The Ultimate New Website Checklist

Launching a brand new website is a huge deal—you'll never have more eyes on your site than you will at the time of your launch—so making sure you're not forgetting an essential element of it is key to getting the best possible results.

This quick checklist outlines every single thing you need to do & have on your new site at the time of launch, so you can expertly avoid that annoying "what am I missing?!" altogether.

You're *this* close to launching your new site—you'll want to make sure everything's all set and ready to go!

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Hi, I'm Sara—and teaching creative business owners about website copy is kiiiind of my whole thing.

As a website copywriter and marketing mentor with an obsession for ensuring everyone on the planet has a bomb ass website, I have no other choice but to make a killer free resource about what every new website needs before launch, right?!

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