend. I was running the marathon out there. It was the night before the race. Had no distractions. I was inspired. Just watched a Muhammad Ali documentary. And I got my head down and made the first version of the site…  

When did you start to experience your growth online, and what do you attribute to?

So I was back from Paris. Working my day job in London. I get back home at 7pm. Exhausted. Put on my running shorts. Sprint along this football pitch. Back and forth. Back and forth. Just to get some energy. 

Then I’d write and write and write. And I’d get up in the morning and promote my content all over the web. Twitter. LinkedIn. Indie Hackers. Newsletter. Hacker News. Reddit… 

But I wouldn’t just spam links to articles. I’d rewrite the article on each platforms… then only mention my site at the end. This was key.

People are busy. Wow them on the platform they’re already using. Or get ignored. 

I’d do this night after night after night. Slowly but surely it grew. I got a sponsor. And left my job…

You have created one of the most helpful marketing resource hubs on the Internet. What’s your #1 advice for new marketers?

Forget quick wins. Talk to users. Fix churn.
Then ask “how can I consistently get this product in front of the right people?”

We first connected via email a while ago, when I reached out to ask your advice about opt-in forms. Can you share the advice you gave me about getting more sign-ups to your email list?

Sure. I think the biggest mistake people make is there’s no clear reason to sign up. No one wants to “subscribe for updates”. Get specific. Bring it to life. Here’s my checklist:

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to write more engaging emails?

Persuade your client to send the newsletter from a real person. A real person means a human tone. 

People read my newsletter because it says “Harry’s Newsletter” at the top. If it was “The Marketing Examples Roundup” from some big, faceless, brand it wouldn’t have the same appeal.

Give me the tea: how do you find such great examples to use in your famous marketing memes? Do you scour the Internet for hours on end?

Sara.  Any good content I’ve ever made is the result of scouring the internet for hours on end…  

“You’re only as good as your record collection” — DJ Spooky 

In your opinion, what’s the most overdone copywriting tip? What about the most underrated copywriting tip?

Most overrated:  be original.
Most underrated: have something to say in the first place. 

You can’t give a copywriter a product with no perspective, no wedge, no offer, no enemy, and expect them to work magic. They need some MEAT. Clear positioning. Easy copywriting.

What’s your favorite article you’ve written for Marketing Examples? 

17 copywriting tips

BTL Note: Harry also has a super helpful resource, Copywriting Examples, for anyone looking to learn the basics of copywriting.

It’s no secret that you’re the king of Marketing Examples… so you know I have to ask: what’s your favorite marketing example to date?

Probably the story of how nike sold their first shoes

Every time you see a pair of Nike’s remember that it started with Jeff Johnson driving to local track meets, selling them out of the boot of his car to the athletes. One by one.

And your favorite copywriting example?

The line that created demand for diamonds. 

“We’re so busy measuring public opinion that we forget we can mold it ” —Bill Bernbach

Where can my readers learn more about you/connect with you further?

I’ve mentioned Marketing Examples and my newsletter enough. 

If you’d like to learn more about copywriting go check out Copywriting Examples. The only swipe file you’ll ever need. 330+ handpicked examples broken down. I spent most of last year making it. All free. 

Also I’m down to connect on LinkedIn if you’d like 🙂  

Thank you so much to Harry for participating in this BTL Expert Interview! He’s the Internet’s go-to for all things Marketing Examples—duh—and if you’re at all interested in learning more about marketing and copywriting, checking out his site is a must.

(My favorite articles are here, and here, and I especially love this one here – I even referenced it in my course.)

And speaking of learning about marketing, here’s how *I* can help:

Or, of course, you can skip the whole ‘learning’ idea altogether, and I can write your website copy for you! 

 Click here to inquire. ❤️

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