DIY Website Copy vs. Done For You: How To Decide What’s Right

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If you’re weighing a DIY option against a DFY option and trying to determine which path is right for you, ask yourself these 3 questions:

#1. Does the investment feel worth it to you, or is it something you think you may regret later?

Are you comfortable with the amount of money you’re considering investing in the done-for-you service, or would you prefer not to spend it/save it for something else?

Hesitation about the investment is always a ‘pause’ moment for me. Not because I’m not down to spend, but because I’m not down to spend on something I may REGRET spending on. 

#2. Do you genuinely believe that someone else would be able to do a better job of completing this task than you?

This is an essential—and often overlooked—question that you need to ask yourself when deciding between a DIY and a DFY. 

Outsourcing a task because you don’t want to spend the time doing it is a perfectly valid reason to go the DFY route… unless you’re thinking ‘”I can totally do this myself” in the back of your mind.

And, to be frank, I’m coming at this question from the client side, not the copywriter side. People say “I could do this myself but I don’t want to!” to me all the time and it doesn’t bother me at all.

…but the few times I’ve outsourced something that I low key knew for a fact I could do better or faster myself, I’ve been unhappy with the result and pissed at myself for spending the money. 

The DFY needs to feel good to you, like a weight lifted off your shoulders, or a sigh of relief. It shouldn’t be something that you’re on the fence about—or something you feel like you “should” outsource or “have to” give up—because you could end up disappointed. 

You can always try a DIY and THEN opt for the DFY solution if it doesn’t work out, but it’s *really* frustrating when it happens the other way around.

(Can you tell how much I hate wasting money and time…? Lol.)

#3. Is the skill something you’d benefit from learning?

Let’s say you’re considering DIY-ing your own website copy, and you’re on the fence about signing up for a course that’ll teach you how to do it (😏) – consider whether or not the skills you’d learn in that course are transferrable.

Maybe if you take a course about writing your website copy, you’d also learn the cardinal rules of copywriting in general, and how to get a deeper understanding of your target audience, and how to write without sounding salesy or cheesy or robotic or or corny or boring.  

Those are skills you can definitely use elsewhere in ALL your marketing efforts — not just website copy! 

Oh, and speaking of a course that would teach you all of those things… 😉

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If you want your website to be a dream client magnet, this course is for you.

I mean… isn’t that the dream? DREAM clients, coming to YOU, choosing YOU, paying YOU?

How about consistent inquiries from people you actually want to work with? Does that sound good to you?

What about lots of web traffic from qualified leads – aka leads that are already sold before you even get on the discovery call?

And showing up in tons of relevant Google searches?

And giving your website viewers a reason to choose you over your competitors?

And knowing exactly what your target audience wants from you?

And no more wasting precious time dodging red flag clients?

And… yeah.

I think you get the picture. 🤪

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