POV: Your Website Is Perfect And So Is Your Life

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The birds are softly singing and your sunrise alarm is peacefully glowing, signaling you it’s time to wake up and leisurely start your day. 

You stretch out under your Brooklinen sheets, carelessly rumpling your silk pajamas, before rising and spritzing your face with rose water spray. 

After filling out the morning portion of your Five Minute Journal, you head outside to one of your new home’s porches—the one that overlooks the bay—and survey the beachfront before deciding which scene to focus on for your daily plein air painting project. 

It’s a new hobby you’ve recently picked up, thanks to all the free time you have. 

You know, now that your website is so good it practically sells your services, products, and courses on its own, with 0 work on your end. 

You blissfully stroke the canvas for an hour, until you’ve created a gorgeous scene of the tide rolling in, then decide to check your notifications for the first time today. 

3 emails from Dubsado: new leads submitted

14 emails from Kajabi: new students enrolled

28 emails from Flodesk: new subscribers added

5 emails from Thrivecart: new customers have purchased your template

2 emails from Tonic Site Shop: more affiliate conversions. 

1 email from Caraway: they want you to write a sponsored blog post about how great their marketing is, like you did for their main competitor.

1 email from Chatham Bars Inn: they want to gift you a free weekend stay, because they saw your blog post about how perfect the Inn is for working staycations. 

1 email from Stripe: $67,432.58 has been deposited into your account. 

“Perfect,” you think to yourself, setting your phone aside. “Another great day to be me.” 

You check the time, and see it’s almost 11am. Time to go to the gym. 

You pull on your Lulus, slip into your Uggs, shrug on your Canada Goose, and walk out the front door, completely carefree. You’re on your way to Pilates—a class you can afford to purchase, thanks to your consistent sales, and afford to spend time at, because you don’t have to spend time answering your leads’ questions. 

Your website copy does that for you. 

After Pilates, you head to Rory’s—aka Cape Cod’s Erewhon—for a smoothie. You don’t care that it cost $16. 

You get consistent leads, consistent sales, and consistent sign-ups, so you’ll make that money back in a nanosecond. 

Feeling energized by your workout and your post-workout fuel, you head to the beach with your journal to brainstorm content ideas. 

Thanks to all of your free headspace, you’re able to plan all of Q3’s emails, blogs, and social posts, as well as your next launch. 

You know your audience so well, since they’re so engaged. 

You marvel at how well your website copy has set you up for success—you never would’ve been able to attract all of the perfect people that make up your current audience without the help of copy they effortlessly relate to. 

Closing your journal, satisfied, you get up to go for a walk, but slow your pace when you overhear a conversation between two girls in front of you. 

“I just don’t know what to do,” Ponytail says. “I know I’m good at my job, and I provide really great value to my clients, and my prices are completely justified, but I still find myself constantly answering questions, defending my rates, getting inquiries from people whose projects don’t align with what I want to do, and dealing with scope creep. And I’m freaking stressed about money.” 

Her friend, let’s call her Celtics Hat, frowns, and says, “well… when was the last time you gave your website copy a thought? Have you updated it recently?”

Ponytail looks puzzled. “What do you mean? It says what I offer. It says my experience. It even says my prices.”

“That’s good, but… does it speak to the benefits your services provide? Do you talk about the reasons your clients need you? Do you say anything about the transformation you can provide your clients?” Celtics Hat asks. 

“No, but—“

Celtics Hat continues, despite Ponytail’s protest. “What about any copy that tells them why you’re a good fit for them? Or what’s included with your services? Or the results your past clients have been awarded thanks to working with you?” 

Ponytail sighs, then her mood lightens. “Well, no, my website doesn’t have those things. But as soon as our vacation is over, I’m going to add them.”

“Awesome,” Celtics Hat says. “So many of your frustrations will be solved once you do a little pre-qualifying with your website copy. You’ll field way less questions, get way more inquiries from people you actually want to work with, and you’ll be way less stressed about making money.” 

You smile, and keep walking. “Celtics Hat totally gets it,” you think to yourself. 

Once you make it back to your beach chair, you pack up your things and head home—but, of course, you make a stop at the CapeAbilities farm store on the way back to the house. 

Your friends are coming down for the weekend, and you want to make sure you have something to go with that bottle of Cranberry Red. 

You stroll through the garden center and pick out a new hanging plant for your deck, a handmade soap for your outdoor shower, a pint of blueberries, a pint of cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, the most divine smelling basil, a soft baguette, and 8 ears of locally grown corn. 

Your friends are coming down for the weekend, and you want to have something to pair with that bottle of Cranberry Red. 

“Your total today is 89.14,” says the kind young man at the register. 

“Thank you for shopping with us,” says the cashier’s helper, with a smile, handing you your groceries. 

The best part of being financially free is being able to support businesses that are committed to doing good. You give her a wide smile back, and make the 5-minute drive home through Dennis Village. 

You check your inbox for the second time today, and see a few more messages: 

1 email from your new mentee, letting you know that her brain dump is ready for you to read, and she’s excited to get started. 

Ooh, fun! I’m pumped for this new project—can’t wait to read what her definition of success as a freelance copywriter looks like & make a plan to help her achieve it! 

1 email from Dubsado: your proposal has been accepted, your contract has been signed, and your deposit has been paid. 

Yay! That vintage bookstore cafe I’ve been manifesting decided to book! 

1 pingback from WordPress: someone has written a blog post about what they learned from your guest episode on the Imperfect Action podcast

So cool! What an awesome traffic-driver! I should go on more podcasts.

After responding to your mentee and sharing the blog post you’re featured in on Instagram, you head into your office to work for an hour before your friends arrive. 

At 5pm sharp, your laptop shuts, and your butt heads down to the plush living room couch to flip through the latest Cosmo issue for some final alone time until you get the “just got off the bridge” text, signaling you to prep the caprese. 

“Today was a good day,” you think to yourself. “Thank God my website is perfect so I can live my dream life.” 


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