Best BTL Website Copywriting Examples of 2022

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Okay, maybe “best” isn’t the right word… because, as self-proclaimed website copy queen, it’s my job to make sure that ALL of the websites I write for my clients fall under the “best” category.

I just wanted an excuse to show off a few of my favorite websites from 2022. 😉

Updating my portfolio as a website copywriter is difficult, because it’s easy for you, as the reader, to focus on the design, if all I do is give you the URL & let you stalk it, context-free. But then how would you learn about all the hard work that went into it?!

So, I’ve taken to writing case studies about my projects, but I figured it would be fun to switch things up and do a little round-up.

If you like this format, let me know & I will happily write more blog posts like this, because I’ve got LOTS of clients—and client sites!—that deserve the spotlight. 🎉 For now, though, keep reading to see some brag-worthy 2022 BTL creations!

Monocle Productions

What they do: Custom productions with Broadway talent for the most iconic events in NYC and beyond.

Monocle Productions is the only custom luxury event production company with direct connections to New York City’s top talent.

With their roster of elite artists and creatives from Broadway, television, and film, they create and produce bespoke live performances, both in-person and virtual, for personalized, high-quality live event entertainment.

And wherever they go, they bring the party.

Who runs the show: Mary Page Nance, the center of New York City’s creative landscape—and her clients’ ticket to all the expert talent it has to offer.

Founder and Lead Producer of Monocle was a role Mary Page effortlessly fell into having spent a decade in and around all facets of the Performing Arts industry, from Broadway and Netflix to The Met Gala and The White House. 

Her experience as a performer is not only what has afforded her the ability to access any and all of NYC’s best creatives and artists—but is also what fuels and qualifies her to produce, direct, and choreograph the jaw-dropping custom events she provides her clients as the head of such a game-changing event production company. 

Mary Page produces Artist First. Her unique perspective as an active member of the Broadway community allows her to advocate for what artists need to do their best work, which in turn means the best results for you.

What I love about her: how freaking COOL she is. I literally got to watch her on TV, performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And that doesn’t even come close to the most impressive thing she’s done.

Why I love their site: I mean… have you seen it?! It’s the most iconic visual creation EVER. It perfectly represents Monocle’s personality, and the wants + needs of their ideal audience.

Why MP loved her experience with BTL: “Honestly, I was pushing back SO hard on the idea of hiring a copywriter. I kept sitting down to write my website copy, convinced I could do it on my own, and let me tell you: asking for help is not in my nature, but I am SO GLAD I DID!

Sara made the process so easy, and she helped all of my words make sense. She did it quickly and expertly. I HIGHLY recommend. GET INTO HER!” — Mary Page Nance

Who helped make it great: Sarah Kleist on website design. (Hence the gorgeous visual appearance.)

Where you can read more about the project: read the full case study here!

M. Bird

Who she is: Mackenzie is the leader of an independent creative practice dedicated to designing standout brands and web experiences for inspired founders.

She brings 7+ years of industry experience along with 6 of formal design education to every project. With her inquisitive mind, her keen eye for color and type, and lots of enthusiasm, she provides creative business owners with the solutions they need to confidently show up for their businesses, always.

What she does: brand and website design solutions grounded in strategy, guided by intuition, and supported by a creative processed tailored to her clients’ business goals.

What I love about her: She zigs when others zag.

I also love the way she curates what she shares on her Instagram stories to be the perfect mix of exactly what her audience wants, specifically her hot takes about all the things. Click here to follow her!

Why I love her site: the design is impeccable, different, and easy to navigate—because Mackenzie is an extremely innovative, strategic designer who quite literally never misses.

Celeste Moore Consulting

Who she is: Celeste Moore is a dating and image consultant with 15+ years of experience helping men improve their appearance, relationships, and confidence. Essentially, she’s a professional wing-woman.

And she knows a thing or two about what makes a man desirable.

What she does: Like the female version of Hitch, she gives men the confidence they need by helping them look and feel better about themselves, so they can step out of their comfort zones and into the arms of a compatible partner.

When you work with Celeste to audit your personal image and improve your dating life, you’re not only receiving personalized support and advice—you’re getting access to a transformational process that will leave you feeling less out of touch with what makes you desirable, and more in control of your future.  

What I love about her: how she brings a new perspective to her field, how knowledgeable—and how completely badass—she is.

Why I love her site: it’s the perfect example of minimal website copy that works.

This site doesn’t have a single element of fluff, or a single unnecessary word or section. Every element of her site is essential to her ideal reader, and I’m really happy with what we chose to include & what we chose to say to help them make the decision to work with Celeste.

