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If you know me at all, you know there’s nothing I love more than a perfect meet-cute.

And if you know me well enough to know that, you’d likely also know that I’m ridiculously good at meeting people on the Internet and accidentally becoming real-life friends with them.

& that’s where this story begins.

Almost FOUR (!!!) years ago, I hosted an Instagram giveaway to celebrate my new service, website copy audits, and I selected one winner at random.

Lucky for me, Kayla, the Founder & Lead Wedding Planner of Madden Made Events, won that giveaway—and, unsurprisingly, the second we hopped on that call, we instantly clicked.

We clicked so hard, in fact, that I recommended her to my newly-engaged best friends (and Woo’s godparents!), and she ended up planning their wedding, with her husband, Greg, as the officiant. How fun!

What a small world that a random IG giveaway winner happened to turn into not only a friend, but also a core part of one of my favorite memories, watching my 2 best friends get married. Hannah & Kevin’s wedding was one of the happiest days I’ve experienced in a long time (and my little man got to be their ring bearer!) and Kayla made it so special for everyone involved.

I thought for sure that was the end of our love story…

Until I got the “congrats, you’ve just made an affiliate sale!” email from my besties over at TONIC, and saw that Kayla had used my code to purchase their Manhattan template.

I immediately caught a classic case of what I call The Mouse Cookies—”if you give a creative business owner a website template, she’s gonna need some bomb website copy to go with it”—and texted her within minutes of getting the email, demanding she let me write her copy.

(And by “demanding” I, of course, mean that I texted her asking if she happened to need copy, and told her that I was looking for a project for me and my new mentee, Jessica, to collaborate on, in order for me to help her gain experience in drafting website copy to kickstart her new career as a freelance copywriter.)

Thank the LAWD she said yes, because THIS SITE IS SEXY.

I’ll show you in a sec, I promise—but first, we need to talk about the beauty, brains, and badass leader behind Madden Made Events.

The Client

BTL Browser, meet Kayla Madden:

Madden Made isn’t run by Kayla alone, though. She’s also supported by a fierce team of coordinators that help her execute all of her couples’ wildest dreams all over New England, New York, and beyond.

I love the way that we chose to lay out her team bios—here are a few of ’em. 👇

The Website Copyriting Tip


If there’s one thing you can learn from the copy on the Madden Made website, it’s that saying what you actually want to say is the BEST way to ensure your ideal clients know exactly what it would be like to work with you—even if saying that thing is going to repel some people.

(That’s actually a *good* thing.)

Kayla is not only completely confident in who she is, and what she can provide her couples; she’s also unwaveringly sure about what her ideal clients truly want, and we wanted to make it exponentially clear that Madden Made is the go-to wedding planning team for them.

Here’s how we made sure Kayla’s people know she’s all in on meeting their every need:

The Best Part

The Madden Made website is one of my favorite TONIC template customizations I’ve ever worked on (or seen!) and I think that largely has to do with her branding.

I’ve never seen a wedding planner use such a cool combination of colors, fonts, and illustrations—and the only way I can describe it is perfectly Madden Made. & Knowing Kayla in real life, I can confidently say that it’s an awesomely accurate depiction of her (and her husband slash originator of the ‘Madden Made’ name, Greg).

So, naturally, the cool little design elements (like the one pictured below!) are among the best parts of this website for me—aside from, of course, how direct the copy is, because nothing gets me more excited than a client who is super down to be clear as fuck to make for some crispy copy.

The Review

“Before working with BTL, I was a bit nervous. My brand is my baby and I feared that copy written by someone else wouldn’t feel or sound like me. But AFTER?! I felt dumb for ever doubting it or Sara. Now I am relieved, excited, and ready to see my site KILL it. 

After months of sitting at my laptop trying to re-write my copy (and no words showing up on the screen) I knew I needed to hire someone. Sara and the BTL team were the first to come to mind – if there was anyone who was going to understand my brand, clients, and voice – I knew it was them. And damn they did not disappoint. 

Not only did the team blow me away with how spot on they were with finding my brand’s voice and speaking directly to my clients but the process was clear, fun, and fast. I felt hyped up, supported, and heard the entire time and I truly cannot recommend BTL enough for anyone who is looking to finally be excited and proud of their website. I will find another opportunity just to work with these babes again.” 

The Acknowledgements

There are few things I love more in this life than a collaboration between my favorite custom website designer, Sarah Kleist, and my favorite Showit website template shop, TONIC Site Shop. They are a literal match made in Heaven, and any project I get to work on that their golden fingers have touched, I am grateful for.

(I’m low key biased because Sarah designed my site, and I work for TONIC on retainer, but I stand by my comment that they are, objectively, your best option for design if you have a Showit website.)

(Okay, I’m also low key biased about Showit, because I work for them, too, but even if I didn’t, I’d be telling you that Showit is THE go-to website builder for you if you’re a creative business owner.)

Kayla used the Manhattan template from TONIC, with customization from Kleist via her VIP Day template customization service.

Want a website as sexy as Kayla’s?

I thought you might. 😏 Here’s how I can help make that happen for you:


  • Use code “BTLCOPY” to get 15% off ANY TONIC Site Shop template (including their social media templates!)
  • Hire Sarah Kleist to customize your template—OR to design you a website from scratch (get the details about how to work with both of us right here!)


I hope you enjoyed this post—make sure to scroll through the rest of my portfolio to see what else BTL’s been up to lately! xo

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