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The BTL Client

Meet Wilda Casado, the Founder and lead designer at WILDA, The Studio. Armed with her 6 years of design experience and her lifelong passion for connecting with others and discovering what makes them human, Wilda provides business owners with support through strategy, design, and—most importantly—a vote of confidence that never expires. Wilda believes that all anyone needs to succeed is someone in their corner cheering them on, and Wilda vows to be that for everyone she works with. When Wilda isn’t creating visual identities or designing custom websites, she can be found fantasizing about her next trip to British Columbia (or napping, because old habits die hard).

And she’s also the most positive, supportive, and loyal client-friend in the freaking world. Even though words are quite literally my job, I simply have no words for how much I appreciate and cherish my working relationship with Wilda. She’s definitely someone you want in your corner. I always joke that “I don’t have a marketing strategy, I just have Wilda” because of how often she raves about working with me—and convinces other people to do the same, bless her soul—and I’m so grateful that she chose to collaborate with me on the complete rebrand of WILDA, The Studio.

The Projects

Wilda had initially reached out to me to help her with her brand messaging, and retained me to craft her a custom Brand Messaging Book (my fancy term for my brand voice, messaging, and positioning guides). Once she saw the final product, she immediately asked about following up with website copywriting, because she loved it so much. (Flattered!)

At the end of our website copywriting process, Wilda began to work on the rest of her marketing efforts, and we dove straight into email strategy to work on lead generation and list nurturing. Then, to complete the project (for now…), we collaborated on some client-facing documents to help refine her onboarding process and confidently communicate with leads.

The Deliverables:

  • Extensive brand messaging and positioning guide

  • Full website copywriting

  • Email marketing strategy and welcome / nurture sequences

  • Proposal and Investment Guide copywriting

The Goal

Wilda’s main goal for the project was to craft messaging and website copy that really reflected her love of people, and ensure that her studio came across as a brand that genuinely cares about who they work with. She wanted her ideal audience to effortlessly relate to her brand, and alleviate any concern that Wilda had anything but their best interest in mind.

The Target Audience

Meet Arden, Wilda’s ideal client.

As an aspiring boutique owner, Arden (28) is constantly living on the fine line between excited and nervous. She plans to open her home store in Vancouver in the Fall, and she knows that she has so much to get done before then.

Every morning, she wakes up, stretches between her linen sheets, and takes a long moment of gratitude for her spacious townhome, her positive relationships with her friends and family, and her fortunate lifestyle. It’s safe to say she stays in bed for a while after waking.

She then walks into her living room—ignoring the steaming latte her boyfriend made her on the bedside table, waiting until it cools—and sits down on her hunter green couch, opens her bright purple notebook, and scrawls all her ideas on a blank page with a bright, red pen. She lives for pops of color.

She does this every single day, before she checks her email, because boundaries are extremely important to her. Once she’s spent enough time journaling, quietly sipping her coffee, and having breakfast, she grabs her phone from her room and scrolls through social media for a few moments before getting started with work for the day.

One of her friends shared a graphic to their story that she loved the design of, so she clicked on the original post. This is where Arden’s story with WILDA begins.

It took Arden all of 14 seconds to decide to reach out to Wilda, because a quick look at her website was all she needed in order to know that the studio was the right one for her. Arden, too, had always been fascinated by people, and she knew that she desperately needed help with not only the visual identity for her new store, but also with the brand strategy.

Their Pain Points and WILDA’s Solutions

Arden is seeking a branding designer that will invest in her as much as she invests in herself—someone who she can trust will genuinely care about their business as much as she does. She has a site up and running, and branding that feels okay, but she’s not happy with it, because it doesn’t quite feel aligned with what she wants for her brand’s future. She’s serious about improving her visual identity and her overall brand presence.

She’s currently struggling with doing everything herself, and she knows she needs to outsource this next step to a professional, but she tends to find asking for help a bit difficult. She wants to feel certain she finds the right fit for her, because branding and web design is a large investment (both in terms of money and time).

What will ultimately get Arden to invest in WILDA’s services is realizing that Wilda Casado is more than simply send deliverables and ditch. She’s confident that Wilda can help her figure out the best practices and most appropriate next steps to help her reach her goals, and Arden is delighted with the amount of strategic support Wilda’s studio provides. She loves that WILDA only works with 2 clients at a time (at the maximum), and feels seen and heard when she interacts with the studio.

After following WILDA on social media, reading through their website, and interacting with Wilda, Arden is excited to move forward with her branding and web design project, comforted by the promise of a completely custom and expertly-tailored design process. She’s ready to take this growth step.

The Main Solution

Clarity and support through branding and strategy.

“We all want people to believe in us and our ideas, and outsourcing your brand strategy allows you to confide in another competent person—who is just as committed to the success of your brand as you are—and walk through all the ways you can make your dream a reality.

Branding is so much more than a simple logo or color palette. Branding gives your business a visual identity; a smiling face to show the world as you confidently walk into it, solid strategy in hand, ready to introduce your business to your ideal clients.”

BTL’s Best Part

Wilda’s website is at the top of the list of my personal favorites. The custom design (she did it all herself!) is immaculate, and obsessed is an understatement. I love the simplicity, and I love how big of a focus the type is, making the copy truly stand out.

I can’t say if the website is my favorite part of this project because websites are my bread and butter or if it’s because the site is the entire vibe of WILDA, The Studio encompassed in one concise little Internet home. While I love the internal messaging work, the emails, and the client-facing documents I wrote for her just as much, it all comes together so beautifully on the website, and I know how happy with the final product she is—making me happy that we were able to accomplish everything she wanted and more.

Project Highlights

One of Wilda’s requests during the brand messaging project was to have a manifesto, which isn’t something I normally add, but I love how it turned out—the design makes it look so cool.

Because WILDA, The Studio being named after Wilda (the human) could be a bit confusing, we wanted to introduce the people Wilda collaborates with on the regular, for things like web design, development, social media management, video production, and so on. When you scroll through this section on her site, you can hover over a photo to see each person’s bio, and I love how we made what could have been a long, boring ‘meet the team’ section look so minimal and effortless.

The Final Product

To see for yourself, head to and scroll through her beautifully simple black-and-white website. (And don’t forget to subscribe to her email list!)


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