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Back when using the term “copywriter” would have been too generous to describe what I was doing, I had the privilege of working with the Founder of Wildflower Events + Design, Lindsey Kleidman. 

Actually, if we’re gonna get technical about it, I started working with her even BEFORE I knew that I wanted to pursue Between The Lines at all. 

When I was completely miserable at my corporate job, practically sobbing on my way to the office every day, I saw on Instagram that Lindsey was looking for a coordinator to add to her team.

I needed extra cash (and something to do other than cry about how mean attorneys and would-put-Karens-to-shame secretaries were to me). 

Lindsey needed someone to help her set up and manage a late-season wedding. 

It was love at first sight—well, phone call—and I’m so happy to report that our story has only gotten better. 

(And our love has only gotten stronger. I kissed her on the lips at our last client meeting.)

Although I unfortunately only got the chance to help her with one wedding—blame my unexpected move from Massachusetts to Montreal, long story—I knew Lindsey and I made great collaborators. 

So, when I was racking my brain for people on the outskirts of my network to reach out to about potentially helping them with some content writing in exchange for a testimonial, in order to get baby BTL off the ground, she was at the top of my list. 

After convincing her that blogging is actually worth it, and that, yes, she definitely needed to grow an email list, Wildflower became my second-ever paying client. 

…until I had to break up with her, in pursuit of becoming Website Copy Queen. 

Thankfully, though, the separation was sad but amicable—and a couple years later, she came back ready to revamp her website, and I literally weeped with joy. 


We officially got back together in the winter of 2022 to give the Wildflower website a much-needed revamp, to help Lindsey effectively communicate with her target audience and share all the reasons why Wildflower is the best choice for couples who want to marry the wild and the whimsical to create the perfect wedding planning experience.

(And, lucky for me, since her website copy project, we’ve made up several more reasons to work together, and we’re bringing it full circle with some new, strategic blog posts + newsletter strategy for her to kick off 2023 on the right foot!)

The Client

Aside from being one of my favorite people on the planet, Lindsey Kleidman is also the Executive Planner, Creative Director, and Founder of Wildflower Events + Design.

& she’s one of the best wedding planners in New England. She’s too humble to tell you this herself, so I’ll go ahead and do it for her: she has the best ideas, the most admirable work ethic, and the fiercest passion for serving her clients; always making them feel like their needs are her priority.

The Goal

After working in the wedding industry for years, Lindsey has a really great handle on exactly who her target audience is and exactly what they want from her: a stress-free wedding planning process they can actually enjoy.

We knew it would be extremely important for us to emphasize how much Lindsey and her team does to take as much as work and stress off of their couples’ plates as they can, so a lot of her website copy is focused on making sure her readers know that it IS possible to have a fun wedding planning process, and that Wildflower is going to do everything in their power to make that happen for them.

The Review

“I can’t say enough about Sara and her insanely talented skills to capture me and my business’s voice and not only bring it to life, but elevate it in the coolest, most effortless way!

Sara feels like your best friend, which makes the process fun, easy and seamless but still crush it like the mega talented writer she is. If you are on the fence, this is me telling you now, get off the fence and jump at the opportunity to work with Sara. No matter what the content, she will bring the most fresh, awesome perspective that will draw in the exact ideal client you’re looking for!” — Lindsey Kleidman

The Acknowledgements

Working on this project with Lindsey was such a blast—and I’m so happy that she finally has a website she can be 100% confident in, thanks to her new website copy (by yours truly!), SEO by Duo Collective, and brand + website design by Brand & Bloom.

The Best Part

Or, rather, the best page, I should say.

Like I mentioned earlier, Lindsey is a humble gal, and she wasn’t interested in divulging all sorts of personal details on her About page.

Some copywriters might tell you that’s not the best idea, but when it’s done right, it’s actually 100% fine, and can still be just as great for conversion (if not better!) than an About page full of personal details.

I’ve written lots of tips on how to do it both ways—with tons of seemingly irrelevant, personality-packed information, AND with basically no information about yourself at all—and I think Lindsey’s About page is the perfect balance.

You can still get to know who she is as a human, but you also get to see YOURSELF, in her story, because her About page is more about YOU than it is about HER, which really works for Wildflower + the type of person she’s marketing to.

Check out the full About page right here!

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