(My favorite parts are the About page headline—”stop second-guessing and start getting second dates”—and the section on her Services page that describes how to know whether or not you need a dating & image consultant, because it paints the perfect picture of who Celeste works with and which problems she helps solve.)

What she loved about working with BTL: “From the very first call I had with Sara, I knew she would deliver what I was looking for. In fact, I was surprised that it was even more than I had imagined. She truly captured the essence of me and my business, and I was delighted by the depth of questions she asked to do so.

Without her, my website would not describe my business or portray how fabulous it is! Sara has a special gift of saying what is in our thoughts, written so beautifully. I could not have done this without her and anyone that gets to work with her is lucky!” — Celeste Moore

Who helped make it great: Mariko Studio on brand and website design.

Where you can learn more: read the full case study here!

How you can learn from this site: read this post about how to write a minimal services page here!

Jemima Richards Photography

Who she is: the type of wedding photographer that marries the weird with the wonderful.

Jemima Richards is a wedding photographer, Super 8 film lover, and one of the coolest people I know.

The first thing you’ll notice about her when you meet her is her Australian accent, but it’s actually not the most interesting thing about her.

That would, of course, have to be my double life asa powerlifter. Or her (semi unhealthy?) obsession with TLC reality TV. Or maybe her Uruguayan background.

The best part about her, though, is that she cares deeply about empowering her couples to feel as comfortable in front of the camera as much as she cares about capturing the most *you* documentary-style wedding photos ever. (Hint: that’s a lot.)

What she does: documentary-style film and digital wedding photography for couples who are all about showcasing their souls.

What I love about her: how unapologetically herself she is, how

Why I love her site: because “I’m not here to fuck spiders” is a prominent line of copy on her About page. Enough said.

What she loved about working with BTL: “Before working with Sara, I felt stressed—I absolutely hated writing my own copy and a rebrand is SO scary, so Sara was a breath of fresh air. Her communication throughout the entire project was amazing, and I felt very relaxed, calm, and satisfied in knowing that I had someone in my corner who *got* me, and who would write great web copy for me.

If you’re looking for someone to make you sound like an actual person, and who can really just find your voice, Sara is the one to do it—she made the entire process so streamlined and easy!” — Jemima Richards

Who helped make it great: Kat Cosma on web design.

Where you can read more about this project: read the full case study here!

Chill Haus Club

What they do: Chill Haus Club is half cannabis accessory store, half community for cannabis lovers.

IRL, they offer immersive + private events for members of their Club. Online, they sell stylish cannabis accessories that blend with your home, share valuable content about their favorite flower, and provide space for members to connect, network, and create with one another.

What I love about them: How effortlessly cool they are.

Why I love their site: Because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever created before, and was such a fun challenge for me. I love how it turned out!

My favorite part: all of the puns I was able to use, without sacrificing clarity.

Normally I always advise clients, students, and mentees to prioritize being clear instead of being clever or cute, but Chill Haus Club’s website is the perfect example of how to integrate funny, inside-joke-level references without sacrificing the meaning of the words, or the quality of the copy.

Who helped make it great: Wilda on website design and Good Friends Studio on visuals.

Sarah Price Co

Who she is: Sarah Price is a community-focused social media manager for food and wellness brands who want to elevate their online presence, build an engaged customer base, and—most importantly—stop spending so much freaking time managing their socials. 

The only thing she loves more than sipping on the latest on-trend beverage is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses with the latest social media strategies & simultaneously tapping into her creative and analytical sides to provide her clients with the best possible social media management services. 

What I love about her: how knowledgeable she is about social media, and her dedication to only working with brands she feels passionate about.

She saw a need for social media strategy in the food and wellness space—she couldn’t understand why so many of the products she loved had gorgeous branding but ugly social presences—and she strategically built a business that fills that void.

Why I love her site: selfishly, because it was a collaboration with my best friend & Showit website designer, Sarah Kleist. Any and every website I work on with Sarah is inevitably a beautiful creation; always complete perfection in my book.

What she loved about working with BTL x Kleist Creative together:

Who helped make it great: Sarah Kleist on website design.

How you can learn from this site: read this post about my easy homepage formula!

Wildflower Events + Design

Who she is: one of my first-ever paying clients, and one of my most favorite people in the world.

Lindsey Kleidman is the executive planner, creative director, and founder of Wildflower Events + Design.

