Swipe My Exact Email Marketing Formula 

Now, normally, I would never allow you to steal an element of my intellectual property like this—I may be a COPYwriter, but usually no actual copying is involved—however, this time, things are different.

You have my full permission to take EVERY element of this freebie and make it your own, from the opt-in copy, to the lead magnet structure, to the 4-email welcome sequence.

In fact, that's the entire point. ;) 

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When you download this free sample email marketing formula, you'll get...

  • Opt-in copy sample to swipe
  • Lead magnet example 
  • Freebie delivery email sample
  • Introductory welcome email sample
  • Value-based email sample
  • Welcome sequence conclusion email sample
  • The tools I use to keep my subscribers engaged
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Hi, I'm Sara—and I swear I'm not being dramatic when I tell you that there's no one more obsessed with the art of email marketing than I am. 

Or, at least, there's no one more obsessed with sending a weekly newsletter, connecting with subscribers, and teaching business owners how to become absolute inbox pros than I am.

My journey with email marketing started as a means to an end: I wanted to build better connections with my community, to hopefully inspire people to purchase my products, enroll in my courses, or inquire about working with me.

But then, it became so much more than that: I fell hopelessly in love with sending my beloved Tuesday Table of Contents newsletter, and, to my extreme delight, my subscribers did, too. 

Now, three years of weekly newsletters later, I'm a full-blown email marketing educator & story-based newsletter pro, and I can't wait for you to swipe my *exact* strategy for keeping an email list engaged and ready-to-buy when you download this cute lil freebie. 

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