Beginner's Guide to SEO

If the thought of learning the ins & outs of search engine optimization on your own gives you a headache, you're not the only one. SEO often feels like a scary thing to tackle, because the narrative centered around confusing, techy language. 

This actionable guide (designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs, digital service providers, and modern brands) will give you the confidence you need to learn how to conquer SEO on your own, and arm you with all the knowledge you need to optimize your content for success.

It's everything you need to know about SEO—and nothing that you don't—explained, simplified, and bullsh!t-free. 



In this *actually easy to understand* 50+ page crash course in SEO, you’ll learn...

• What (and who) search engines prioritize
• How to write the best title tags and meta descriptions
• The best way to conduct your keyword research
• How to select focus keywords that you‘ll be able to rank for
• The ins and outs of link building
• A lesson on HTML and headings
• How to write SEO-optimized blog posts and headlines
• A deep dive into Google’s tools
• Mistakes to avoid when optimizing your website
• How to improve your website's Contact page SEO

This guide is for you if...

+  You’re a scrappy solopreneur with a DIY spirit, determined to teach yourself about SEO.

+  You want to save thousands of dollars by not outsourcing your search engine optimization.

+ You’re sick of sifting through hundreds of blog posts about SEO, trying to figure out which information is actually relevant and actionable, wasting your precious time.

+  You want a straightforward explanation of website SEO in plain English—not the confusing, techy language you’ve been trying to translate online. 

beginner's guide to seo

"Save yourself the time of scanning through jargon-y blogs & surface-level 'resources' only to end up with more questions than you started with. BUY THIS INSTEAD.

Sara’s guide is easy to understand, super comprehensive, and 100% actionable. (And somehow, incredibly entertaining to read.) As a copywriter, I have it bookmarked to reference when writing for clients and for myself. Sara’s a true SEO queen.”

- abigail RUDNITSKY, copywriter

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! I promise you, I'm not using any words or phrases that you won't be able to understand. (Plus, there's a glossary included, so everything is defined!)

Here's the deal: if you're a DIY person with an "I got this!" attitude, you can absolutely teach yourself everything you need to know about SEO using this guide. That's what I did—I'm completely self-taught.

Plus, teaching yourself means that you can continue to use your SEO knowledge to make periodic updates to your site, (which is recommended for optimal SEO success), and write the best content (like blog posts!) to help you keep ranking on Google—and getting found by new leads online. 

However, if you'd rather have someone else do it for you, I recommend Duo Collective for all things SEO. Hit them up & tell them you came from BTL. (And if you're interested in outsourcing your SEO-optimized blog posts, click here for more info about my rent-me-for-a-day service, the BTL Library Card.)

Honestly, not that long. You could read through the entire thing within an hour, probably. But simply reading through it isn't enough—you're going to need to actually implement what you learn by making updates to your website, your content, and your strategies in order to get the most out of this guide. 

Of course there are. The Internet is a beautiful place full of free information. But that free information takes a long ass time to sift through, and it isn't always easy trying to figure out what applies to you and what doesn't.

BTL's Beginner's Guide to SEO was specifically designed for business owners who care about growing their brands online, and putting in the work to optimize their website copy and content to reach that goal. 

This guide has everything you need to understand SEO, and nothing that you don't—which is why it's much more convenient than spending hours on hours searching through literally millions of Google SERPs.

(And 'SERP' is defined in the guide, BTW.)

SEOhhh my gosh—you're gonna thank me for this.

If you're sick of your website showing up on the last page of Google and know you need to suck it up and teach yourself SEO for the sake of your business (and maybe even your sanity), BTL's Beginner's Guide to SEO—complete with all of the necessary info and none of the bullsh!t—is the perfect place to start. 

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