The Best Black Friday Purchases To Make For Your Creative Business

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There are few things in life I love more than spending money. 

A close runner-up would be saving money, but I’m not as good at that, and naturally I tend to favor the things I’m good at.

Right around the corner, though, is the (world’s most materialistic) holiday that brings those two lives together—the day you get to both spend and save: Black Friday

I’ve always been a hoe for a Black Friday deal, and I’ve spent many a frigid night standing outside a big box store, waiting to be let in to purchase the same shit they sell every other day of the year, but with more feral energy. 

My mom and I always go together, in search of absolutely nothing, and we never leave empty-handed. 

The last few years, though, I noticed a shift: I was more excited about the things I purchased for my business during Black Friday than the things I purchased for myself. 

And now, with the holiday coming up, I figured it would be the perfect time to share with you my favorite Black Friday purchases, so you can plan accordingly—because, let me tell ya, if you have a business, you’re gonna want them ALL. 

Copy School

Of course, I have to list the copywriting-related resource first—but that’s not the only reason Copy School comes in at the #1 best investment I’ve made during Black Friday season. 

They’ve earned the top spot because they have the best sale. 

For thousands of dollars less than what you’d normally pay, you can get access to the entire Copy School education suite during their once-a-year sale, and it’s definitely worth a) waiting for and b) investing in. 

I recently had a mentee ask if it was worth it, and I texted back “yes, definitely!” within seconds. 

For my copywriters: you should always be learning and practicing your craft, and Copy School has a practically endless amount of training videos to help you do that. 

For other business owners: copywriting is an essential part of marketing your business, and brushing up on your skills would bring you enough benefits that I should really be writing an entire blog post to outline. 

For an extremely worth-it monthly fee, you get access to every lesson EVER. That’s the definition of a Black Friday steal in my book. 

Haute Stock 

If you’re in the market for stock imagery, media, and marketing resources, Haute Stock is another *must* to add to your Black Friday haul. 

I use their images and video content for everything, from Instagram posts and stories, to graphics in my weekly newsletter, to website content, to presentations for speaking engagements… they’re perfect. 

And because I know you’re thinking “but Sara, have you heard of Unsplash? Or Pexels? You know there are perfectly free media assests on there, right?”

Yes ma’am, I am aware. But are YOU considering how much time you’re spending sifting through all the photos and videos that don’t work for you?

Haute Stock drops a brand new collection of imagery and/or video every single week, curated specifically for business owners like you—because they actually understand what it is you’re looking for. 

Not only do they offer a huge selection of stock photo and video content, they also offer:

  • Canva templates to use in your marketing & onboarding
  • Branding elements like icons, backgrounds, frames, and more
  • Image selection assistance from Haute Stock professional curators
  • Marketing how-to guides & resource books to help you plan your content

So0o0o for just $299/year—25% off of what you’d normally pay—you can get access to over ten thousand stock images, videos, templates, and marketing tips, in addition to the collections they continue to add. 

The sale starts on Monday, November 21st (6am EST) and ends on Wednesday, November 30th (11:59pm EST), so mark your calendar!

New users will also get access to two bonuses

The Brand Builder Template Bundle: includes everything you need to start a new business or for a rebrand in 2023

2023 Content Planning Workshop: plan your content marketing strategy for the year with confidence knowing exactly what type of content you need to create to grow, nurture and convert your audience. 

Their Black Friday deal is the best time to purchase (again, 25% off!) if you’re thinking about simplifying your content creation. I promise, you’ll love it (and likely use it way more than you think). 🥳

Tonic Site Shop Templates 

Next up: the fan favorite. Everyone and their mother knows Tonic. But I’ll be damned if I don’t include my amazing clients and their glorious templates in this Black Friday round-up, because they somehow make me want to purchase something new at every freaking launch. 

Spoiler alert: I was given permission by the queen (I mean, co-founder) of Tonic herself, the lovely Jen Olmstead, to let you be the first to know that this year’s Black Friday sale is going to be the best yet, because they’re launching even MORE of their Internet-breaking Canva social media templates and offering some seriously awesome bonuses. 

Even if you may think this blog post is the first you’re hearing of Tonic Site Shop, it’s likely not—Instagram has been transformed by the beauty of their templates, and every time I scroll I see a customized Tonic social template on my feed. 

(Don’t worry, though. Yours won’t look like everyone else’s; the level of customization possible is endless. I just have a uniquely trained eye for spotting all things Tonic because I’ve spent countless hours deep inside their brand while writing content for them. Aaaand obsessing over them. Same diff.) 

Aside from their typical Spring and Fall launches, where Tonic introduces new templates—for Showit websites, and now, also for Canva—their Black Friday sale is the best time to give your brand the digital upgrade it deserves. 

Here’s what I’d get from Tonic Site Shop if I were planning a website + social presence refresh: 

(You can use code ‘btlcopy’ for 15% off of any and all of the below!)

#1 – The Greyhound website template. If you’re an avid reader of the BTL blog, I’m sorry you’re hearing about this template again, but it’s just THAT good. (I promise to show you my personal blog at some point in the hopefully-near future so you can see how I’ve customized it, lol).

#2 – The Lita Grey sales page. You can’t even try to tell me that this template isn’t perfect for the launch of an online course. In love.

#3 – The media kit page. If you’re hoping to hop on the paid content creation train in 2023, a media kit is essential, and this one is hot fire flames.

