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Click on any of the below posts to read a complete case story about the project, from the client, to their goals, to the deliverables, to my favorite elements of copy from the final draft.

(Please note that only a select few of my projects are displayed in this portfolio. To see what else I've worked on, please request the full list via email at sara@betweenthelinescopy.com.)

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If the thought of writing your About page makes you cringe, I have good news! Your About page doesn’t have to be about you at all – here’s EXACTLY HOW to write an About page with very little personal details.

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Meet Celeste Moore: Dating and Image Consultant for men looking for love in midlife. Through personalized, transformational one-on-one coaching, wardrobe consulting, and all-encompassing dating advice, Celeste Moore Consulting helps men unlock their confidence and find compatible partners.

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Monocle Productions is the only custom luxury event production company with direct connection to NYC’s top talent. With their roster of elite artists and creatives from Broadway, television, and film, they create and produce bespoke live performances, both in-person and virtual, for personalized, high-quality event entertainment.

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Duo Collective is the go-to boutique marketing studio for passionate entrepreneurs, owned and operated by Abbey Oslin and Courtney Petersen. After a decade of living the big agency life, the Duo decided to venture off on their own—armed with their expertise in SEO, branding, and social media strategy—on a mission to help people organically grow their businesses.

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Duo Collective’s SEO Group Coaching Program was designed for copywriters and website designers who want to take the guesswork out of search engine optimization and gain personalized support from a team of experts. In this 6-week custom-tailored program, a curated group of like-minded creatives will learn how to master the art of optimization and become SEO pros.

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Monique Sourinho is not only Founder of Bee The Love, she’s also a recipe developer, commercial food stylist, photographer, influencer, and fierce community supporter—and she just so happens to be one of the kindest souls on the planet. Take a peek inside the project to see how we collaborated to create a multi-dimensional website for the multi-faceted human that is Monique.

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Magic Through Motion is here to teach you the ins and outs of creating branded stop motions from start to finish AND how to manage future clients like a pro. Together, we worked on crafting an expert sales page, extensive email sequence, course bonuses, Instagram captions, social ads, and more.

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Lauren Jacinto is a California-based social media marketer, Veteran, mom, and the Founder of Scarlett Sunrise Marketing, a digital marketing studio for California-based businesses. Read more to get an inside look at all that we collaborated on!

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WILDA is a boutique creative studio passionate about putting PEOPLE first, and helping business owners discover their potential through strategy-backed design solutions. Take a look inside the BTL project for all the details on how we worked together to craft brand messaging, market positioning, website copywriting, email marketing strategy/copy, and client-facing onboarding documents.

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Good To Be Creator is lifestyle influencer and social media pioneer Alexandrea Garza’s signature course for women who want to make a living on social media. Having fostered a successful, 7-figure career for herself online before “influencer” was even considered a legitimate profession, Alex knew she would be able to help so many women in her community by teaching them how to follow their dreams of becoming a content creator. And that’s exactly what she’s done, with the help of her BTL sales page—with more than 215 students (!!!) enrolling during her first-ever launch.

Hi, I'm Sara—

Through sales-focused storytelling and the perfect combination of casual and convincing, I help service-based business owners, mom and pop shops, & e-commerce entrepreneurs build better connections with their ideal clients and customers. 

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Website Copywriter, Email Strategist, and Marketing Mentor for creatives of all kinds.

Past Client
Case Study

The SM Collective is a New York-based boutique design studio specializing in designing, developing, and optimizing digital dream homes for innovative business owners who want to welcome ideal clients into their online space.

Together, we worked on brand messaging, website copywriting, course launch strategy, sales page copywriting, and email marketing. Turn the page to read about Stepf's experience getting the full BTL Main Character treatment!


How did you feel before working with me?

"I struggled with writing about myself and finding a balance between sharing too much personal info and not enough. I also struggled with finding new ways to say the same thing throughout my site.

But, as soon as we decided to work together, I was so excited because I knew my web copy would be in good hands!"


How did you feel after working with me?

"Where do I begin?! I finally feel confident in the words that are on my website. You captured my personality and brand vibe to perfection.

You paid attention to so many little personal details and sprinkled them throughout the copy so seamlessly. You also integrated the home theme in a natural and organic way. The website doesn't feel themed, it's a great balance that makes it all relatable. A dream client recently said on a discovery call "Your website is outstanding.

As I was going through it, I kept thinking 'wow, she just gets it!" ...and I know the copy played a HUGE role in that."


Are you satisfied with your BTL experience?

"YES! Working with you was such a no-brainer—so much so that, as you know, I chose to work with you not once, not twice, but three times! You just *get it.*

Working with you, I got more than a copywriter - I got a marketing mentor, a business coach, and a friend. You became an extension of my business and treated my project like your very own, going above and beyond every step of the way.  

I finally feel confident in the words on my site. Working with you was one of the best investments I've made for my business."

current client case study

What would you tell someone considering working with me?

"Stop considering it and just do it!!!!!!! It's an investment worth every penny and more."



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