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The BTL Client

Lauren Jacinto is a California-based social media marketer and the Founder of Scarlett Sunrise Marketing, a digital marketing studio for California-based businesses.

Not only is she a veteran and a dedicated mother, she’s also a creative powerhouse who loves exploring new strategies to help business owners stand out online. When she’s not supporting her clients or searching for the latest social media trend, you can find her dreaming about traveling the world with her husband and daughter.


The Project Details

After Janelle from Cold Tea Creative referred Lauren to me for her website copy, we quickly realized that we could collaborate on so much more. Lauren is the epitome of an ideal client for me, because she understands the value of both brand messaging and copywriting, as well as the value of outsourcing to a qualified expert. (Makes sense, considering she is a qualified expert in the social media field, and she prefers to work with people who value her services, too!)



  • Complete brand messaging style guide
  • Content strategy and consulting or launch period
  • Full website copywriting
  • BTL Library Card VIP Day for email / launch strategy
  • Email welcome sequence
  • Social captions for Instagram


The Goal

Lauren’s goal for our partnership was to be able to confidently launch her new website, certain it would do a great job articulating the benefits of working with a Veteran and a woman-owned business, as well as help her potential clients feel at ease about outsourcing their social media management and digital marketing tasks.

The Ideal Client Avatars

For Lauren’s project, we chose to craft two different Ideal Client Avatars to encompass both types of audiences she’s marketing to.

Meet Jasmine:

Jasmine is a 52-year-old San Diego hairdresser who is finally seizing her big dreams of opening her own salon. She has been doing hair for years, but has always rented out chairs from others. However, her long-time friend and boss Amy retired a few years ago, and asked Jasmine if she’d like to take over the business and lead the team. In 2019, Jasmine nervously, but gratefully, accepted the opportunity. 

And then COVID hit. Obviously, this was extremely difficult for her business, because there was no way for her to shift online. Although Jasmine and her team have built positive relationships with her customers, they had a hard time keeping the business afloat. 

As she re-opens her business, she understands that she needs help with marketing and social media to keep it up and running, and consistently bringing new customers in. A digital presence feels extremely important in these changing times. Jasmine has a bit of savings, and is ready to invest in her business. She is careful, and wants to make sure that she is spending her money wisely – but she is ready to spend…just, carefully. She needs to work with someone who she trusts, and who she believes won’t scam her.

When she’s not cutting hair, she is spending time with her two daughters, Becca and Allie. One is in college, and the other recently graduated. Her ex-husband and her got divorced about 10 years ago, but they are on amicable terms. Family and friends are incredibly important to Jasmine, and she’s very warm and nurturing. She also really enjoys traveling. She has been all over the globe!

Meet Haley: 

Haley is a 34-year-old Illustrator and stationery shop owner based in Venice Beach, CA.  Illustration has always been a passion of Haley’s, but she never pursued it in a serious way until very recently. With all of the extra time on her hands during the pandemic, she started to explore her passion again, and realized how important it is to be the kind of role model she wants for her new daughter – and that means embracing her passions and living courageously. 

However, Haley didn’t intend to start a business – she just intended to explore a passion and possibly run a side hustle. A few of her friends knew she was great at illustrating, and began to ask her to create things like wedding invitations, personalized stationery, prints for their home offices, and more. Even though her friends absolutely loved her creations, she was surprised when they started referring other people to her. Before she knew it, she was overtaken with requests, and she quickly realized that she could actually run a legitimate business.  

Haley started taking her new ‘business’ more seriously and spent money on online courses that taught her about the legal sides of business, as well the basics of marketing and owning a brick-and-mortar store. 

Over the past 6 months, Haley’s business has taken off. It’s thrilling and exciting, but she’s pretty overwhelmed. She needs help from someone she trusts. She started off doing social media herself, but it feels like way less of a priority now, compared to her client work, and she’s struggling with staying consistent. 

Haley works frequently – she has to, to keep up with her demand – but when she isn’t, she’s spending time with her newborn and husband. She loves cooking and baking, and long walks near the beach. 


Their Main Pain Point and Our Solutions

Because Lauren primarily works with business owners who haven’t yet outsourced their social media, she knew they would be worried about the logistics of giving up both their password and their autonomy. We wanted to ease their concern about being left in the dark, and assure them that just because Lauren would be managing their social accounts, that their brand would still be presenting itself online in the most positive light.

The Final Product

Throughout this project, I often found myself thinking about how lucky I am to be able to work with clients like Lauren. She was so grateful for every single deliverable, and so excited about her launch. We’ve become great friends over the past few months and I can’t wait to collaborate with her again very soon!

To view the completed website, head over to Make sure you subscribe to her email list to see what we came up with for the email welcome sequence, too!

Copywriting: yours truly!

Brand and website design: Cold Tea Creative

Website hosting: Showit

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