The 2024 Prologue: BTL’s Predictions For The Year Ahead

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2019 was a new mom year.

2020 was a life-changing year.

2021 was a growth year.

2022 was a hard year.

2023 was a peace year.

2024 is a money year.

I’ve been writing Prologues and Epilogues chronicling my accomplishments, challenges, and most noteworthy moments since 2021, and being able to look back on everything has been such a rewarding experience. I couldn’t possibly stop now.

So, welcome to The 2024 Prologue!

If I’m being completely honest, this is the first year where I’ve had to REALLY THINK about what I wanted this post to be like, because I don’t have tons of shiny, new goals to share.

I normally LOVE an excuse for a “reset” moment — I’m a New Year’s Eve baby, so a new year is always extra exciting, because it’s a new year of *life* for me, too.

(Which, if you’re an avid blog reader of mine, you already know, because I share this same sentiment in every single Prologue and Epilogue, lol.)

But this year? For the first time ever, I’m genuinely NOT setting any ridiculous, lofty goals for myself. I am finally able to be completely realistic about what I’m able to take on.

I know how to prioritize my sanity over my bank account.

I know how many projects it takes to burn me out.

I know how often my audience is comfortable with me launching something to them.

I know how long all of my tasks take me.

I know when I feel the most inspired.

And, side note: let this be a sign that you DON’T need to have everything all figured out in the first, second, third, or fourth year of business. I’m going into year five, and I’m juuuust now feeling like “yeah, okay, I know what I realistically can and cannot do, cool.”

Looking back on all of my past Prologues and Epilogues, I’m jealous of that woman. I want as much free time as she had. I want as much blind ambition as she had. I want as much a

Thankfully, though, I still have the audacity, the aggressive authenticity, and the penchant for storytelling (and oversharing) that makes me equally as excited to run this company as I was on the day I founded it, if not more.

And I do have to admit that it feels pretty damn good to be able to look back on things I’ve written and think “damn, she was talented.”

But aaaanyway, back to the present — 2024 is a money year for me.

This means that, as of the time I click “publish” on this post, spending money is officially an ick.

I am no longer an over-shopper, an over-spender, an avid scroller, or a perpetual consumer. I am now repulsed by adding to cart. I’m completely icked by swiping my card. Couldn’t catch me dead Apple Pay-ing for anything.

Mama wants to buy a Cape house for her Golden birthday in 2025, and that house isn’t gonna pay for itself, so… protecting my peace is going to have to go on pause this year.

And I’m ready for it.

A few mentalities I’m walking into my 29th year with are…

+ Spending money is an ick now, spread the word (“do I want this more than I want my Cape house? no”)

+ Messy creativity > aesthetic to-do lists

+ Setting “consistency” as an intention doesn’t have to automatically mean failure

+ It’s okay to be on a different path and want different things than other people (or than your past self) — despite all the “advice” and “hacks” and “should do”s we see online daily

+ Micro learning > scrolling (s2g not having a personal Instagram for the last 2 years has been my best choice ever, along with not having any social media on my personal phone at all)

Some little things I’ve started doing that improve my life have been…

+ Siri reminders for EVERYTHING

+ Saving nice texts and messages and things my friends say as “personal testimonials” (aka not just saving work ones — thank you, Jennifer Olmstead, for texting me happy birthday and saying “I’d like a new year, but the same you” and to Bianca Hahn for calling me “the glue of our friend group” – your ‘testimonials’ are first in the folder)

+ Using folders in my Notes app and collections on TikTok for digitally organizing everything

+ Setting out every single thing about the next day the night before

+ Using certain days for certain tasks so I don’t get caught up in things that aren’t an immediate priority

The 2024 Business Wants

I want to be more involved with my Chamber of Commerce. And, yes, I know you’re thinking “but Sara, is that even possible?” — yes, it is. I’m currently on the membership committee and the ‘out & about’ committee, but I’d like to be on the Board of Directors.

I want to work with a florist or flower truck, a tattoo artist or parlor, a tennis pro / pro shop / court venue (like this one), a vacation rental (or hotel, or inn, or bed and breakfast), a badass / norm-breaking / super chill real estate agent, a UGC creator or wedding content creator, a small bookseller, a record shop, or a Cape Cod restaurant.

Or, honestly, anyone doing something cool, who is nice to me + can afford it (aka my forever definition of my ideal client — IYKYK).

I want to embrace messy creativity, and put my ideas into action in a way that feels FUN. Specifically on Instagram, because that is currently the place that feels the least fun for me. (This and this are most fun.)

I want to update my website to add even MORE pages — another thing you may be thinking “but Sara, is that even possible?” about. I just have so much to say!!!!! (and offer you).

I want to see more of my biz friends IRL (looking at you Xanthe, Fran, the TONIC team, the Showit team, Sarah, Sarah, and the other Sarah).

(I’m laughing thinking about all 3 of them wondering if they’re “the other Sarah.”)

