Dream Client Wishlist: Website Copywriter Edition

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I talk a lot about dream clients over here at Between The Lines.

My newsletters are full of tips for finding them, my most popular blog post is about how to create content for them, my website copywriting course teaches you all about how to write copy with them in mind, my services page tells you how I can help you attract them…

But I’ve never told you about who *my* dream clients are.

And, I’ve decided that now is the perfect time to tell you, because in 2024, I’m working with dream clients only.

So, with that being said… 😏

My dream client? Anyone who’s nice to me and can afford my services.

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, or if you follow me on Instagram, or if you’ve ever asked me “hey, Sara, who’s your dream client?” – you’ve heard me say this before. 

I always (half) joke that my ideal client is “anyone who’s nice to me and can afford it” because, well, that’s the long and short of it, isn’t it?

Working with people who respect you, value your services, don’t question your prices, and, ultimately, feel like a friend? That’s the freelancing Mecca. 

If I truly sit down and think about who fits what I like to call “my idea of ideal” it’s someone who…

  • Understands how important good copywriting truly is
  • Is willing to wait to work with me (because I typically book out 2-5 months in advance, since I do everything myself & don’t outsource to a team) 
  • Has an idea of who they are and who their business serves
  • Is committed to the success of their brand
  • Approaches every project with the same level of dedication as me

& now that you know how I define my ideal client, let’s talk about WHO I’m manifesting into my life (and my client roster) this year… 👀

#1 – Meghan Trainor

Because, let’s be real, there isn’t anyone more qualified to write for her than me. I know every song, watch every tiktok, listen to every podcast… we even grew up in the same state. 

If this Nantucketer needs copy, I’m her girl. And I’m manifesting that for 2024. 

& Speaking of Nantucketers… might as well continue to reach for the stars. 

#2 – Elin Hilderbrand, or any business she’s ever mentioned in her books 

Newsletter subscribers know I’m capital ‘O’ Obsessed with Elin’s books, and, in turn, every single detail about Nantucket Island. 

#3 – Anyone who wants to work with Sarah Kleist

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my FAVORITE website copy project I’ve ever done was in collaboration with Sarah Kleist. She’s the best Showit website designer in the game right now, period.

(Like, have you SEEN my course sales page?! Everything she touches is sexy.)

It’s why I’ve chosen to partner with her as my go-to Showit designer—you can click here to inquire with both of us right now if you’re sold!—and why anyone who wants to work with her is an automatic hell yes to me.

Plus, we’re very similar, she’s awesome to work with, and she’s one of my best friends. So, yeah. No-brainer.

(And, side note: she’s shared with me that some of her dream clients for 2023 are videographers, band photographers, and fashion stylists, and, naturally, Justine Snacks, Summer Fridays, and Harry Styles. So, if you fit the bill, we want to work with you.)

#4 – Anyone who has a Tonic Site Shop website template 

Another immediate yes! is, of course, anyone who plans on purchasing a Showit website template from Tonic Site Shop, because, as I mentioned earlier, I (selfishly) want my website copy projects to look as sexy as humanly possible.

And that’s what a Tonic template does for your site: gives you the necessary digital sex appeal needed to impress your clients, improve your bottom line, and (bonus!) increase the chances of your website copywriter (hi, me!) sharing your project every chance she gets because she’s so obsessed with it.

#5 – Anyone who has the same aesthetic as Xanthe Appleyard

My friend Xanthe has, in my opinion, the best vibes in the world.

If you’ve never heard of her… well! Allow me to introduce you to the newest up-and-coming lifestyle influencer, speaker, AirBnb owner, best IG story-er, professional finder of all things aesthetically pleasing, hospitality expert, branded experience curator, and one half of husband-and-wife-owned creative team dedicated to being catalysts for possibility.

In other words… ladies and gentlemen: her.

And if you check out her Instagram (or website, or email list, or community platform), and you think to yourself “oh, I love her aesthetic—this is exactly what I want my brand to be,” then you, my friend, are my dream client.

#6 – A dental office dedicated to serving patients with dental anxiety

This would simply be hilarious.

After a lifetime of dental anxiety, six years of actively avoiding dental care out of fear, $30,000+ spent between the dentist and periodontist in 2022, and the I-lost-count-it-was-so-many number of times I visited a dental office in the past 14 months… I think a website copy project for a dental office would be the perfect mix of irony and strategy.

Ironic, because I used to hate them.

Strategic, because no one knows what makes a person feel comfortable at the dentist better than someone who used to quite literally want to go home to Jesus more than she wanted to sit in the dentist’s chair.

I couldn’t write my dentist’s website copy, though. He literally told me to his face that I’m his version of a red flag client.

(I’m not offended. We’re still besties. In fact, I think he single-handedly cured my dental anxiety. Exposure therapy.)

#7 – Tennis pro or tennis pro shop

If you’ve been following along with my personal life—not hard to do, if you’re subscribed to my newsletter, because I’ve never heard of a boundary in my 28 years on this planet—you’d know that I’ve recently become quite obsessed with tennis.

This past summer, while fantasizing about buying my beach house on Cape Cod, I had a scary thought: how will I make friends when I live on Cape for 4 months out of the year?

All of my New England friends are normal people working normal jobs—honestly rude that they can’t relocate for the summer, but I digress—so, of course, I’ll need to find a way to foster some human interaction.

Conveniently, I had this thought while driving past the Chatham Beach & Tennis Club, and it donned on me: I’ve always wanted to learn how to play tennis! I played for 2 seconds when I was younger and I think it was fun? Right??

So, hilariously, I decided to learn how to play as a means to an end: to make friends when I move to my (currently imaginary) beach house on Cape Cod that I plan to purchase for my golden birthday.

(See #8 for details.)

I never expected to fall hopelessly in love with the sport, but now I’m addicted. I have six separate tennis-themed home decor items in my bedroom alone. I am sick.

Working on a tennis-related project this year would be the definition of dream come true.

(If January 2022 Me were reading this post, she would be so damn confused. It’s wild how much changes in a year; how our “idea of ideal,” as I like to call, it, changes so often and so vastly.)

#8 – Literally any business on Cape Cod

Speaking of that golden birthday plan…

There is not one single person on God’s green Earth more obsessed with Cape Cod than me, which means there is not one single copywriter more qualified to write anything for any Cape Cod business than, you guessed it: me.

(I’m so humble.)

#9 – Anyone insane enough to be working at 3:22am

That’s what time I’m writing this blog post. I’ve been awake since 7:02am. I was up late finishing a client project.

I don’t know why I’m admitting this in a post about dream clients I’d like to work with—aka a “please hire me, I’m cool and smart and fun and good at my job” post—but, here we are.

I feel like anyone who would appreciate or relate to this energy definitely qualifies as a ‘dream client’ in my book.

If you’re down for the feral energy that comes with drinking a Celsius at 2:10am to fuel you to finish a project you should’ve finished 12 hours prior, eating a banana to avoid a potential self-inflicted seizure, and the inherent fear of a middle-of-the-night toddler wakeup, you are my kind of person. And I would love to work with you.

Honestly, the list could go on forever, but…

The most important things I care about when deciding to work with a new client are:

  • How much they care about the project.
  • How much time & effort they’re putting into their business.
  • The way they treat other people. Are they kind, respectful, encouraging?
  • Whether or not they value me, my process, and what I bring to the table.
  • Whether or not they’re ready for website copy. (Not everyone is!)
  • Whether or not they want to be my best friend. (Not required, but preferred.)

So, if that sounds like you… 👀 Click here to inquire!

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