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Thinking about investing in a website copywriting course, huh? Well… let’s chat about whether or not that’s the right choice for you first.

Are website copywriting courses actually worth it?

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of scammy courses available on the Internet—but there are also some really great ones, too.

When looking for an online course that fits your idea of ideal, I recommend checking in with yourself first: how do you like to learn?

It can be easy to get caught up in the sales copy of it all—ogling over the exponential benefits, drooling over the sexy offers, and making your decision with urgency—but the most important thing to consider when thinking about purchasing an online course is whether or not it supports the way YOU learn best.

& if you like to learn from a real person, at your own pace, with tons of examples to support the strategies you’re being taught—and you want to learn about how to write your own website copy—you’ll absolutely love my online course.

Site Series® is a comprehensive website copywriting and content marketing course for business owners, founders, and creators who want to learn how to write about themselves + their brands for their website copy AND how to attract the right people TO their websites with free, organic content marketing strategies like blogging, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

And not only are you able to learn on your own, with all of the content ready inside the course for you the second you sign up, but you ALSO get access to an active Slack group with all other students AND 1:1 access to me.

Providing this level of support is something I’m SO excited about being able to do, because it lets you feel like there’s someone there who cares about you and your success—and it makes me feel like I’m able to provide you with a level of accountability I’m not able to give you when I’m simply talking at you through a pre-recorded video on a screen.

Inside this course, students learn everything they need to know about copywriting basics, development of their target audience, user experience, buyer journeys, website copywriting, content strategy & writing, becoming more visible online, and so much more—but the knowledge isn’t even the best part.

The best part is students being able to do things like…

  • Considerably raising their prices
  • Book new clients with WAY more ease than before
  • Attract the right people without spending a single dollar
  • Feeling empowered & certain that what they’re creating is WORKING
  • Being drastically more confident in the way they show up online

I first created this course in the Spring of 2022 with the intention of building a resource for people who preferred to DIY, didn’t want to hire a copywriter, and wanted to learn a new skill (or 5…) and I’m SO thrilled with the outcome, as I sit here writing this post one year later.

Who is this course for?

Lots of the examples I’m about to show you are from brand designers, website designers, copywriters, and creatives, but Site Series® can work for ANYONE with a website. Other students are photographers, e-commerce shop owners, realtors, content creators, wedding vendors, virtual assistants, systems experts, podcast hosts, marketers, fitness coaches, stylists, and more!

What’s possible as a student of this course?

SO. MANY. THINGS. In addition to learning about the basics of copywriting, the intricacies of what makes a website convert, and the ins & outs of successful content writing, students have been able to grow their businesses exponentially thanks to their GORGEOUS (and strategic!) new websites, blogs, and email marketing plans.

I wish I could show you every single Site Series® website, but with 100+ students, we’d be here all day. So, instead, I’m going to brag about a few—in alphabetical order, because I could never choose a favorite.

#1 – Briarcroft Lane, Brand Designer

Who she is: Christiana is a brand strategist, Showit website designer, and Founder of Briarcroft Lane.

What she does: Christiana takes an intentional and timeless approach, rooted in strategy, to branding and Showit website design for the modern founder, helping them decrease overwhelm and feel more confident in their digital presence.

Her Site Series® review: “Site Series® has been the single best investment I have made thus far in my business.

Sara takes the vagueness and complexity out of copywriting and gives you a great understanding of the steps you need to take to write copy that not only connects, but converts. She shows you real-life examples of every single element of your website, so you know exactly how to do it for your own business.” – Christina

#2 – Copy With Spice, Copywriter

Who she is: One of my favorite people. And also a spicy website copywriter.

What she does: When it comes to attracting the people you’re stupid excited to work with, being yourself is the best way to win them over. Blending your business goals with your audience’s innermost desires, Alethea writes copy that showcases your skills—and actually sounds like you—so your dream clients become real clients.

Why she’s extra special: Alethea deserves an award, because (to my current count) she has taken the course 5 times over. And, after completing it the first time, she chose to hire me for 1:1 mentorship, and I’ve now been serving her as her mentor for more than 11 months.

(And not to toot my own horn, but, let’s be real—toot, toot, teaching style! If what I taught in this online course made someone like me + my education style enough to work with me for almost a year as their mentor, that’s worth mentioning, no?!)

