What It’s Like Being A Freelance Copywriter’s Intern

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“Wait, what? Since when does Sara have an intern???”

Let me fill you in: 

Hi! My name’s Paige, and I’m Sara’s summer intern for 2022. This fall I’ll be a sophomore at ZooMass – I mean UMass Amherst. 

(I’m just joking, it’s really not that much of a zoo, although Sara has nicknamed me “big drinker”—definitely not based on anything I’ve ever told her *wink*—and I’ll never live it down.)


Let me properly introduce myself. 

I’m a marketing major, a Kappa, and a Capricorn (just like Sara, fun fact). 

I love country music, reading on the beach, iced caramel macchiatos, and spending my weekends on the Cape with my friends. 

I hope to pursue a career in business, but I love to write, so I’m basically luckiest person ever for landing a copywriting internship with Sara (she’s the best boss in the world, as I’m sure you can imagine). 

Sara and I met back in April, at a Chamber of Commerce event (she’s on the Out & About Committee, because of course she is) a couple weeks before I was set to come home for the summer from my first year of college. 

The Director introduced me to her and mentioned that I was looking for a marketing internship, and we got to talking about copy and content writing.

She practically hired me on the spot (thankfully rescuing me from the foot doctor who wanted me to work at his office) and the rest was history. I started as her intern a couple weeks later. 

So! Now that you’re all caught up, here’s what a typical day working for Sara looks like:

10:00 am: I arrive at Sara’s home office and we chat about our mornings, exchanging Ted Talks that we listened to on our hot girl walks this morning. (Sara’s coined them Ted Talk Walks—she has a whole playlist of them here.) 

10:12 am: We go over our plan for the day, and get to work. Every day is different, but on this day, I start by finding flights for Sara’s photographer for her next brand shoot, and I book the AirBnb that we’ll stay at.

(How cool is it that I’m invited to the shoot?!) 

10:30 am: I listen in and take notes during Sara’s first client call of the day, trying to keep up with what’s going on and wondering what in the world an “ideal client avatar” is. 

(They’re actually super important, I’ve learned. Read more about how to create yours here!)

12:17 pm: My stomach growls. Sara watches me pull my sorry excuse of a lunch out of my bag.

Since I am—and forever will be—perpetually late, I had no time to pack a lunch this morning and ran out of the house with nothing but a banana and water bottle. 

12:22 pm: Sara, concerned about my wellbeing, whips up a taco salad for both of us, and I’m grateful to have more than just a banana in my stomach for the rest of the afternoon. 

1:00 pm: Our pre-ordered Crumbl Cookies arrive. (Like I said, best boss ever.)   

1:42 pm: Sara and I move from her office to her patio for a change of scenery. 

I stare at her latest client’s questionnaire silently freaking out because I have no idea how to write a tagline for them like she just asked me to. 

(Don’t worry, I figured it out! She gave me access to her copywriting course—thank God.)

2:36: I finish uploading the last few newsletters to the Tuesday Table of Contents archive, so all of Sara’s new subscribers will finally be able to go back and read what she’s been sending for the last 79 (🤯) weeks. 

3:20: I proofread her last three blogs and schedule blog post pins on Pinterest. (I’m a big law of attraction Pinterest vision board girlie… so does this even count as work for me?) 

4:00 pm: We close our laptops when we’re done working, and leave the BTL headquarters together. 

I go home, and Sara picks up Woo (who I’ve now had the honor of meeting) from daycare.   

& that’s about it! 

I know, I know, I have the best summer job ever…

And I also know, from proofreading so many BTL blogs and taking Site Series™, that you never end a blog post without a call to action, so, here are 5 of ‘em:

Here’s how she can help:

Or, of course, you can skip the whole ‘learning’ idea altogether, and she can write your website copy for you! 

Click here to inquire.

Xoxo, Paige 💋 

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