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No matter when your freelance copywriting journey started, there's always something to learn. On this page, you'll find everything from my most-trusted business tools to my best advice for beginners and beyond. 


This page is technically a WIP, but I'll share my intentions with you while you wait. 

Here's what I'm envisioning: a gorgeously full hub of resources for freelance copywriters who want to learn more about how to get started, which mistakes to avoid, and how to be successful in the world of copywriting, business, and entrepreneurship. 

I'm currently hard at work on creating lots of resources to answer your specific questions—everything from "how do I get my first ever copywriting project?" to "how do I deal with a red flag client?"—and I'm so excited to bring this hub to you in 2023. 

For now, though, keep reading to browse the helpful resources I've already published, while you wait for the real thing. ;)  

for you or your clients

Target Audience Development Workbook

Curious how I help my clients develop their ideal client avatars to write them the best, most relatable copy for their websites, emails, sales pages, blogs, and more?

Meet your new favorite tool: The BTL Target Audience Development Workbook—aka the exact formula I use to transform my clients' copy & help them get results. 


How To Get 5-Star Reviews From Your Clients

Perfect Website Checklist For Your New Site

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Thank you for subscribing!

All good copywriters need good reviews & websites.


Site Series®

Looking to sharpen your website copywriting, email marketing, blog writing, and search engine optimization skills with one hefty course that teaches it all?

Then this self-paced, super-packed, six-module program is the perfect resource for you. 😏


creator to watch

Alex Cattoni

favorite tools for beginner copywriters

podcast to listen to

Imperfect Action

course to take

Copy School

books to read

All of these!


My Channel!

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email platform to use



Haute Stock

Looking for a mentor to help you accelerate your success story?

Whether you're a brand new copywriter in need of a 1:1 mentor to spend several months guiding you through every phase of your new copy journey, a sort-of-seasoned copy queen looking for an extra layer of support, or a fellow freelance copywriting expert searching for a peer mentor to confide in (and, of course, occasionally bitch to), I'm your girl–and I'm so eager to help.

Here are two ways we can

If you're ready to feel completely confident in your business, I'm ready to help you make it happen, whether it's on one call together, or over the course of a 3-month 1:1 mentorship.

one-on-one mentorship

work together:

With a seasoned, dedicated mentor by your side, the next chapter of your freelance career feels easy. With a 3-month curriculum tailored to you and your goals, we'll work together to ensure your success story.

apply now

60-minute strategy session

Have questions about freelance copywriting, marketing, skills, strategy, or something else entirely? This one-off mentorship session is perfect for business owners who want custom-tailored answers.


Just a copywriter who loves helping other copywriters.

Hi, I'm Sara—freelance launch copywriter, online educator, and marketing mentor for creatives who want to use sales-focused storytelling to build better connections with their clients and customers. 

And because I believe freelance copywriting is the best job in the world, I'm all in on helping others be successful at it. 


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