#4 – The affiliate shop page. I can tell you with certainty—ahem, website copywriter here, reporting for duty—that the affiliate shop page is going to become a standard on everyone’s website in the new year. Affiliate marketing is an extremely lucrative industry & this page will make breaking into it SO much easier!

#5 – The favorites page. Another really great way to showcase the products and people you love, while integrating affiliate links. Here’s an example!

(Speaking of, Tonic has an awesome free resource about how to kill it as an affiliate that you absolutely *must* download if you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing!)

(Speaking of the aforementioned speaking of, I wrote what I’m not too humble to tell you is a KILLER blog post for them about taking advantage of affiliate marketing—if you want to read it, subscribe to my weekly newsletter so I can tell you when it goes live on their blog!)

(Speaking of the speaking of that I was speaking of, if you want me to write killer blog posts for your website to help you become more visible online, create more shareable content, improve your site’s SEO, and build better trust with your audience, too, inquire here—I offer VIP weeks on the DL where I can get an entire quarter’s worth of blogs done in just 4 days.)

#5 – The digital marketing essentials kit. This bundle of freebie pages is perfect for you if you’re trying to build your email list (and, in turn, build your engaged community).

#6 – The timeline section. A true Tonic classic—and something I love adding to About pages for an element of personality—is this wicked cool timeline moment. Click here to see 7 different ways to customize it!

#7 – The podcast page. Everyone knows that creators and business owners who double as podcast hosts are wildly successful, so if you’re considering launching one any time soon, you’re gonna need a dedicated podcast page on your website.

I wrote a podcast page for my clients, Duo Collective, who used Tonic’s Paper Plane template, and (if I do say so myself) it looks absolutely sick. Check it out right here!

#8 – The mood board. Because duh—who wouldn’t want to add a cool little aesthetically pleasing moment to their site?

When I wrote the brand messaging book and website copy for my client (and friend) Alex, of Digital Brand Stylist, a few years back, she added a mood board and I was so obsessed that I literally go to her site on the regular just to look at it:

Legal Resources from Chandler J. Esq. (but not in the traditional sense)

While I am deeply passionate about recommending all of the above resources, my attorney Chandler’s Black Friday sale has to be my all-time favorite, because it’s by far the most creative. 

When Chandler does something, she makes a point to stand out, and how she approaches Black Friday is no different. She doesn’t just host a sale, she hosts a NEGOTIATION. 

Like the iconic educator and fierce lawyer she is, Chandler shares a training about negotiation—and how to appropriately, effectively get what you want—then invites them to negotiate with her. 

All you have to do is email her and say “let’s make a deal” and propose what you want. Using her tips, treat it like a fair negotiation, and you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish. 

Because I’m always down for a negotiation and a challenge, I decided to inquire about striking a deal. 

Within a few emails, we’d come to a conclusion: I wanted her Copywriting Contracts Bundle, and she wanted a VIP day with me to help her refresh the copy for her trademark course & a new brand she was working on developing. 

I’d say that negotiation was damn successful, and I’m already thinking about whether or not I need anything else from her shop… 🤔

& if you’re thinking the same—use code ‘betweenthelines’ for $10 off of whatever you choose to purchase! I recommend her course, Asset Protection Program, for learning how to file your own trademarks. It’s a life (and money) saver. Same goes for her contract templates.

And, of COURSE, I can’t talk about Chandler without recommending her website protection templates, because your site ain’t protected unless you’ve got privacy policy and terms & conditions pages. Read why not right here.

& while we’re talking deals… I have a secret to share with you.

On November 22nd, I’ll be sending out my 100th Tuesday Table of Contents email—which means I’ve sent a weekly newsletter every single Tuesday morning for 100 weeks straight. And, in my world, that is absolutely something worth celebrating.

…but celebrating is only fun if you have friends to do it with.

…and when *I* celebrate, it ALWAYS involves gifts.

Aaaand, of course, by “gifts” I mean sales, namely $100 off of my biggest and best selling product: my website copywriting and content marketing course, Site Series. To take advantage of this never-ever-to-be-offered-again-for-real-I-swear discount, subscribe to my newsletter for the VIP subscriber discount code!

(You’re getting some serious tea right now, by the way—I haven’t told anyone this info yet!)

Site Series is typically only available twice a year, but I wanted to bring it back to celebrate an accomplishment that I’m so proud of, and so incredibly thankful for. I never would have even created Site Series if it weren’t for the support, interest, and encouragement from my subscribers that I appreciate so much, so I’m extremely excited to bring the course back for one final *moment* in 2022.

I’ll also be announcing my new flexible payment plan during this launch, with the discount applied—rendering the course just 12 payments of $100. SO! For as low as $100/mo, you can get access to…

✔️ Detailed lessons of how to write persuasive, direct, solution-based copy on your website AND in your blogs + emails 

✔️ How to write creative, effective Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog, Portfolio, Resources, and 404 Error pages 

✔️ In-depth tutorials about how to optimize your website for SEO (explained in an actually-human, non-techy manner)

✔️ My surefire method for creating a desirable lead magnet that people will actually want to download

✔️ The best strategy for using a regularly-scheduled newsletter to grow your email list by thousands of subscribers 

✔️ Everything you need to know about blogging, from selecting your topics, to writing your posts, to getting more views

 …and so much moreread the full list here!

Whether you’re interested in the course or not, I still hope you’ll subscribe & stick around—I send one marketing tip, once a week… and a lot of slightly unhinged stories. It’s a good time.

Thanks so much for reading this post! To read about more of the best purchases I’ve made for my business, check out my resources page—it’s full of favorites that I know you’ll love as much as I do.

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