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If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that ur gurl loves to talk.

Everyone who knows me—both well, and not—know that I’m what I like to call a “long story long” kind of person, and I have absolutely no intention of changing that anytime soon.

I can talk about anything with anyone, for however long necessary (or not necessary), and I have absolutely no shame in it.

I own it. It’s who I am, it’s in my blood.

As a natural conversationalist and lover of all things audio, it likely comes as no surprise to you that I’ve been invited to speak on a few podcasts.

(You may have even come across BTL from the episodes I’ve been featured on!)

A big goal of mine for 2023 is to be appear on more podcasts like these, because I absolutely LOVE educating. I’m also obsessed with learning, and the growth that comes from the free-flowing dialogue of an engaged audience.

Plus, it’s a great way to increase brand awareness and visibility. 😏 Hint, hint, SEO benefit, hint, hint.

Remaining human in a digital age is also important, which is a key reason to broadcast your voice in order to create presence for credibility. Speaking on podcasts provides ample opportunity for you to show that you know what the heck you’re talking about, and you’re damn well good at it.

The higher the chances for people to place a face and voice to your brand, the more likely your brand is to flourish.

Podcasts are an excellent way to network, build connections, and just all around get your brand name out there.

Below is a list of the podcasts I’ve been featured on recently, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

To hear copywriting tips, how I got my business up and running during its beginning stages, how I manage a freelance business, and other various tidbits about myself and Between The Lines — snuggle up and enjoy any (or all) of the below episodes. Let me know what you think via DM on IG! 🙂

Amplify Your Business With The Power Of Words on Creative-ish by Kelly & Ariana

Kelly Santaella & Ariana Sánchez, hosts of Creative-ish, chat about the high highs and low lows of being a 20-something creative business owner.

Our 20s are an, um, interesting time to navigate on their own, but then you add in the complexities of being a business owner?! Whole other ball game babes.

Kelly & Ariana discuss some of the most difficult experiences we come across as creative business owners, including imposter syndrome, feeling like you’re losing your sense of direction, writer’s block, and procrastination — just to name a few of ’em.

Time management is always going to be a work in progress, especially as our goals will always be evolving.

As a creative business owner, you’re your own boss with complete agency to switch up what you want to focus on. One month may be networking focused, and the next could be to outearn your previous month. But there will come a time when finding the work to life balance takes precedence because you’re dedicating more time to your work than you are to meeting your basic human needs.

We’ve all been there, it’s basically a business owner’s rite of passage.

You’ll dig your way through the burnout to come back to the surface, I promise. When you do, remember to pay attention to how much work you take on. Oh, and (this is a big one !!! ) — your productivity level does not define your worth.

Along with finding balance comes remaining true to yourself, including taking on clients and projects that ignite your creativity.

More times than not, I become friends with my clients because I genuinely love the people that I’m working with. I’m talking besties — we’re having sleepovers and I’m flying cross country to spend just a few days with them. I owe this to the pure fact that I always show up as myself, and nothing less.

My clients know what to expect from me, and they always appreciate my authenticity (hence why I’ve become besties with over half the people that I’ve worked with).

Of course this isn’t everyone’s vibe, but moral of the story — be who you are and be authentic with your brand voice, the rest will come.

Authenticity, Personality and Audacity: The ‘Holy Trinity’ of Building Your Brand and Business on Astrocandy by Raven Brinson

Raven Brinson offers a unique perspective on personal growth and self-discovery through spiritual practices, such as astrology, holistic healing and wellness, reiki, and human design.

She covers a wide range of topics within these realms, including relationships, career paths, passions, and finding the soul’s purpose.

With guest speakers, Raven discusses manifestations and turning some of the wildest dreams into realities, all while providing valuable guidance and inspiration.

A solid determinant to being successful is having the confidence to understand (and believe) that you are damn good at what you do.

Know within your bones that you are an asset in your field of expertise, and that no one else can do it quite like you do.

Embracing your authenticity is what sets you apart from competitors — it’s is the sole aspect that makes you, you.

With Raven, I share the steps I had taken to bring Between The Lines Copy to its current level of success, why it’s completely okay to still be in the process of learning even when being a business owner (hint: it’s what makes you human), and how your fears of falling short are holding you back.

