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You know how when you ask someone a question with a really obvious answer, they’ll respond with an eye roll and “is the sky blue?” (or, if you’re asking a dad, it’s typically “does a bear shit in the woods?”)

Well, we should probably change the universal Very Obvious Question to “is Sara obsessed with TONIC Site Shop?” because, as you damn well know if you follow me on… well, anything, I’m TONIC’s #1 fan.

It all started years ago when I was searching for the perfect Showit website template — and got so overwhelmed by the beauty of the TONIC ones that I just fumbled the bag and didn’t even get one because the perfection literally scared me.

(To read the story of how not buying a TONIC template from the beginning turned out, read this post.)

Fast forward to now: I have a custom designed website, but that doesn’t stop me from spending all my hard earned cash on everything else TONIC launches.

Did you know they sold other things, too — not just Showit website templates?!

If you didn’t (because you’re maybe a normal person who doesn’t have a weird encyclopedic level of knowledge about every single thing TONIC creates) then let me tell ya, YOU’RE IN FOR A TREAT.

I’m about to tell you how I’d spend my imaginary unlimited TONIC Site Shop gift card.

(Side note — wish you had a TONIC gift card?! Subscribe to my newsletter & look out for my email on November 14th. I may or may not be passing them out like Santa himself.)

Before we go any further: I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you that you can use code “BTLCOPY” for 15% off of ANYTHING from TONIC.

No matter what you purchase, you’ll get that sweet discount by adding that coupon code to your checkout details (or by using this link).

ALRIGHT. Now that the logistics are out of the way, let’s get into it. Here’s what I’d buy if I had a zillion dollars to spend at TONIC. 👇

#1 — Sales Page Templates

As a girlie with a lot to say and a lot to sell, the TONIC Site Shop sales page templates are a dream.

As you know, I hired a Showit website designer to custom design my site, but because she’s the best Showit designer in the game, she’s not always available to help me out when my lack of impulse control has me creating and launching a whole ass masterclass in the middle of the night.

But you know who DOES have the capacity to support me in my wild “this has to go live right now before I lose the motivation and will to live” endeavors? TONIC.

Specifically, the TONIC sales pages.

I’ve got my eye on the Lillet Blanc sales page template — I’m 100% buying that during their Black Friday sale, starting November 15th — and I can’t *wait* to revamp this sales page with it.

I already own the Greyhound sales page (which I actually repurposed to use as my client welcome guide, lol) and the Clover Club sales page (which I used for my first-ever sales page a million years ago), so, at this point I’m practically collecting them like Pokemon cards.

>> Click here for 15% off of TONIC sales page templates!

>> Click here to learn how to write a killer sales page!

#2 — Canva Social Media Templates

Two words: GAME. CHANGER.

I’ve been caught on the record saying I’m a social media hater more times than I can count, and, while that’s definitely an aggressive way to put my social media feelings into words, it’s pretty much 100% true.

I really like showing up on social media — which I know isn’t the most popular attitude — but only when I feel like it.

There’s the kicker.

I like talking on my stories. (When I feel like it.)

I like making reels. (When I’m inspired.)

I like posting on my feed. (When I have a TONIC Site Shop Canva social media template to make it exponentially easier.)

Agonizing over the design of my feed is a thing of the past for me now, thank all that is holy (and thank TONIC Site Shop). I used to spend so0o0o much time tweaking the design of my posts, making the whole task last for an embarrassing amount of hours.

Sometimes I’d give up before I even fully *made* an IG post because I was sick of the design not being perfect — and because I was protesting the length of time it took when it should not take this damn long just to freaking post on Instagram.

These templates saved me, and now I get compliments ALL THE TIME about how pretty my feed is (despite me not even posting more than twice a month on average).

>> Click here for 15% off of the TONIC social media templates!

#3 — Canva Presentation Templates

Oh my god, buy them. That’s all I have to say.

At almost $500, these Canva presentation templates kind of feel like a big investment, but the VERSATILITY? R u kidding me. I use them for everything, no joke.

Course slides? Webinar slides? Freebie PDF? Client next steps guide? Done, done, and done, thanks to these killer presentation templates.

Just for my website copywriting course alone, I made over 90 lessons using ONE template. The ROI speaks for itself.

>> Click here for 15% off of TONIC Canva presentation templates!

Long story short? TONIC Site Shop is worth the money, no matter what you buy.

I’m not saying you have to spend all of your money at TONIC Site Shop, but if you wanted to, I’d support you.

I, personally, am not sure how anyone searching for Showit website templates, Showit sales page templates, Canva social media templates, or Canva presentation templates could ever resist.

And, since you’re wondering, here’s why they’re worth the money.

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