Her Site Series® review: “If you’re someone who has a website, this course is worth every penny. You totally feel like you’re being taught by a friend which makes the course feel way more approachable and digestible. The plethora of examples is SO helpful and something that other courses don’t do in the same way.

And, I love how it’s not just on one subject (website copy), it’s about all the little pieces that support the bigger goal of having a website that actually helps you make money. ” – Alethea

#3 – Folk Founded, Brand & Web Designer

Who she is: Folk Founded is design studio for dreamers, big thinkers, and folks who really dig what they do. Consider Folk Founded a steward of your dreams—a visual matchmaker if you must—who helps to transform your vision into visuals.

Kate has been a designer for as long as she can remember, but design isn’t her superpower. Her superpower is being a creative partner for others who really dig what they do—my superpower is being a designer sidekick. One part of a dynamic duo…The Sonny to your Cher…the Thelma to your Louise (with a much better outcome, of course).

What she does: She lives be a champion of your dreams in the best way she knows how—by to transform your vision into visuals. (How fucking sick is that mission statement?! Are you kidding me Kate?!)

Her Site Series® review: “I was able to immediately put what I learned about web copy into action. And the process took about 3 months less than the last time I tried to draft my website copy on my own.

Having a clear roadmap for what needs to be where is super helpful, and Site Series® did not disappoint.” – Kate

#4 – Jess Renee, Brand Designer

Who she is: Jess is a designer who promises to be as passionate as your brand as you are, because she’s tired of hustle culture, and she’s over the latest trends demanded by our quick consumption social media crazed world. It’s her mission to help stop business owners from continuing to use their current so-so brand, drowning in a sea of sameness, and provide them with premium, results-oriented brand design.

What she does: Helps business owners replace ambiguity with clarity through strategically designed brands built to last.

Her Site Series® review: “I’ve been able to generate traffic to my website, but none of those leads were converting to inquiries. I realized my problems were a). the journey I am taking the viewer on and b). the lack of clarity in my content. I’m still combing through my website and the course to revise any wording that’s currently centered on deliverables over transformations or focused on me instead of catering to the selfishness of the viewer. That concept alone really changed my entire perspective on how I should be writing copy.

Bad copywriting could be the death of your business. If you want to sell products or services and successfully scale your business to a sustainable income, don’t skimp out on copy. If you can’t hire a copywriter right now, take Sara’s course. You honestly can’t afford to risk another day of driving prospects away because your current website is either confusing your audience or it’s not compelling enough to resonate with them.” – Jess

#5 – Kate Campbell Floral, Wedding Florist

Who she is: Kate is the owner and lead designer of Kate Campbell Floral, and she’s committed to helping you discover your floral dreams (even if you aren’t sure what they are yet).

With a decade of experience working in NYC’s luxury fashion and tech industry, I marry the pretty and the strategy to create fresh, elevated designs that tell your story through flowers. 

What she does: Custom wedding floral design featuring local flowers.

At Kate Campbell Floral, all of your wedding flowers—from bouquets, ceremony installations to reception arrangements—are custom designed and created just for you. Kate walks you through the custom floral design process from conception to the reveal on your wedding day. 

Her Site Series® review: “Before I started the course I didn’t even know where to begin. My current website ranks exactly zero for SEO, which I now know because Site Series® taught me how to check. I took the course and wrote my new website and it was good.

Then I jumped on a review call with Sara and she took my website copy to the next level. Now the copy is really clean and speaks directly to my ideal client. Sara helped me get concepts that I was having trouble expressing into words. She also encouraged me to be bold and take chances! The result is amazing. I love my new website so much and I just know it’s going to help me appeal to a more luxury client.” – Kate

#6 – Kelly Fiorini, Copywriter

Who she is: Kelly is a strategic website copy and content writer for brands on the rise, who are ready to take their business to the next level & improve their communication.

What she does: She writes copy that gets you noticed, baby!

Her Site Series® review: “If I could only recommend one copywriting course to you, it would be this one.

I’ll be honest: I take a lot of courses. As a copywriter, I’m always looking to improve my skills and learn from experts in my industry. 

