3 Reasons Why AI Robots Won’t Replace Copywriters

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I’ve tried telling him that it’s really not a big deal, but he just doesn’t listen. 

You see, my dad has been nervous about the way I show up online since practically the first week BTL was in business. 

I don’t know why I’m surprised; the man literally can’t even watch a low-stakes sports game because he gets “too nervous” about it. 

On his long list of reasons why he thinks I’ll lose all my clients, followers, subscribers, readers, leads, prospective projects, and every dollar I’ve ever earned, are:

  • Swearing on my Instagram story
  • Staying up late to finish a project
  • Being too honest in my weekly newsletter
  • Talking about a client by name (this one’s extra weird, right?)
  • Complaining about taxes
  • Wesley calling me a “fuckin’ asshole” once because I didn’t take his socks off fast enough (not sure what this has to do with BTL?)
  • Ever saying the words “I have so much to do” in his presence 
  • Breathing wrong (probably)

Lately, though, sitting at the very top of that list—the #1 thing he’s stressed about—is a robot stealing my job.

Or, more specifically: a robot eliminating the need for my entire profession. 

& normally, I write him off, chalking his nerves up to the fact that he has no idea how the online world works… but I have a feeling he’s not the only one stressed about the possibility of AI tools rendering copywriters extinct, so let’s talk about it.  

3 Reasons Why AI Robots Aren’t A Threat To Copywriters

One thing about me? I’m gonna be late to the conversation.

Ironic, I know—considering my entire existence revolves around having a ridiculous capacity for conversations of all types, with anyone, at all times, always. 

But the one type of convo I always enter a little behind the curve? Whichever convo is about the hot-button issue of the moment. 

I don’t know why I always decide to say my piece later (or, sometimes, not at all), especially when I’m such a capital “O” Opinion Haver at least 94% of the time. 

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because—at least in professional situations—I don’t like making claims about things I haven’t been able to fully experience for myself. Ur gurl’s not tryna get canceled. 

Plus, hot take: whenever I see someone posting about the latest trend, pop culture moment, or break-the-Internet-worthy event, my first reaction isn’t “omg, they’ve got their finger on the pulse!” – it’s “they’re rushing to stay relevant and say something about this just for the sake of saying it.”

& that’s not always the case, but… y’all know it’s definitely the case sometimes

And, yeah, you guessed it—that’s why I haven’t said anything about AI until months after every other marketer started talking about.

In fact, I don’t know if I’d ever have said anything about AI if Squarespace’s community manager didn’t reach out to me to ask my thoughts about it, then invite me to speak on their Circle Live panel to share the aforementioned capital “O” Opinions I’d been secretly harboring. 

So, here’s my take:

AI robots aren’t coming for my job. You already knew that was my stance, though, I’m sure—so I’ll tell you why I don’t think so. 

⭐️ Robots can’t talk to my clients.

Robots can’t ask them about their personality, or their ideal customer, or why they started their business. Robots can’t ask follow-up questions. 

Sure, eventually I bet a robot could learn a brand voice. But a robot will never be able to get to know a person as well as another person can.

⭐️ Robots don’t have specialized knowledge in writing copy that converts.

I mean, I didn’t go to advertising school either, but, I’ve spent thousands of hours writing website copy for clients with techniques I’ve learned and techniques I’ve developed, adding personality and conversational elements that AI tools couldn’t mimic on their best robotic days.

⭐️ You can only verify the accuracy of what AI tells you if you already know about the subject.

Just like with any other Internet research tool, cannot blindly trust a blog, or an article, or a robot. 

If I typed “formula for building a space rocket to take me to the moon” into ChatGPT, I’d have literally no way of verifying its accuracy. I’m not a rocket scientist.

But if I typed in “formula for writing bomb website copy” into ChatGPT, then, yeah, I can tell if what the robots say is true. Because I am a website copywriter. 

For this reason, I’ll happily accept the robots’ help with my research—it’s great for seeing if you’ve missed a point in your blog, or getting inspiration for an IG caption, or learning about search intent of a particular topic—but I won’t be using it for much more than that. 

TL;DR – robots don’t know how to add personality, emotion, or conversational elements to copy. They’re great for research tho. ✍🏼

What you can use AI for as a copywriter

Because I know your next question was “okay, Sara, but what KIND of research?!” here’s some insight on what you can use AI for as a copywriter, marketer, or business owner:

  • Blog post ideas specific to your niche
  • Alternate blog post titles to use for sharing your blogs on Pinterest
  • Blog post outlines (to verify that you didn’t miss anything in your blog, or to see a new perspective / identify a potential blind spot in your research)
  • Questions to ask when interviewing someone for a blog or podcast
  • A list of related terms to a topic, or synonyms for a word
  • Content ideas for Instagram, blog, or email

& that’s just to name a few! To put it simply, I find that it’s best for a little boost in the brainstorming department, but to create anything of real substance and value—in YOUR voice—writing it yourself OR hiring a professional is best. ❤️

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