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From the second the Peach Perfect Financials website launched, I’ve been DYINGGG to share it with you, because it’s exactly what I want to call in more of moving forward:

  • Fun, down-to-earth, respectful client
  • Cool topic I love to write about (and learn about!)
  • Tonic Site Shop template, with customization by Kleist Creative
  • Working together on many elements of her marketing
  • Client who is serious about her strategy
  • Initial project that evolves into something bigger + is aligned with both of our goals

It was quite literally the perfect way to close out 2022—and it made me remember why I’ve vowed to only work with dream clients in 2023 (and all the years beyond).

And Ansley Beutler, Founder of Peach Perfect Financials, 100% falls under that category.

The Client

As both a Certified Public Accountant and full-time food blogger, Ansley Beutler knows better than anyone how crucial it is to stay on top of your accounting—and I also know how frustrating it is to work with a CPA who doesn’t understand anything about ins and outs of your business. 

& that’s exactly why she founded Peach Perfect Financials: to help creators like you level up your business, to empower you to gain control of your finances, and to provide you with the clarity you need to feel good about where your blogging brand is headed. 

The Deliverables

Ansley first reached out to me to help her with the sales page and sales emails for her course, Blogger MBA School, and I was SO pumped—I may be (self-proclaimed) Website Copy Queen, but there’s something so fun to me about an online course launch copywriting project.

A few weeks into working together, though, we quickly realized that the entire Peach Perfect Financials website needed a revamp, and I was (obviously) more than happy to add website copywriting to our to-do list—especially when I found out that she was planning on purchasing a template from Tonic Site Shop and working with my best friend + favorite designer, Sarah Kleist.

[Side note, if you’re thinking of buying a template from Tonic, too, you can use code “btlcopy” for 15% off!]

In all seriousness, though, no matter what Ansley had chosen for her site’s design, I would’ve been equally as pumped for the project, because I am the definition of her ideal client.

I didn’t even send her a website copy questionnaire—which is something I do with every single client, for every single project—because I was SO crystal clear on the pain points, her solutions, and the things her readers would need to know in order to make a buying decision.

I quite literally convinced myself that I needed her services by the time I’d finished writing her copy, and now she’s my accountant.

The Target Audience

As a blogger and content creator herself, Ansley knows firsthand how difficult it is for people who don’t work in the online space to understand the online space, and that often negatively impacts creators when it comes time to find people to help them with certain elements of managing their business, like their finances.

Before becoming a full-time healthy food blogger, Ansley worked full-time as a Certified Public Accountant, and she quickly recognized a gap in the market: normal CPAs just don’t freaking GET IT.

So, she decided to put her CPA hat back on to help bloggers, content creators, and social media influencers with their taxes, business structure, money management, bookkeeping, and more.

In writing the website copy, our top priority was ensuring that her readers knew, without a doubt, that Ansley isn’t the type of CPA they’re used to working with. We wanted them to feel completely comfortable with her, and completely confident that she really, truly understands the ins & outs of their business as well as they do.

Here’s how we did that:

The Best Part

As I mentioned earlier, the #1 reason I loved this project so much was because *I* was the ideal client. It’s not every day that I get the opportunity to write website copy (or sales page copy, or email copy) for a client who offers something that I really need myself, so it made the project that much more fun.

If we’re talking best part of the COPY, though, that’s also an easy choice. I loved the call to action on her Services page, because it makes the entire point of the website exponentially clear:

You wouldn’t ask for help from someone who hasn’t been where you want to go, or you’ll end up in the wrong place.

It’s easy to go the traditional route, and choose whichever CPA your parents use or the one that your financial advisor recommends, and settle for someone who only *kinda* understands your business—but when you make the decision to work with someone who specializes in serving people with brands just like yours, you’ll have a result that is DRASTICALLY more favorable.

The Review

“I felt like my project was in great hands with Sara. She communicated every step of the way with deliverables and next steps. Not only did she deliver killer copy but also helped guide me in some marketing and branding elements of my business as well. It was so nice working with someone in the small business space too that GETS IT!

She’s the whole package – LOTS of copywriting, sprinkle of marketing, touch of branding, and a handful of humor…love it! After working with her, I feel SO much more confident in what I’m selling.

She also always had an answer to all of my burning questions; everything I wanted to know more about, she had a product or a person or a service to recommend to me. She also shared very helpful marketing tips throughout our project.

I loved how confident she was in my project. Like she just KNEW you could do an amazing job – which she did!” — Ansley Beutler

The Acknowledgements

Working with Ansley on the Peach Perfect Financials was the most seamless, enjoyable client experience ever, and I’m so thankful she chose to work with me on this project!

All credit for the STUNNING website design goes to Tonic Site Shop (with this template – don’t forget to use code ‘btlcopy’ for 15% if you want to use it, too!) and Sarah Kleist (template customization).

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