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Is there anything better than completely transforming a website and giving a brand an entirely new lease on life?

No. There’s not.

Especially when the founder of that brand is as deserving — and dedicated! — as Danielle Omar, Founder of Food Confidence.

The Client

Danielle Omar is a Registered Dietitian and Self Development Coach for women who want to make lasting lifestyle changes.

She’s on a mission to make healthy eating for busy women feel easy. After serving thousands of clients at all the different stages of life imaginable, she found that there was one common denominator between everyone: They felt LOST.

And she knows firsthand that that is the worst feeling. It’s so difficult to walk through life feeling confused, frustrated, defeated, sluggish, emotional, or uncomfortable in your body — but she can tell you with certainty that every client she’s ever served has left feeling immensely better, in their body and their mind.

The Deliverables

This was a fat daddy website, and I loved every second of it. It was so cool for me to learn more about health and nutrition, and I found myself being convinced by my own freaking copy to sign up for all of her programs 🤪 the benefits are GOOOOD.

I wrote Danielle’s entire website, all 16+ pages, including 4 long-form sales pages for her online courses.

The Best Part

I love how much we focused on Danielle’s clients really being able to see themselves in her copy. It was super important to her (and, of course, to me) to make sure that her leads understood just how transformational her work can be.

In the health industry, I find that copy can often get cheesy, or even manipulative. We really focused on being HUMAN, and fueling our message with stories from her clients, and real life pain points they described (and overcame).

After all, selling the TRANSFORMATION is the best way to make your web copy convert. And I’m sure Danielle’s gorgeous new website (and website copy 😏) will be a great example of that.

Honorable Mention: The About Page

There’s nothing that screams Beginner Level Copy to me more than a boring ass About page headline (think: About, Our Story, Get To Know Me, Meet The Team … ew).

So, of course, I *love* Danielle’s About page headline.

Any copy that breaks the 4th wall and speaks directly to the ideal client is a win in my book — and readers always respond well to it, because they feel seen thanks to the bold specificity.

Also Obsessed With: The Sales Pages

I can’t pick a favorite, so you’ll have to stalk them all. Lucky for you, she has an entire page dedicated to explaining what all of her courses are and who they’re for. Start here!

Nourish 21 Reset is Danielle’s 21-day proven lifestyle changing clean eating reset will supercharge your health and completely transform both the way you eat and the way you view your diet and nutrition habits.

Nourish Healthy Weight is a group coaching program that will teach you how to confidently turn healthy choices into a consistent and automatic reflex in your daily life, so you no longer have to feel paralyzed by fear, doubt, or food guilt.

Fasting + Food is a 4-day fasting program, where students learn how to increase longevity by ‘turning on’ cell-based rejuvenation, and decreasing inflammation in their bodies.

And, let me tell you, I learned a lot about metabolism from writing the Metabolic Mastery sales page, for Danielle’s course about how to increase your metabolic flexibility. This 12-week course is designed to help you increase your metabolic flexibility, trust your body, and manage your weight as you age.

Danielle also has an Online Supplement Club for wellness seekers who want access to a complete online apothecary of professional grade supplements and herbs — AND an entire resource library of helpful nutrition and wellness tips.

The Acknowledgements

Danielle’s website is a customized version of Tonic Site Shop‘s Lita Grey Showit website template, and I am OBSESSEDDDD (as usual) with how it came out.

Check out her website in full at 🙂

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