How To Improve Your Website Conversions With Better Copy on Imperfect Action by Steph Taylor

Host of the Imperfect Action podcast, Steph Taylor, ended her corporate career when she shifted into the world of entrepreneurship. As a now million-dollar online business owner, she discusses the valuable lessons she learned along the way.

Steph speaks on the realities she quickly faced when becoming painfully aware of the challenges in running a creative business, sharing the advice she wish she received as a newbie.

After a few short years, she’s identified a method to her—very successful—madness. Her success didn’t come without a few hiccups though.

The classic overextension of boundaries, dealing with difficult clients, feeling like your dreams are beyond reachable — you name it, she’s been there.

And that’s why we love her! She keeps it real while spreading her wealth of knowledge.

Steph typically focuses on digital product and service-based businesses on her pod, but in our episode we dive into the words on your website and why they are so. freaking. important.

Find yourself throwing a tantrum writing your about page? Or do you have absolutely no idea where to begin because you can’t get past the initial cringey thought of needing to write a single fact about yourself?

Here’s a tip — think of your website as a first date. You wouldn’t sit across from your crush and give them allllllllll these unnecessary facts about you. In all honesty (and pause, because I’m going to put it harshly) they don’t care about you.

They care about what you can do for them. What benefits you bring to the table. What zest you bring to their life.

And be direct — you have a moment of seconds to grasp someone’s attention and you just need to be straight up.

So give your audience what they want — to know if you can provide the service they’ve been looking for. List the benefits of working with you first, and show your credibility later. And truly, they’re going to know that you’re credible when you’re speaking to the things that they are looking to find in the services and products that you have.

If you hate writing about yourself and have been thinking about hiring someone to get the job done for you to save yourself the pain, are curious about guiding traffic to your site without the use of social media, or want to hear about my experience with launching my online course — you’ve come to the right place. Tune into the above episode to have all these questions answered.

Copywriting Deep Dive: What Is It And Why Do I Need It? on Full of Joy by Franceska Boerman

Host of Full of Joy, Franceska Boerman is a wellness coach and content creator. She is a wife, dog mom, and a lover of life. She shares how she entered this season of her life after long periods of discomfort, and her practices to maintain her lifestyle of joy.

Franceska is truly such a beautiful human, and she’s learned how to channel her magnetic energy into a marketing business to make others feel heard, validated and empowered.

A few topics her brand focuses on (but by no means is limited to) are anxiety and mental health management, how to achieve fulfillment through manifesting your dreams, and tips to remain present in a very fast paced and virtually connected world.

Beyond methods of self improvement, she also shares home decor tips, baking & cooking tips, and alllllll things wedding on her youtube channel.

Now you may be asking how the heck does this apply to copywriting?

As y’all know, I specialize on sales-focused storytelling — how to share, what to share, language to captivate your target audience—you know the drill here.

As a fellow gal in the social media and creative content world, we chat about how I started my business and the steps taken to grow my brand.

Tune in to hear about how I transitioned my life from unfulfilling to living a life that fills my cup

And this all started by giving myself absolute permission to dive into the world of copywriting. I knew that I had the skills to create storytelling content while also knowing that I needed the credibility and knowledge to prove it too.

And ya girl did it for free.

I downloaded every free resource, I read every blog post & I watched every single youtube video imaginable.

I share soooooo many other helpful tips for aspiring copywriters in this episode on Franceska’s podcast, including cold-pitching, honing in on my confidence, and the steps taken to improve and grow my copywriting skills.

How To Make Writing About Your Business, Brand & Self Suck Less on Duo on Air with Abbey Oslin & Courtney Petersen

The queens of organic marketing, Abbey and Courtney, team up to broadcast their brilliant marketing strategy methods for entrepreneurs wanting to authentically grow their brands.

If you’re curious about cultivating professional relationships, enhancing your business, how to show up on google, or exploring beginning a project with a business partner — Duo on Air has an unfathomable amount of info for your listening ears.

Of course, as the extroverted chatty cathy I am, I’m right with them in sharing my wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated since entering the world of creative copywriting. And (!!!!) I’m their first guest ever. How fun!

One very common difficulty in copywriting is writing about yourself. It is hard.

And why the heck is it so hard? You know words. Your vocabulary is vast. You can chat about anything!

Except yourself.

