3 Ways Your Business Can Work For You While You’re Offline

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You’ve heard of summer Fridays, haven’t you?

No, not the skincare brand. The concept of corporate offices giving their employees Fridays off in the summertime.

Or, actually, I think they mostly just give people half days now? Every other Friday? Assholes.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept.

You’ve probably even implemented something similar for your own business, allowing yourself to indulge in a little extra sunshine during the beloved, sacred, beautiful hot months of the year.

…but what if you could give yourself a little more than just a Friday?


That’s what I do. And here’s how I make it happen:

I optimize several elements of my marketing efforts to work FOR me while I’m offline.

By ensuring that these 3 things are working in my favor, even when I’m sitting my booty in a Cape Cod beach chair for the entirety of July, I’m able to continue to bring in the same amount of leads, subscribers, sales, and students.

Keep reading for the 3 things that let me take my summers off — while my business is still very much ON.

#1 — Your Website

Your website works for you 24/7 — because, even though YOU may be offline, the Internet never turns off.

People are always searching for the best solutions to their problem, the most ideal ways for their needs to be met, and the people that can provide them with what they need to achieve their goals. 

That’s where your website comes in…

To do the heavy lifting of making a great first impression on your readers, proving that you know how to serve them, encouraging them that you’re the gal for the job, making them feel understood, showcasing your expertise + authority in your industry, and — most importantly — inspiring them to take action. 

Because when you have strategically-written, SEO-optimized, dream-client-drool-worthy web copy, you have the luxury (and the security) of knowing that, with minimal effort on your part, the inquiries will still be rolling in, even when you’re watching the waves roll out.

(Yeah, I stole that sentence from my website copy. See? That copy is really pulling its weight.)

>> Learn how to write killer website copy that works for you!

#2 — Your Blog Posts

Blogging is THE most underrated content marketing tool ever. The amount of people who are totally sleeping on the possibility of popping off with their blog posts… 🤯

Quick SEO lesson: every single PAGE on your website is an opportunity for you to rank on Google. Blog posts count as a ‘page.’

This means that, the more blog posts you have, the more opportunities there are for your people to find you.

So, when you take the time to write strategic blog posts about topics that your ideal clients and customers want more information about, you’re drastically increasing your chances of helping them find you — so they can hire you. buy from you, learn from you, follow you, subscribe to your list…

…and all you have to do is post it. Then let the organic website traffic come to you, for YEARS to come. 

>> Learn how to write the best blog posts for consistent readers and traffic!

#3 — Your Email List

Now, before you go all “but that’s not passive, email lists take work! how can that count as a part of my biz that works for me while I’m offline?!?!” on me, let me explain. 

While, of course, if you send a regular newsletter, you’ll need to schedule those emails to go out while you’re offline. But I’m not talking about newsletters; I’m talking about your lead magnets & your welcome sequence(s). 

If you include calls-to-action to download your freebies on your website, in your blog posts, and anywhere else you have a presence online (Instagram links, Pinterest, etc), subscribers will be rolling in no matter what, without extra effort on your part. 

Then, if done right, your welcome sequence(s) will provide your new subscribers with value, context, and content to explore — falling in love with you all the while — even if you’re on a plane to the desert, or floating on a noodle in the pool, or getting roped into going to Ed Sheeran at Gillette on a random Friday afternoon.

>> Learn how to grow your email list from scratch & become an inbox pro!

Curious about how I’m able to keep my business afloat from inside a pool floatie?

I’ll teach you. ❤️

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