50 Blog Post Ideas For The Holiday Season

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Confession: I’m sick of the same old boring content.

I know you know what I’m talking about.

It’s December, so I’m willing to bet you’ve seen at least 10 gift guides float past you between Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. And when January comes, I’d put down money on everyone’s New Years resolutions posts dropping on the same day.

And before you call me a blog post Scrooge — I’m 100% here for the gift guides and the goal-oriented content, but I want more! After the year we’ve all had, I’m feeling like 2024 needs a little bit of… spice? Don’t you think?

(And yes, I was channeling my inner TikToker with that reference from 3 years ago like my millennial self.)

So, I’m doing something about it.

Keep reading for 50+ blog post ideas for the business owners in the industries I work with every day, from event planners to brand designers to content creators to fellow digital marketers.


Blog Post Ideas For Event Planners

  • How you thought of the name for your company

  • Guide to planning the best Zoom holiday party

  • Gift guide for newlyweds or new homeowners

  • The dream events you can’t wait to plan 

  • A sample outline of an event you’re working on
  • Recap of your favorite venues from past years OR favorite events you’ve ever planned

  • Highlight of your most frequently used vendors

  • Social distancing on a silent night: how to make the best of a virtual holiday celebration

  • What an ideal wedding / event timeline looks like 


Blog Post Ideas For Photographers

  • What you’re accomplishing in the off-season

  • Your process for managing and responding to inquiries

  • How you thought of the name of your company

  • Photos you want to recreate

  • Places you want to travel for photoshoots (whenever that becomes a thing again…)

  • How you learned your craft or mastered your speciality

  • A run-through of a shoot day from start to finish

  • Your dream clients to work with (maybe even from their POV? That could be fun!)

  • A letter to your future self to look back on at this time next year


Blog Post Ideas For Graphic Designers & Branding Experts

  • A list of your favorite holiday product packaging

  • Design mistakes that drive you insane

  • A walkthrough of your creative process from start to finish (formatted as a ‘design with me’ — could even be repurposed as a video, story pin, or IG reel!)

  • Honesty hour: everything your designer wants you to know before hiring them

  • Your favorite designs that you created in 2020 & why you love them

  • Your favorite designs that didn’t make the cut in 2020 & why you wish they did

  • A tour of your office our studio (with a nice mood board and affiliate links to everything inside it, of course)

  • Design challenge: recreate old logos or projects with a holiday twist or theme


Blog Post Ideas For Digital Marketers

  • A play-by-play of a day in your life at work

  • How you manage your client deadlines and projects

  • Best thank-you gifts to send to clients (like this one!)

  • How to maximize your content and stand out on social media

  • How to avoid social media altogether and take advantage of other mediums instead 
  • Your favorite holiday ads throughout the years

  • Software for your stocking: all of the apps and websites you use on the daily

  • Highlight new services you plan to offer in the new year

  • How to explain your response to the dreaded “what do you do for work?” question to relatives who don’t get it

  • A round-up of the dream clients you want to work with (like this one!)


Blog Post Ideas For Artists & Creatives

  • List of materials you use to create your art

  • What you wish you knew when you started out

  • Favorite underrated tools you use / tools everyone needs to get started
  • How you find inspiration to create new things

  • What your creative process looks like 
  • Your favorite piece you created this year (or ever!)

  • The mediums you enjoy creating in the most and why (digital, drawing, painting…)

  • A year in review: the progress you made in your business, notable clients you worked for (or with), projects you collaborated on

  • Art challenge: create the project of your dreams just for fun & write about the process


Blog Post Ideas For Content Creators

  • What you wish people knew about being a content creator

  • # things you do on the back-end that your audience never sees

  • Favorite brands you’ve ever worked with and why

  • List of every sponsored product you’ve ever promoted, ranked best to worst (or most favorite to least favorite)
  • Behind the scenes of your favorite campaign you’ve ever created

  • Time-stamped day in your life as a content creator
  • Your process for filming, editing, and uploading a YouTube video

  • How to make the best thumbnails for YouTube
  • Weirdest things you’ve ever had to do as an influencer


Blog Post Ideas For Anyone!

  • Small businesses you’re supporting this season

  • Where you go for inspo when you’re beginning a new project

  • List of your all-time favorite quotes

  • Books to read and podcasts to listen to in the new year

  • What a day in your life in business looks like 
  • Your word for the year of 2024

  • Best purchases you made this year (or worst — your choice)

  • New friends you made this year and what you learned from them

  • Comprehensive list of favorite things you’ve ever bought for your business 
  • All the ways you kept yourself motivated / entertained / sane this year 

  • Best Black Friday deals

Now that you have alll of the ideas… it’s time for me to let you in on the secret of how to get people to *actually* read them.

Pull up a chair, grab your notebook & pen, and get ready to write these tips down. You’re gonna need ‘em.

How To Bring Your Blog Post Ideas To Life – So People Actually Care

1) Create a short, clear, and captivating headline

No one wants to play a guessing game when they’re scrolling through search results or Pinterest pins looking for the right blog post to read. Your headline should tell your reader exactly what they’re getting into when they click on your link.

Note: abstract numbers do well in titles, like “14 ways to…” or “29 gifts for…” because to our skeptical brains, they sound more credible than round numbers.

2) Utilize subtitles

It’s no secret that people always do a skim-through to decide whether or not your post is worth the read (guilty, sorry). So, making it easy for your audience to decipher what you’re covering at their first glance is necessary! Subtitles are the easiest way to accomplish that.

3) Do your research & think outside the box

The whole point of this post is to inspire you to branch out from the norm; so do your research about what’s already out there, and then try to put your own spin on it to help you stand out among the noise. There are no rules to creating — this is YOUR blog post, and you can do whatever the hell you want!

Happy writing! XO 

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