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People love to hear from other people, and they're quick to trust their opinions, which is why adding elements of social proof on your website—like bomb reviews and testimonials—can exponentially improve the success of your business. 

Download my free Glowing Testimonial Guide to get access to the exact questions I ask my clients on my own feedback form so you can start getting the best testimonials, too!

And the best part? This form comes with an auto-linked spreadsheet that will organize all of your data for you. Game-changer. 

You're only 10 key questions away from website-worthy feedback.

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Hi, I'm Sara—and I'm wicked passionate about helping you ensure your site is the best in the biz.

As a website copywriter and marketing mentor, there are few things that bring me more joy than helping creative business owners make their sites a success—and what better way to prove to your readers that you're the shit than including reviews and testimonials that you can't wait to show off?

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