The 2022 Prologue

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2021 was a growth year.

And 2022 will be another one.

This time, though, with clearer intentions about what I want to achieve, what I want to leave behind, and the person I hope to continue becoming as every month passes.

Welcome to The 2022 Prologue—the precursor to this year’s story.

If you haven’t read The 2021 Epilogue, start there for some context; I shared my accomplishments, my lessons learned, my biggest takeaways, and, of course, my acknowledgements.

(Because what story is complete without an Acknowledgements section?)

Now, let’s turn the page… 2022: it’s your time for your plot to unfold.

The Intentions

My word of the year is intentional, so I figured it beginning this post with my intentions for this year was a must.

As a freelancer, it can be extremely easy to get caught up in what other people are doing—and then, as a result, comparing what you’re doing to them. Without even realizing it, you often view the accomplishments and goals of your peers as a benchmark for success.

I didn’t want to do that this year.

I didn’t want to set goals that I don’t actually care about reaching.

Just because other copywriters want to scale doesn’t mean that I do. Just because my friends want to build their teams and hire employees doesn’t mean that I do. Just because the freelance space is obsessed with using the amount of money you make as a symbol of success doesn’t mean that I do.

So, for every single goal I set this year—both professional and personal—I also wrote down why and how.

For example, one of my intentions this year is to launch my new course with 100+ students enrolled. When I set this goal, I wrote down all the reasons why I wanted to create and launch this resource, and why I selected that number of students.

Then, I wrote down all the ways I was going to make it happen.

Not only does this process allow me to be certain that my goals are worth striving for and working towards; it’s also a very useful manifestation practice. If you write down your ‘why’ and ‘how’ you’re much more likely to achieve that goal.

Now, enough of my speech—let’s get to the 2022 intentions.

Because I (obviously) ditched the whole make-an-impossible-list-of-goals-that-I’ll-ditch-in-a-month mentality this year, I figured it would be helpful to split my intentions into groups: Personal, Professional, Wellness, Creative, and Manifestations. 

I created a Notion dashboard split up into these 5 categories, as opposed to a traditional paper-and-pen list, so I can ensure that my intentions stay easily accessible (and top of mind).


  • Stop making unnecessary impulse purchases.
  • Stick to realistic schedules, to-do lists, and routines.
  • Wear “real” outfits Monday through Thursday.
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes everyday for completely uninterrupted play time with Wesley.



  • Increase my total revenue.
  • Successfully launch Site Series with 100+ students enrolled.
  • Work with dream clients only. (Side note: would you want to see a blog post about what makes a dream client? Send me a DM to let me know; I’d love to write it!)
  • Be interviewed on more podcasts.
  • Work with 4+ mentees. (Did you know I offer consulting for aspiring copywriters?!) 
  • Book 2 BTL Library Card days each month.


The rest of my professional goals have to stay under wraps, sorry—I do have to keep SOME things a surprise, after all! 


  • Move my body regularly, even if it isn’t part of a ‘perfect’ fitness routine; even if I only have time to actually work out once a week.
  • Eat three whole meals each day, without rushing.
  • Take a class at Excel two times each week. (Lately I’ve been loving yoga and Zumba!) 
  • Ride my Peloton, or do a Peloton workout, three times each week.



  • Post daily on TikTok.
  • Write for fun. (Read: not for work.)
  • Learn to paint.
  • Read more fiction.



See below!

The Plans

The best part of working as a freelance copywriter is never truly knowing what’s in store for you.

Before ditching my scarcity mindset and accepting that the unknown is actually, more often than not, a blessing—the thought that I didn’t know what was coming my way used to scare the hell out of me.

Now, I get excited about what could possibly be coming down the pipeline. (We’ll talk about that when I let you in on my 2022 manifestations a couple scrolls down.)

I definitely resonate with the “you make plans and God laughs” sentiment, especially as a freelance entrepreneur, so I know that any ‘plans’ I make are likely more of an outline, however here’s what I—as of right now, in January—envision for my 2022.

  • Continue to work with fun, respectful clients on website copy, sales pages, brand messaging, and content writing projects.
  • Launch my new course all about how to write website copy and actually get people TO your site using SEO, blogging, and email marketing.
  • Help website designers educate their clients about the importance of website copy. (Resource coming soon!)
  • Keep showing up authentically online and attracting an audience that resonates with me, my values, and my work.
  • Avoid placing money at a higher value than my sanity. Time is what truly makes us rich; not dollar amounts.


The Manifestations

No matter where you fall on the manifestation spectrum—from “that shit’s too woo-woo for me” to full-on manifesting queen—you have to recognize the benefit of visualizing your dreams

Of course, the universe does not just deliver you something because you said it out loud or wrote it down.

It’s the act of keeping your goals at the top of mind, opening yourself up to opportunity, and staying focused on what you’d like to achieve (by saying it out loud, telling people about it, journaling…whatever) that makes ~manifestation~ work.

Clients I’d love to work with this year:

  • More fitness studios
  • More course creators & creative entrepreneurs
  • Independent bookstores
  • Boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts, or auberges
  • Bakery or small chocolate shop
  • Quite literally any business on Cape Cod (cafe, stand-up paddle board rental shop, private marina, rental property, oyster farm, seaside restaurant, tourist-y clothing shop, cranberry bog… I don’t discriminate)


Dreams I’d love to come true this year:

  • Work with a client (or two, or three…) who flies me out to their brick-and-mortar, or office space, or production center, or factory, or somewhere as part of our project.
  • Attend an in-person conference, whether it’s marketing-specific or not, to network and meet new friends.
  • Be invited to speak on more podcasts! I had so much fun on this one and this one, and your girl loooves to chat.
  • Go to a real-life concert again.


This year, I’m praying for continued health, wealth, and prosperity, balance, love, and light. And I wish all the same for you.

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