The most frequent objection I hear is that their message is coming out differently than how we’re thinking of it.

Here’s your answer: Writing about yourself is hard because you’re putting too much pressure on the message not coming out the way you’re intending. A big fear (and valid) of a copywriter is sounding salesy, cheesy, or the message is just not conveying the way you’re intending.

Tune in for a helpful pep-talk in embodying a relaxed approach to writing your about page to make the entire process easier. Let’s talk about all the reasons why you have such a hard time writing your own content and some simple strategies to make your process a little bit easy.

And yes — you can DIY your own copy.

Beyond the awkwardness of that lives within writing about yourself, we also discuss how to get traffic to your site and the analytics to prove that it actually does.

Social media is a helpful tool but that’s exactly it — it should be a tool in your tool box. Not the whole dang toolbox.

Now I may be biased, but there is soooo much helpful information in this episode. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking to step outside of your comfort zone but have no idea where to even start. Our trio (😉) is here to guide ya through.

Monetizing a New Skill from Scratch on Freelance to Founder by The Podglomerate Network

Clay and Preston, co-hosts of Freelance to Founder, are two successful business owners that have climbed the ladder from freelancer to CEO. They’re taking their freelancing skills and broadcasting their knowledge to an audience that is looking to do the same.

A valuable quality of Freelance to Founder is that each episode is jam-packed with practical, no bs advice—giving you exactly what you deserve.

Understanding that your time is important, they’re serving nothing but realistic and actionable guidance on a silver platter.

Being once brandy-new freelancers, they understand the benefit of sharing personal success stories with their audience.

In this episode, I discuss my exact steps taken in deciding to dive into the world of copywriting and marketing, what I taught myself, and how I monetized on it.

And in all honesty, the reason why I had pivoted from my previous career initially had absolutely nothing to do with copywriting.

I knew that I had the knowledge to use words that sell things, and I had experience as a legal secretary, a concierge, and in school administration.

And I know you’re asking — what the heck do those have to do with one another?


As a legal secretary, you have to know how to talk to people and how to give people what they want. You have to speak their language in order to tell them what they want to hear. As a concierge (in a high-end resort especially), you have to be bright and shiny, aware of the latest must-know, and have an understanding of customer service in the sense of, yes, speaking the customer’s language. In school administration, grasping attention by, you guessed it, speaking your audience’s language.

At first glance, these seemingly have no commonality between them. But when entertaining the thought deeper, they all involved being personable, authentic, and just straight up human.

If you’re in the beginning stages of find your niche, which just may possibly be copywriting and/or marketing (hence why you’re here), come listen to hear about how I got my first-ever client, how I moved through my initial fear of entering a career field I had absolutely no familiarity with, and all the reasons why you should stick to learning your new skill.

Common SEO Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid on Small Biz Ahead by The Hartford

Jon Aidukonis and Gene Marks, hosts of Small Biz Ahead brought to you by The Hartford, are dedicated to teaching business owners their secrets to growth and success.

Each episode hones in on niche topics that assist in leveling up your business. Gene and Jon put their listeners on to efficient skills, interviews with fellow small business owners, and discuss thought provoking elements to effectively and fluidly run a business.

In this episode in particular, Jon, Gene and I discuss search engine optimization (SEO) for your site and tips to promote your page as a top result on Google.

Some may think this means just slapping some keywords on their page and paying for ads in order to guide more traffic to their site. But truly, doing this can steer you in the wrong direction and give you the opposite outcome of the results you’re trying to achieve.

SEO rankings have so many components — and they don’t include keyword stuffing.

Lots of useful SEO strategies are discussed, one of them being to add a descriptor before your utilized keyword. This overall increases your chances of ranking on Google and showing up on the first page.

Another point — focus on what your ideal client wants to hear vs what you want to say. Take a step back from the business jargon to ask yourself if this client would understand the language you’re using.

The best way to master this is by using simple language that is comprehensible and easy to digest.

We also talk backlinks, free SEO resources, and common mistakes that are possibly damaging your organic marketing efforts.

Stay tuned!

This list will remain a WIP, consistently updated with new episodes! 🥳 

I’ll post about new featured episodes on Instagram and in my weekly newsletter, but in case you miss those, check back to this blog every so often — there may be something new here for you.

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