So, your story needs an author?

GREAT, I'll grab my pen.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I do! For more information, simply let me know that you're interested in hearing more about payment plan options when you fill out the contact form above. 

I typically book projects 1-3 months in advance, so my honest answer to this question is sooner rather than later. 

However, if you have a smaller project in mind (aka anything other than a website or a course launch) and you're looking for a quicker turnaround, the BTL Library Card—my 'rent-me-for-a-day' content writing service—may be right for you!

Happily! The Library Card is your 8-hour day pass to BTL for all of your copy and content writing needs. From blogging and email marketing to website copy audits and course launch strategy, you'll have my complete, undivided attention for an entire day so you can cross allll the things off your copy to-do list.

Click here to download the details!

YES! It will absolutely sound like you. I'm committed to making your copy feel like the perfect representation of you and your brand, and I have designed my research and writing process with that in mind.

Plus, you'll fill out a detailed brand persona questionnaire prior to the start of our project, which will allow me to get to really know you, your preferences, and your voice. Then, on our kickoff call, we'll go over everything together so I can make sure that I know your voice inside and out, and am ready to accurately portray your personality! 

I don't do any of the web design, but I do have a great (extensive) list of website designers, though. Simply let me know that you're looking for one, and I'll help you select a creator that aligns with your brand's aesthetic and goals, and the platform you intend to use. 

What working with me is really like.

THE summary

Handing over the responsibility of writing the
copy that fuels your brand's success is no joke,
and I understand that this investment is a big
leap of faith. So, I'd like to make a promise to you before we get started. 

You have my word (ha, get it?!) that I will always
put you—and your voice—first. You'll never have
to worry about your personality getting lost in
your copy, because my #1 goal is helping you
remain your truest, most authentic self while
effectively marketing your business. 


If you like free resources—keep reading.


When I was first starting out as a brand new bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (aspiring) copywriter, I was determined to make my way through every free resource I could find, because I wanted alll the info. I specifically remember stumbling upon one really influential free resource that led to my discovery of some advice that completely changed the trajectory of my career, and I vowed to myself: when I make it, I'm gonna create resources that will have an impact like this one.

Fast forward to now, and here we are: free stuff, for you, with love. 


about the author

Sara Noel is a creative launch copywriter specializing in websites, sales pages, course launches, email marketing, cheeky humor, and bad hair days. 

Using her sales-focused storytelling method and her obsession with writing copy that converts, Sara helps brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes connect with their ideal clients, increase their revenue, and gain the copy-confidence they need to lead their brand to their next success story.

As an extrovert by nature and personal-client-cheerleader by choice, Sara's definitely someone you'll want to have on your team. And no, she, um...definitely didn't just write this whole bio about herself. Because that would be... weird.