How To Pick The Best Showit Sales Page Template

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Hey, you! Are you selling something?

Yeah? Oh, great! I was juuust about to start telling you how important it is for you to have a killer sales page if you’re planning to sell something online. You’re right on time!

What is a sales page?

The long-form page you use to convince your readers to make a purchase. It’s an informative, persuasive page on your website that you use to sell an offer.

That’s it. That’s the tweet.

How do you create a sales page for your website?

First, you’ll need words to go on it. That’s called sales page copy. (I can teach you how to write yours, if you need help.)

Next, you’ll need a Showit sales page template.

Why do you need a Showit sales page template?

I mean, I guess you don’t?

I suppose the better question is maybe why should you want a Showit sales page template, but… once you SEE a Showit sales page template — and you compare it to the sales page templates available for other platforms, like Squarespace — I think you’ll agree with me that it’s more of a “need” than a “want.”

When I tell you I *literally* switched to Showit because I wanted a sexy sales page, I’m not kidding.

That is 100% the real reason I changed website hosting platforms. You can read all about it right here, but the Sparknotes version is this:

I was launching my website copywriting course, and I knew my small-but-mighty Squarespace website wasn’t going to be able to house the kind of beautiful, interactive, long-form sales page that I knew I’d need in order to sell a copy course with a premium price tag.

The Showit vs Squarespace debate is one I’ve absolutely inserted myself straight into the middle of, and we can talk about that another time, but what you need to know for THIS post is…

Unless you’re hiring a designer to create something completely custom for you on another platform (like, say, Webflow), Showit is the best website builder for you if you want a gorgeous sales page.

(Side note: if you don’t have Showit yet and you know you want it, click here for your first month free. My treat.)

So, DIY template girlies? LISTEN UP. This one’s for you — let’s talk Showit sales page templates.

How do you know if your pick is the best possible Showit sales page template?

Choosing the right Showit sales page template for you may prove to be more difficult than you’d think… but only because they’re ALL so PRETTY.

When choosing a template for your website design, it’s easy to get caught up in the beautiful images, and fonts, and colors, and shiny-new-beauty of it all — but you have to consider whether or not that specific template will actually WORK for your business, or if you’re only drawn to it because of the design.

Now, disclaimer: of COURSE you want to love the design.

That’s half the reason you’re choosing the template. But notice the operative word in that sentence. HALF. Half the reason.

I’m here to help you talk some sense into the other half; the one that has to care about the sales page actually CONVERTING, being useful for you, and helping you sell your offer.

So, yes, definitely give a shit about the design (the best part of having a Showit sales page template is how little you’ll actually have to customize, after all) but ALSO give a shit about its other qualities.

#1 — There’s enough space for your sales page copy

I know, I know, here comes the copywriter to rain on your parade and remind you that you actually have to write WORDS on your sales page… boo hoo, I’m sorry.

At the end of the day, though, you KNOW the words on your sales page will be *the* thing that makes it convert (aka makes your reader actually take action), which means you KNOW how important the words are.

Your sales page copy deserves its time to shine.

So, when choosing a template, it’s ESSENTIAL to make sure there’s a) enough space to fit all the copy you plan on adding, and b) enough spacing between each of those elements to actually make the sales page copy shine and give it the ✨ MOMENT ✨ it deserves.

Some sales pages are more visually beautiful, and have more sections dedicated to showing rather than telling, so be mindful in your search to look for sales pages that have a lot of copy on them.

TIP: Write your sales page copy BEFORE searching for the sales page design.

This will not only help you find the right Showit sales page template for you, but it’ll ALSO ensure that you’re not just saying bullshit on your sales page so you can fill a section on your template.

Copy informs design, which is why it should always come first.

And before you roll your eyes at me — YES, I’m aware.

I know that writing your sales page copy can induce the impulse to rip out your hair strand by strand. I’ve launched several courses of my own and even *I* have agonized over my sales page copy, despite it being my literal job.

Writing copy for yourself low key sucks sometimes. But haven’t you figured out by now that pretty much my entire purpose on this earth is to SIMPLIFY copywriting for you?

Obviouslyyyy, I have the best sales page copy resource EVER ready for you.

>> Click here for my sales page masterclass + sales page copy template!

#2 — The design isn’t too overwhelming

If you’re getting overwhelmed by the scroll just browsing the live demo, there’s a 100% chance of your audience getting overwhelmed when they’re reading your sales page copy during your next launch.

