Where To Find Inspiration When You’re In A Creative Slump

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Hint — it’s usually right under your nose!

No matter which type of creative you are, I’m willing to bet you have days or weeks or months where you’re feeling flat, uninspired, bored, or uncertain when it comes to creating content.

Here’s where I turn when I’m in one of those slumps:

01. My screenshots folder

Think about how many times you screenshot something and then never look at it again. I’m so guilty of this. I can’t be the only one who screenshots to save for later + then totally forgets about literally *everything* I wanted to save. From recipes to outfits to marketing tips to books I want to read… those poor lil guys are all lost somewhere in my 10,000 pictures. This is my public vow to revisit them all as soon as I’m done typing this blog post.

02. My Pinterest boards

Same deal… you save it, and you never think about it again. I just made a board called “refer back to me” that I plan to look over weekly so this doesn’t continue to happen! I’m also planning to look through all my boards once a month and spend a few hours learning from other creatives & seeing where the gaps are in my industry that I can create new content for!

03. My Notes app

Yet ANOTHER place where ideas disappear unexplored. I dare you to scroll through all the notes in your phone and try to remember what all of them mean. My notes are a scramble of half-finished grocery lists, quotes from books, things I want to buy, and underdeveloped business ideas. Next time you’re stuck, check yours! You may be surprised at the great ideas Past You had written down

04. Magazines

You already knowww I’m a sucker for a good magazine! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — they’re great resources for copy inspo. The best ads live in magazines. And I’ll take any excuse to read a bad date story or take a cheesy, pointless quiz.

(Side note: speaking of magazines, I wrote a very non-cheesy and purposeful quiz for the 5th issue of @sage , which is a sustainably and ethically produced magazine that happens to be available for purchase right now!)

05. Journal prompts

The internet is overflowing with them for all sorts of topics and moods. Journaling doesn’t have to be limited to goal setting and wellness. Next time you’re feeling uninspired, ask Miss Ggle for a writing prompt! Or check out one of my fav books “Improv For Writers” if you’re striving to be extra ~creative~ with your journaling.

Next time you’re in a slump—remember that you’re not alone. And take my advice: it’s better to close the laptop and try again later than to force yourself to work when you’re not feeling inspired or productive.

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