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The best way to learn is through example, and what's more fun than dissecting popular brands' websites to use as examples of great website copywriting?! (Okay, I can probably think of a few things that might be a bit more fun...but this is up there on my list. #marketingnerd)


How To Write A Homepage feat. Sarah Price

Case Studies, Copywriting

I’d be willing to bet some serious cash on the fact that “how to write a homepage for your website” is a top-searched term among new and aspiring freelancers. Now, I can’t prove that—but I’ve worked with a lot of business owners throughout my time as a freelance copywriter, and I can say with certainty […]

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Case Studies, Copywriting

How To Write A Minimal Services Page

Swipe my exact formula for writing a minimal Services page (using a BTL project as an example)!

Case Studies

Copywriting Case Study: Our Place and Influencer Marketing

Inside Our Place’s perfect website, strategic influencer marketing, and brand awareness development skills that every other brand should envy.

Case Studies, Copywriting

Copywriting Case Study: Haus

Ever found yourself purchasing something just because the website convinced you and the logo was aesthetically pleasing? Yeah, me too. Read more for an in-depth case study about how Haus is killing the marketing game.


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