What’s The Difference Between A Sales Page And A Services Page?

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POV: you’ve been stuck in an Internet hole for days, typing in “how to write your website copy” on every platform, and scrolling the hell out of all the free resources Google’s search results can muster, and you’ve finally—FINALLY!—made it to the Services page part of your web copy to-do list.

But now all the smart people online you’ve been consulting to throw your website copy together are all saying different things.

One copywriter’s telling you that what you actually need is a sales page.

Another copywriter’s telling you that you don’t need a Services page at all.

Another copywriter’s telling you that you definitely need a Services page if you’re a service-based business owner. Especially if you’re an online service-based business owner. (That one’s me, to be clear).

Another copywriter’s telling you that you need a sales page instead of a Services page.

Aaaaand now you’re confused.

Sales page, Services page, landing page, squeeze page, what the fuck even IS a page anymore? You don’t know.

You need help, and I’m here to give it.

Now, it’s not lost on me that I’m just another voice on the Internet giving you my opinion — but I’m a WEBSITE COPYWRITER.

Websites are my thing.

If you have a website copy question, you come to ME for the answer.


(Love u.)

What’s the purpose of a Services page?

A Services page provides information about the range of services a business offers. It highlights what the services are, who they’re for, and why they’re valuable. 

The primary goal of a Services page is to inform visitors about the offerings and encourage them to inquire or engage with the services. The call to action is usually more exploratory, inviting visitors to contact the business for more information or a consultation.

When someone lands on your Services page, they’re typically led to inquire, not immediately BUY. 

This page is designed to sell you services. 

(Here’s an example of a Services page.)

What’s the purpose of a sales page?

A sales page is designed to sell a specific product (like a course, or a program, etc), and typically includes detailed information about that product or service, pricing, and a direct call to action for the visitor to make a purchase or take a specific action, like signing up.

This page is typically designed to sell you a product.

Here’s an example of a long-form sales page.

So, what’s the *difference* between a sales page and a Services page?

Really, it’s just your perspective.

(Annoying answer, I know. But it’s true.)

Everyone has a different method for the ways they like to sell products vs. how they like to sell their services. 

Now, I do want to mention — there absolutely CAN be overlap. What I teach in my Sales Page Masterclass can definitely be used to sell your services on your Services page.

(And what I teach in the Services page module of my website copywriting course could be used for a sales page – but it’s not meant for that, and it wouldn’t fully prepare you to write a long-form sales page.)

…but when I say SALES PAGE, I’m talkin’ long-form, lots-to-say, fat-daddy page strategically created to sell something like a course, or a program, or a membership, or a product.

Something you need to do some serious convincing, explaining, storytelling, and objection-addressing for. 

This isn’t really something you’ll be doing on your Services page, because less convincing is required. Your audience for your Services page is likely much more aware that they need your solution, and they’re making the choice between working with you or working with someone else.

Whereas, on your sales page, your readers are falling somewhere between “do I even need this at all?” and “is this right for me?” and “I think I want this, but I don’t know yet” and “oh, yeah, okay, I’m starting to think this is a need.”

Here’s the official “sales page vs Services page” summary for you:

Sales Page:

  • A sales page is primarily designed to sell a specific product or service.
  • It serves as a dedicated space to highlight the features and benefits of the offering.
  • The primary goal is to persuade visitors to make a purchase or take a specific action (e.g., signing up for a newsletter or contacting you).
  • The content on a sales page is highly product or offer-specific.
  • The call to action on a sales page is typically transactional, urging visitors to buy a product or sign up for a specific offer. (CTAs are often highly visible and direct, such as “enroll now.”)

Services Page:

  • A services page focuses on presenting the range of services your business offers.
  • It outlines what you do, who you do it for, and why your services are valuable.
  • The primary objective is to inform visitors about your offerings and encourage them to inquire or engage with your services.
  • The content on a services page is more comprehensive, outlining all the services your business provides.
  • The call to action on a services page is usually exploratory, encouraging visitors to contact you for more information or a consultation (like “inquire now” or “book a discovery call”).

Now that you know the difference, want to learn how to write them?

Click here to learn how to write your Services page.

Click here if you’re really serious about learning how to write your Services page (and all the other pages on your website).

Click here to learn how to write your sales page.

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