How To Write Your Contact Page (Cuz, Yeah, It Matters)

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[TW: Bullying.]

Because I’m not one to hold back how I feel about anything, I’m just gonna say it: I’m sick and tired of creatives ignoring their Contact pages.

Like, you really couldn’t do better than “Contact Us”?

That’s a bunch of B.S. I’m 100% positive you’ve got more creativity than that. Like, be for real. 

If you knew the content on your Contact page could be the make-or-break copy between you and your absolute dream client, you’d DEF come up with something more compelling than “Get In Touch!” 🧐

So… where is it? Where’s the effort?

How come everyone is ignoring their Contact page headlines—and, while they’re at it, the whole ass Contact page altogether?!

This is the last page your leads read before they decide to reach out (or not!), so it matters WAY more than most people realize. 

It’s an important page! That’s a huge job for it to do!

Stop sleeping on the power of the Contact page—it’s the last page your leads read before inquiring

Sure, your Home page was compelling enough for them to keep reading, and your About page and Services page were convincing enough for them to feel motivated to inquire—but your Contact page is the actual closer.

And not only that, but this page is ALSO likely be the first actual page of copy a LOT of people are reading on your website, because they’re coming from your blog, or your freebie page, or a sales / product page, or another secondary link.

We often forget that the people who visit our websites don’t *always* land on the homepage; lots of them get there through various blog posts, and links they find on Pinterest and Google.

This means that it’s not only important to consider which information your potential clients and customers need to read in order to make the decision to close the deal, but it’s also VITAL for you to share more content about yourself and your brand for the people who are just encountering you for the first time via your Contact page.

(It’s also only going to be crawled by search engines if it has enough words—aim for 300!—which means that the lil baby neglected Contact pages aren’t doing your site any favors in the “getting found” department, either.)

…so don’t fumble the bag with a generic headline & a submission form that only asks for “name, email, subject, message.”

My easy Contact page copywriting formula

We’ve already established that most people (unfortunately) disregard their Contact pages altogether, so simply by reading this blog post, you’re already caring more that a lot of other biz owners out there—kudos to you!

Your Contact page deserves so. much. better. than a boring lil headline and a plain submission form.

This page is responsible for…

→ Closing the deal with your lead. Get those ideal clients to inquire!

→ Allowing your not-ready-to-buy reader to continue the relationship with you. Give them a reason to stick around & keep engaging with your brand!

→ Help new viewers get to know you. Don’t let your Contact page be a flop!

Here’s my suggestion for how to spice up your Contact page, not only for better, more detailed inquiries from qualified leads, but also for better SEO. 👇

The best Contact pages include:

  1. A strong, clear headline (tips here!) and/or introduction
  2. An optimized submission form
  3. Frequently asked questions (aka the logistical ones your copy didn’t already answer—don’t hide valuable, necessary, must-read info in this section; those things should be answered for the reader already throughout your site!)
  4. A secondary option to continue the relationship
  5. An invitation to explore your other content (blogs, freebies, newsletter, etc)
  6. Your Mini About (remember: your readers might not know you well yet, especially if they’re landing on your Contact page from your blog or some other secondary page!)

Let’s look at this Contact page formula in practice, shall we?

We’re gonna use my Contact page as an example.

I kick things off with a headline that pulls the reader in—questions are always a great way to form a headline that’ll keep people reading—and lets them know exactly what I’m going to do for them.

Preferably, your Contact page headline would have a keyword, but I made the executive decision to omit one from mine in an effort to make a more meaningful connection with my reader. The rest of my site is keyword-rich, optimized for SEO, and written very strategically, so I have the ability to be a little more flexible on this page when it comes to my headline.

Since I know that most of my leads are inquiring because they want to work with ME (I’ve been told by the majority of my clients that my specific casual, conversational approach is one of the main reasons they’ve chosen to work with me over other copywriters), I knew I wanted a headline that reflected my personality.

However, I didn’t sacrifice clarity; I still made a point to tell them all the ways we could work together, still allowing my introductory section to fall under the “optimized” category.

Next, I’ve included my submission form. This should always be immediately after your headline and/or introductory statement. You don’t want to make your readers scroll too far—or do much work—to be able to inquire.

For my best tips about how to write an optimized contact form, click here!

After my submission form, I’ve included my FAQ section.

This section is reserved for the frequently asked questions about the logistical elements of my services; not for questions that my copy should answer.

For example, I’m not adding “how much are your services?” or “who do you serve?” or “how can I work with you?” in my FAQ on my Contact page. All of those questions—and more!—should be answered on my Services page.

Instead, this section is answering FAQs like this:

Next, once my reader has scrolled past the intro, the submission form, and the FAQ, I can assume they’re still on the fence about reaching out to work with me 1:1.

It’s safe to assume that they’re interested, but not interested enough YET. So, it’s now my Contact page’s job to find a way for them to continue that relationship with me. I don’t want to waste their interest.

So, I’m going to use the opportunity to share other ways they can work with me, learn from me, or interact with my brand.

I’ve done this by directing them to the other core elements of my business—beyond 1:1 done-for-you website and launch copywriting services—like reading my blog, purchasing my website copy template, taking my website copywriting course, and more.

Then, I’ve added a section about website design solutions, for a couple reasons:

  1. I’m a website copywriter, so I’m positive that my leads aren’t only thinking about my website copywriting services, but also about what their websites will look like. This means they’re 100% thinking about designers, templates, or DIY-ing their site design.
  2. I love working with Sarah Kleist on website copy projects, so I’m using this as an opportunity to tell my readers about our joint service.
  3. I’m a Tonic Site Shop affiliate, which means I earn a commission off of every sale I make (aka when someone buys a template from Tonic and gets 15% off with the code “btlcopy”), so I’m adding this link in a place I know it’ll be helpful for my audience.

After that, right before my Contact page comes to a close, I added an opt-in form for my most popular freebie, my Homepage How-To Guide.

It’s a safe assumption that if someone’s considering working with me to write their website copy, but they aren’t ready to actually inquire yet—or else they wouldn’t be all the way at the bottom of my Contact page, without submitting the form—that they’d want to learn about how to write their own web copy.

And lastly, to close out the page, I’ve added my Mini About, to help my readers get to know me better.

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