The comprehensive website copywriting course that’ll not only teach you how to write a high-converting site, but also how to get your ideal clients and customers to that site using email, SEO, and blog strategy.

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✔️ Complete guide to defining who your target audience is (and how to position your offers to best resonate with them)

✔️ Detailed lessons of how to write persuasive, direct, solution-based copy on your website AND in your blogs + emails 

✔️ How to write effective Home, About, Services, Shop, Blog, Portfolio, Resources, and Contact pages 

✔️ In-depth tutorials about how to optimize your website for SEO (explained in an actually-human, non-techy manner)

✔️ My surefire method for creating a desirable lead magnet that people will actually want to download

✔️ The best strategy for using a regularly-scheduled newsletter to grow your email list by thousands of subscribers 

✔️ Everything you need to know about blogging, from selecting your topics, to writing your posts, to getting more views

✔️ How to use storytelling to your advantage when writing your own copy to better connect with your ideal clients 

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Syllabus Sneak Peek

Hi, I'm Sara Noel —

Meet Your Teacher

Founder of Between The Lines Copywriting, sales-focused storyteller, website expert, & education enthusiast. And I can’t wait to see you in class.

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When I first made the decision to start my copywriting career, I was so excited to dive into all of the resources on the Internet and learn about the field from talented industry professionals.

...until I came across a sleazily-marketed “copywriting certification” course, for five thousand dollars, aimed at convincing aspiring copywriters that they *had* to be certified in order to be successful.

Cue the red flags. I was immediately grossed out by the manipulative sales tactics, and swore that I’d never create an online course—even though I love education and mentorship—because I made the (incorrect) assumption that all course creators were all like that.

And by ‘like that’ I mean money-hungry manipulators who offered up a small amount of info for a big empty promise.

Why I'm Here

What I didn't realize, though? Not everyone had the same experience as me.

I was the outlier in this situation. Other people loved course creators, and swore by online courses as the best way to learn new things.

My bad experience left me with such a sour taste in my mouth, that I didn’t even stop to consider that maybe it wasn’t the norm. I was so set on not wanting people to view me that way—read: sleazy salesperson—that I vowed not to become a course creator, ever, at all. 

And then my sweet client Claire came along, completely changing my mind—she was my first sales page client, and the first course creator I met who was nothing but genuine and eager to help her community master new skills that would exponentially improve their careers.  

Her project was one of my favorites I’ve ever worked on; sure, because of the copy (it was bomb, I won’t lie), but mostly because she helped me see that there was a way I could offer education and mentorship to aspiring business owners without having to use manipulative sales tactics.  


Why Now?

Fast forward to today: I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how an online course would look with a BTL spin.

Because even though it’s clear that I’m (thankfully) among only an unlucky few who had a bad experience with the online course community, there’s still a little voice inside me saying:

If you’re creating an online course, Sara… it better be the most valuable damn course the industry has ever seen.

So, that’s what I’m setting out to do. 

When you sign up for BTL’s Site Series™ you’re not only enrolling in a website copywriting course—you’re getting access to all (literally all; no joke) of my knowledge about how to actually get the right people TO your website using email, SEO, and blog strategy.

And that’s not all. This course will also have a live mentorship component, involving 1-on-1 website reviews with me once you’ve implemented what you’ve learned. 

Education and mentorship—and no bullshit. That’s the deal. To be notified when the course is live, join the waitlist and get excited. 

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