I want to have a super successful year for Site Series — my signature website copywriting and content marketing course. I know how GOOD it is, and I know how much it has impacted the success of students’ businesses in the past, and I want evveerrryyyooonnneee to experience it. (Join the waitlist here!)

The 2024 Business Plans

Book 6-8 more website copy projects for this year. So far, I’m pumped about almost-ready websites for a family travel blogger, a respectful parenting educator, and a registered dietitian, and an almost-ready email welcome sequence and sales page for a marketing agency.

Next up, I’m working on websites for a social media manager, a Shopify brand designer, and a wedding planning expert.

Work with as many mentees as possible. If you’re a (new, aspiring, or semi-seasoned) copywriter looking for a mentor, I have strategy calls, VIP weeks, and 3-month 1:1 intensives all designed to help you become the best version of yourself & grow your brand at the same time!

Mentorship is something I always have availability for because, thank the LAWD, I’m an extrovert who loves calls, constantly chatting on Slack, and answering questions.

(And also because, after serving 18 mentees, I now have it down to a science.)

Grow my email list. Here’s how you can do the same.

Educate more. You’ll read more about the BTL education calendar below, but I’m already signed up to speak in a few online communities, at several in-person events, and on podcasts — in addition to my own education offerings.

NOTHING lights me up like educating. I’m so thankful that I’m STILL finding things to get wicked excited about in my business; I almost feel like BTL is still brand new because of how much joy I continue to find in it.

Not a day goes by where I don’t send up a quick prayer for the life I get to live (the schedule! the freedom! the money! the fulfillment! the friends!!!!) because of this company I randomly — and sort of accidentally — founded on a whim years ago.

The 2024 Personal Side

Make sure Wesley has the best kindergarten year ever. This is my #1 priority for the year. My sweet little baby is entering kindergarten, and I’m simultaneously so excited and so scared.

Excited, because he’s been looking forward to kindergarten since the second his cousin had her first day of school last September, and because I know he’ll thrive in the environment, and because I literally fantasize about being the best PTA member ever.

I’m legit giddy thinking about how much flexibility and time I have to be able to contribute as much as possible to his classroom / whatever his teacher needs. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be the best field trip chaperone, teacher gift giver, room parent… I can’t wait.

But I’m also scared, because it drastically changes my schedule, knocking a solid 3 hours off of my work day (and, as I’m sure you’re aware, my only hope for free time).

So, while I will absolutely go on record saying that my main goal for the year is to save as much money as possible for the down payment on the house I’m buying in 2025, my NUMBER ONE priority is making sure the transition to kindergarten is as healthy and seamless as possible.

Go to more concerts. In direct opposition to my “save money” goal, I want to go to more concerts in 2024. This is among the few things I’m allowing myself to spend on, because concerts genuinely are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that bring me a ridiculous amount of joy.

I have tickets to see Noah Kahan 3 more times (once at Extra Innings in AZ and twice at Fenway), I’d love to see Taylor Swift again, and I also have Zach Bryan, Lainey Wilson, and Olivia Rodrigo on the watchlist.

SAVE ALL OF MY DAMN MONEY. In direct opposition to the above plan of attending more concerts, I’m aiming to save as much as humanly possible (for me) this year.

I’m purchasing my first home for my golden birthday — aka when I turn 31 on the 31st of December in 2025 — and, let me tell you, homes ANYWHERE aren’t cheap right now, let alone homes in the most coveted vacation spot in New England, which is, of course, where I’ve been wanting to purchase a home since the second I was able to say “Cape Cod” out loud.

(By the way, if you want to follow along my “spending money is an ick” journey, I’m chronicling it all on TikTok, posting regular videos about how to save / what not to buy / hacks for staying on track with savings goals, etc. Follow me there!)

Ditch dating apps. Don’t worry, though — I’ve still got enough stories I haven’t told you yet to fill at least 3 more years of newsletters.

Learn to ski. I could probably survive on skis down a bunny hill, but I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m unfortunately *not* good enough to identify as a “skiier.” YET.

(This goal is also in direct opposition to my “save every cent” plan, but I don’t care, because it’s something I’ve really wanted to do my whole life, and one of the biggest “losses” of my divorce & I’m finally ~healed~ enough to get back on the slopes, lol.)

Do the things I say I want to do. Specifically, the small things.

Go through my Screenshots folder and delete stuff. Send my friends cards just because. Learn to sew. Organize my junk drawer. Make cookbook recipes. Scrapbook my son’s first year of kindergarten. Keep track of how much money I spend. Write down 1 good thing from each week and put it in a jar. Print pictures.

All of the “ooh, I should do that!” stuff.

In fact, as soon as I click “publish” on this post, I am literally taking a day to write down all of those things, then setting strategically-timed reminders (with Siri, duh!) to *actually do* them all.

The 2024 Education Calendar

Is sharing this a bad marketing choice? Probably.