She’s also the first step in her clients’ wedding planning process, and the last person they’ll see before they walk down that aisle—and she wants to make sure that when you work with her team to plan your dream wedding, that you feel comfortable, relaxed, heard, and supported, every step of the way.

Most importantly, though, she was one of the first people to ever take a chance on me when I started this copywriting journey all those years ago, when I cold-emailed her hoping she’d let me blog for her for free.

Stay tuned for the case study on Wildflower that I plan on writing as just one big love letter to Lindsey for helping me get my start & for coming back to me for website copy years later.

What I love about her: EVERYTHING. Lindsey is one of my favorite humans on this Earth for so, so many reasons. So many, in fact, that I couldn’t possibly fit them all into one little tiny section of this blog post, so you’ll have to wait for the publishing of the full Portfolio Piece.

But for now, trust me when I tell you: everyone needs a Lindsey Kleidman in their life.

Why I love her site: simply put, it feels like HER.

What she loved about working with BTL: “I can’t say enough about Sara and her insanely talented skills to capture me and my business’s voice and not only bring it to life, but elevate it in the coolest, most effortless way! Sara feels like your best friend, making the process fun, easy and seamless but still crush it like the mega talented writer she is.

She captured my voice effortlessly, I wish I had more money so I could afford for her to do everything for me. She made me sound like the cooler, more fun, super badass planner version of myself!

If you are on the fence, this is me telling you now, get off the fence and jump at the opportunity to work with Sara. No matter what the content, she will bring the most fresh, awesome perspective that will draw in the exact ideal client you’re looking for!” — Lindsey Kleidman

Who helped make it great: Duo Collective on SEO / Brand & Bloom on branding and design.

The SM Collective

Who she is: Stepfanie is a pro CSS coder, a passionate educator, a Google superfan, and an extremely talented brand and website designer.

Like the Joanna Gaines of the marketing world, she combines her passion for creativity, affinity for education, and love of strategy to help modern business owners accomplish their goals and create welcoming virtual dream homes for their businesses.

What she does: The SM Collective is a New York-based boutique design studio specializing in designing, developing, and optimizing digital dream homes for innovative business owners who want to welcome ideal clients into their online space.

What I love about her: How passionate she is about what she does, and how seamlessly she’s able to marry her keen eye for design and her strategic, analytical “tech nerd” SEO skills.

Why I love her site: um, because it’s PERFECT?! The design is absolutely gorgeous, it has every page a business owner could ever need on their site, it’s easy to use, it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before yet somehow exactly what I feel like a brand designer’s site should look like. I’m obsessed.

(Specifically, though: I love the way we outlined her offerings on her Services page.)

What she loved about working with BTL: “Working with Sara was a no-brainer, so much so that I worked with her not once, not twice, but three times! She just gets it. When you work with Sara, you get more than a copywriter – you get a marketing mentor, a business coach, and a friend. She becomes an extension of your business and treats your project like her very own, going above and beyond every step of the way.

Sara truly listened to the vision I had and blew me away with the final product every single time. I finally feel confident in the words on my site and am forever impressed with how she was able to seamlessly infuse my personality into it all. Working with Sara was one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. If you’re thinking of working with Sara, stop considering it and just do it – I promise you won’t regret it!”

The Ballet Room

Who they are: The Ballet Room is a Canadian dance studio on a mission to provide a safe, fun environment for children and families looking to cultivate a love of dance through classical ballet training. They pride themselves in being patient, organized, and caring, while instilling positive habits in their students that will last a lifetime.

Who runs the show: Amy Gall is the founder and lead director of The Ballet Room, and a lifelong lover of ballet.

As a Certified Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Teacher with experience in both Russian and English ballet, she’s able to teach her students the best of both methods, making them versatile dancers armed with a unique skillset you can’t find at every studio.

What I love about her: how dedicated she is to creating the best environment for her students, and how much she cares about her students’ success—and their family’s experience with her studio. Amy is so, so nice, and if I lived in her area, I’d 1000% send my children to her dance studio.

My favorite part about her site: As soon as Amy told me the story of how she chose the name “The Ballet Room” for her dance studio, I knew it deserved a moment on her About page—and I knew it’d become my favorite element of her website copy.

You know I can’t resist a good story. Click here to read it.

What she loved about working with BTL: “I had no idea what to expect going into this project, as it is my first website, but after finishing our time together, I know I could not have done it without Sara! Before working with her, I was overwhelmed by my website copy, now I feel so relieved. If you’re considering hiring her – well, stop considering, and hire her.” — Amy Gall

Where you can read more about how I helped Amy reach her website copy goals: read the full case study here!

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