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Newsletter Content Planning Template

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With this AirTable email content planner template and the 60+ content ideas pre-loaded into it, you'll no longer be able to use "but I don't know what to write about!" as an excuse for not getting started with your email marketing. 

When you purchase this template for just $29, you'll get immediate access to the exact planner I've been using for my Tuesday Table of Contents newsletters for over a year (and I've never missed a single one).

All you need to be successful with your email marketing efforts is consistency, and something to say—and this template takes care of both.

"Literally had to read your entire email just based on this hook.
I am going to be opening every single email until the day I die."


This template is perfect for you if you....

Want to get started with email marketing, and know that weekly newsletters get the best results, but have no idea what to write about

Started a newsletter but haven't been able to keep up with it because you keep getting frustrated and overwhelmed about the planning aspect of it all

Know that all you need to absolutely crush your email marketing game is a clear plan of action for what to write, when to send it, and what to include

You May Be Wondering:

Yes! There's definitely a few ideas in there that are specific to service-based business owners, however all of the content prompts can be adjusted to fit your business's needs, whatever you do!

It's a very easy-to-use template hosted on the platform AirTable, which is essentially a prettier version of Google Sheets with more capabilities. You can make a free account on their website to use the exact template, or you can take the content ideas & the format of the template and create your own on another platform like Notion, Milanote, or Clickup. (But AirTable rocks.)

Actually, I'm giving you more. There are 62 ideas inside the template right now, and I keep adding more as I think of good ones. 

Hi, I'm Sara—Copywriter, Marketing Mentor, and Online Educator.

See also: Person Who Is Completely Obsessed With Email Marketing, So Much So That It's Kind Of Weird And Maybe Even Sad.

Okay, that title may be a little too long, but, actually, it's the perfect depiction of the type of person I am. To learn more about me (in definitely way too much detail), click the blue button below! 

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(Plus, $29 ain't bad for an entire year's worth of  content designed to help you build an your engaged, ready-to-buy community.)

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