Am I going to do it anyway? Obviously.

We all know I don’t give a flying fuck about doing what you’re “supposed” to do in your marketing, and sharing my 2024 launch calendar is no exception.

I’m hosting my LIVE email marketing course in January. It’s a 7-week course, with 3 weeks of lessons about how to grow your email list, an optional implementation week in the middle, and then 3 more lessons about how to keep people on your email list by telling engaging stories / growing a successful weekly newsletter.

It’s $900, and all lessons will be recorded, given to students for them to keep 4ever and ever. The course also has a Slack group, which stays open for a month after the course ends, so I can give feedback, answer questions, and support students throughout in addition to the live content (and the bonus content).

I’m opening my signature website copywriting and content marketing course, Site Series, for enrollment in May and September. There will be no Black Friday sale on Site Series this year.

It’s important to me to share this with you now, because if you’re thinking of joining the course, I want you to have enough time to plan / budget for it for YOUR 2024. It’s $1900 to get both Part 1 (website copy) and Part 2 (organic marketing strategies), but payment plans start at just $167.

In the Spring, I’m launching my Copywriting Basics course for new and aspiring copywriters (or anyone who wants to learn how to write better copy). This is a chapter of Site Series that I’m pulling out and selling on its own (with a few extra lessons added), for people who don’t want or need the whole ass Site Series ✨moment✨.

For this year’s Black Friday sale, I’ll be launching a new version of my email marketing course. Make sure you’re subscribed to get the details on that — I’m already excited for it, 10 months before it’s even happening.

I’ll also be launching lots of masterclass-style mini courses (like this sales page class!) this year, for people with smaller budgets who want to learn about one specific topic.

Right now, I have a Pinterest class planned with Sarah Burk, and an SEO class planned with Mariah Magazine.

(If there’s something you want to learn about in a webinar vibe, email me at and let me know!)

And, lastly, I’ll be relaunching the Shop page on my site, where all of my cute little baby digital products will live, like my Audience Development Workbooks, my Wicked Easy Web Copy Guide (which is getting a facelift this year!), my Newsletter Content Planner, and a few new ones I’m adding soon.

The 2024 BTL Mentorship Offerings

I’ve been serving new and aspiring copywriters in a mentorship capacity for almost 3 years, and it quickly became one of my FAVORITE parts of my business. I genuinely LOVE supporting my fellow creative online business owners in this way — it ~sparks joy~ like nothing else does.

(I’m finally putting my bullying aggressive pep talking skills to use!)

In 2024, there are a few ways I can help copywriters, whether they’re brand new without a single thing developed, new-ish with only a few clients, or several years into their journey wanting to ramp things up.

I’m also planning to continue serving other online business owners (not just copywriters!) by helping them plan out, ideate, and execute their email marketing strategy.

Lots of biz owners use my 90-minute strategy calls quarterly for this — and I offer an add-on support service, too, for people who want an additional month of support on Slack where I can answer questions, give feedback, and help with content ideation & proofreading.

The 2024 Ins & Icks

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve no doubt seen the “ins and outs” trend going around, where people share their lists of the things that are “in” for the year and the things they’re “out” on for the year.

But, of course, I have to put the BTL twist on everything — so, I present to you: my 2024 INs and ICKs:

IN —

  • Using your Bitmoji on Canva presentations
  • The mini Polaroid cameras we all randomly decided to be obsessed with in 2015
  • Tattoos
  • Morning pages
  • Childlike joy
  • Aimlessly walking around stores for the vibes and not buying anything
  • Transforming regular ass content into good ass stories in your weekly newsletter
  • “Back burner” days
  • Less screen time
  • Personal development on your own terms
  • Jellycats
  • Savings goals
  • Learning how to make money easily
  • Outdoor walks
  • Choosing your outfit, food, and routine the night before
  • Monday resets
  • Double and triple texting 
  • Lifting your friends up and celebrating their wins
  • Crafternoons
  • Starting a new show with a long distance friend
  • In-person networking events
  • Being neurodivergent
  • Making America cowboy again
  • Choosing to view negative outcomes as lessons


  • Spending money
  • Not telling people how you feel
  • Dating apps
  • Boys in general
  • Creating goals that you have no control over (transform “get to 20k on TikTok” to something like “post 365 TikTok videos” – s/o to Sarah Kleist for this one)
  • Deciding you don’t like something or someone just because it’s how everyone else feels
  • Negative self talk
  • Cringing at things Past You has done
  • Procrastiproductivity
  • Putting effort into relationships that don’t serve you
  • Making your to-do lists and tasks ~aesthetically pleasing~
  • Stealing other people’s thunder
  • Texting just to text
  • Buying things you don’t need
  • Wasting your time on someone’s crusty son
  • Having a shitty website
  • Saying “I wish I could…” or “I want to be…” or “I’d do this if I had a…” and never taking action to change your situation

The 2024 Plans

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