Site Series is by far the best copywriting course I’ve taken. It’s packed with value. The modules give you a glimpse right into Sara’s genius brain, and the resources and templates are ones I’ll actually use. 

Plus, it’s just super fun. It’s like Sara sitting down with you and saying, ‘Okay, here’s what you do.’ Whether you’re writing your own website copy or someone else’s, she’s got you.

Two thumbs up. Five stars. 10/10 recommend. (Do it!)” – Kelly

#7 – Sarah Burk, Pinterest Manager

Who she is: Sarah Burk is the most BOMB Pinterest manager on the Internet. She’d never say this about herself—I’ve hijacked her bio, because I’m biased, considering she’s *my* Pinterest manager—but the world needs to know she is the best at what she does. And speaking of…

What she does: Sarah offers done-for-you Pinterest management for creative business owners who want to skyrocket their Pinterest traffic. In the 3 years we’ve been working together, she’s grown my account by 16,000 followers, and has helped me considerably grow my email list, my bank account, and my confidence in what I’m offering. I ❤️ her.

Her Site Series® review: “I’ve never taken a course as valuable as this one. Other courses have left me disappointed, feeling like I could have learned it on my own. Site Series® blows all of them out of the water. The teaching style, quantity, and quality of content is absolutely insane.” – Sarah

#8 – Sarah Kleist, Actor & Showit Website Designer

Who she is: One of the absolute best Showit designers ever ever ever. She’s so good even Showit themselves post about her.

What she does: Creates gorgeous, strategic, one-of-a-kind websites for multi-passionate creatives. (For an example of her work, stalk my site—or visit any of these sites we’ve collaborated on together!) She also sells awesome Showit website templates.

Her Site Series® review: “My inquiries doubled, I am pickier about who I work with, and I raised my prices—all because of Site Series! I’m a decent content writer, and I was already happy with my website, so I dragged my feet on hitting ‘purchase,’ but I’m SO glad I finally did. The changes I was able to make to my website and messaging have brought so much new business and made my life 10x easier. I 10/10 recommend enrolling in this course!” – Sarah

#9 – The Passions Collective, Dubsado Expert

Who she is: Fran is a Certified Dubsado Specialist, Client Experience Strategist, and hyphen-loving neurodivergent entrepreneur, who occasionally goes by ‘Dubsado Fairy Godmother’ (her clients’ words, not hers!) and she’s here to make your business stop feeling like another soul-sucking 9-5.

What she does: Dubsado set ups, automations, design, and client experience strategy. Whether you’re just getting started with Dubsado or are a seasoned user ready for more, you can work with Fran to make Dubsado your digital sidekick so you can feel confident in your client experience and stop wasting hours in the backend of your business.

Her Site Series® review: “I feel SO much more confident in my website and its ability to help users get to know me, see the value in my work, and actually convert into clients.

Before taking Site Series®, I didn’t feel confident about my website / content marketing and I felt like I was constantly falling into the trap of writing what I wanted to say and not what my audience needed to hear.

I knew that, although I enjoyed writing, copywriting was not my strongest skill, and I wanted to feel like my website copy & content marketing was intentional and strategic, which it wasn’t at the time. I honestly was embarrassed to send people to my website because I knew it wasn’t doing a good job of conveying the value of my services.

After taking Site Series®, I saw a 58% increase on inquiries in the 3 weeks following my website launch compared to the average of my past 3 months. I had my highest income month in the history of my business, and I hired 2 new team members.

Not to brag, but I genuinely feel like people are crawling out of the woodwork to inquire with me now. I’ve had dream clients who have been interacting with me on Instagram for 10+ months who inquired with me this month after my website launch and I don’t think it’s a coincidence!

I also feel way more confident being able to step away from Instagram & still get inquiries because if people find my Instagram and go to my website, they’re still going to be able to get to know me and my personality just like they would if I was talking on my stories because of how much personality is infused in my website copy.” – Fran

Want your website to be as bomb as theirs?

What about your SEO strategy? And your content writing skills? And your email marketing game?

If your answer is “hell yes”—or even just a shy lil head nod—joining Site Series® might be the perfect next step for you and your business. Click here for more details about what you’ll learn, the additional bonuses you’ll get, the support you receive as a student, and how you can enroll!

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