Now, when I say “overwhelming,” I’m not actually talking about length.

A long-form sales page is gonna be, well, LONG, and that’s okay — some people need more convincing than others, and you actually WANT a sales page that is longer, because that means it has more sections for you to play with.

(And, of course, you can always delete or “hide” the ones you don’t want to use.)

What I really mean by “overwhelming” is too much going on.

Too many spaces for photos, too many different fonts, too much animation, too many funky things happening.

If that’s your style, cool. But if it stresses you out to look at it? Skip it and move onto the next one.

Make sure that YOU like your Showit sales page template, because you will be staring at it for a longgg time while you’re editing it to perfection pre-launch.

And don’t you dare hit me with the “duh, Sara, of course I’m not gonna pick one I don’t like” because let me tell you, those Showit sales page template shops can be CONVINCING sometimes.

I’ve heard lots of stories from my clients + students telling me they were woo’d and awed by the live demo of their sales page, seeing it through their future customers’ eyes, then when they went to go edit it, their brain short-circuited.

#3 — The visual experience makes you want to keep scrolling

The entire point of a sales page is to keep people reading (so you can keep convincing them to take your desired action).

When you’re searching for your perfect Showit sales page template, consider how you FEEL when you’re scrolling through the live demo of it.

I’m not normally this woo-woo, but I do have to say, the measure of a good sales page is your answer to THIS question:

Are you enchanted?

Seriously. Are you enchanted by it? Are you obsessed with it? Does it make you want to keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, while your eyes glaze over into a bright pink spiral and you mutter “preetttyyyyyy” to your screen like someone who should maybe be subjected to a cold bucket of ice water poured on their head?

Then you’ve found the one.

(Please tell me Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted” is playing in your head right now, or I’ll have to disown you.)

I know I told you that your sales page COPY is what converts, and that’s true. But it’s your sales page DESIGN that helps keep them interested (and far away from the devil-sent “back” button).

>> Want to learn how to write an engaging sales page? Click here!

#4 — The template makes it easy for you to optimize the mobile design

You’ll know you’ve found the perfect Showit sales page template when optimizing the mobile design feels like a BREEZE.

The majority of your sales page viewers will be reading on their phones, making the mobile design wildly important.

Thankfully, though, with Showit, you’re able to completely customize the mobile design, and turn it into whatever you want — making the experience seamless for your users (and increasing the likelihood of your sales page converting).

Most Showit sales page templates will give you the option to view the “live demo.” Make sure you check out how they look on mobile, to verify you like what you see.

>> Look how sexy my sales page is on mobile 🤪 (Make sure to click that link on your phone or tablet, lol)

Want a sales page copywriter’s recommendation for the best Showit sales page template?

I’ve got you — duh! You didn’t think I’d write this whole blog post about Showit sales page templates and then NOT share my favorite ones with you, did you…? Come on.

Now, if you know me at all, you know I’m obviously going to recommend the best Showit website template shop in the game:

TONIC Site Shop.

I know; surprise, surprise, Sara’s talking about TONIC, again. But can you blame me? Their design is perfect. The ROI is unbeatable. The sales pages are sleek as hell.

AND I can give you 15% off of every single thing they sell.

Like… it’s a no brainer?

Even if I didn’t have a TONIC discount code — I’d still be recommending them every chance I got, because I genuinely do believe they design the BEST Showit sales page templates.

Every single “must have” I mentioned in this post? They’ve got you covered.

Their team is led by some serious marketing experts – which means that all of their designs are created with conversion in mind, so you can get the best possible results from your sales page.

To save 15% on your TONIC Showit sales page template, use code “BTLCOPY” at checkout!

My personal favorites are:

…but, no matter which of their Showit sales page templates you use, you can’t go wrong. Consider this my personal soapbox: everything you buy from TONIC will be a perfect use of your hard-earned cash.

Now that there’s no doubt you’ve got sales pages on the brain… need help writing yours?

I’d be happy to do it for you — but I also have a super helpful sales page copywriting masterclass and sales page copywriting template combo that you’ll LOVE.

This sales page course is a jam-packed 1 hour and 42 minutes of me sharing my sales-focused storytelling method with you so you can write the best sales page EVER, accompanied by an Offer Development Workbook and an easy-to-follow sales page copy drafting template.

>> Click here for the sales page masterclass details!

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