Course Launch Strategy Workbook

Want to trade course launch stress for course launch confidence?

Launching a new online course is no joke—there are so many things to take care of prior to putting your program out into the world that your to-do list has likely feels like a to-do book. But not anymore. 

With this Course Launch Strategy Workbook, not only will you learn everything you need to do before you can successfully launch—from how to build an audience that will be ready to buy, to positioning your course as the clear solution to your Ideal Student's problems, to drafting your sales page and promotional email sequence—you'll also get an easy-to-follow, actionable workbook to take you through it all in chronological order. 



Here's what you'll get when you purchase the Course Launch Strategy Workbook!

• How to define your Ideal Student
• Course launch term glossary
• Review of the best course hosting platforms
• How to choose the right course format 
• My exact sales page formula
• Tips for when and how to launch
• Promotional email strategy checklist
• Online program launch mistakes to avoid
• Sample launch runway timeline
• Printable launch to-do list

This workbook is for you if...

+  You’re a first-time course creator hoping for someone to simply tell you what to do to succeed.

+  You know you need to get organized for the launch of your online program, but you don't know where to start.

+ You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the to-do's on your list, and stressed about potentially forgetting something.

+  You need your course launch to be a success, because you've already invested a lot of time and money into developing it. 

course launch strategy workbook

"Damn, this workbook is JAM PACKED with goodness. 

While creating a course has been on my biz wish list for awhile, I keep putting it off because the process of creating & launching it feels so overwhelming. It’s intimidating to think of spending so much time creating all the materials only for it to F L O P. But having this guide makes me feel so much more secure that I’ll have all the right pieces in place to set myself up for success. No more excuses for sitting at my desk, twiddling my thumbs, wondering what to do first… This guide has actionable steps to follow, brainstorming questions, and even examples for inspiration — from coming up with the course idea all the way to sales copy. Thanks so much Sara for sharing your expertise and I’m so excited to have this workbook so I can get started creating my first course!"

- bryn smith

"This makes the daunting task of creating a course seem totally doable.

In this workbook, Sara gives step-by-step guides and breaks up all of the elements that go into making a course so you can truly make a checklist and track your progress. The best part: she also helps you navigate how to offer a course people will actually want and NEED to take part in. Not only does she offer practical steps to help you as you're developing your course, but she also offers important things to do prior to announcing the course (like getting people interested). If you feel stuck and aren't sure what you can offer, this guide is still for you: Sara makes it easier to determine how your unique knowledge might be the solution for your future students' problems. I can't recommend this workbook, or Sara, enough."

- maggie rhodes

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is instantly accessible as soon as you purchase the workbook. It's one (long) PDF, organized in chronological order of your launch to-do list, with a clickable table of contents for easy navigation.

Depends. Were you happy with the result of your previous launch(es)? 

In this workbook, I'm giving you a roadmap to course launch success, succinctly explaining how to tackle each task, and giving you the tools to be able to do it.

That being said, you may see some information you've already been exposed to if you've launched a course prior to going through this workbook, however I'm willing to bet you'd still find it extremely beneficial based solely on the organization factor. 

Of course there are. The Internet is a beautiful place full of free information. But that free information takes a long ass time to sift through, and it isn't always easy trying to figure out what applies to you and what doesn't.

This guide is my exact process for helping my clients create and launch their online courses when we collaborate on both copy and course launch strategy. 

So, yes, you can likely find a lot of this information elsewhere on the Internet, but you'll need to decide how much time you have to navigate through it all, and then use trial-and-error trying to determine what actually works.

Or you could take my word for it and use my proven process. Your choice!

(PSSSTT! In the last 4 months, I've worked with 3 course creators. Their total combined revenue was $300k+. This shit works.)

Successful course launches often don't come without strategy-backed sales copy and a gameplan. 

sneak preview!


This is the exact strategy I use to support my clients with their course launches—from course idea to course created—all outlined for you in one simple workbook.